You can easily donate to Kodi via their website: Donate to Keep Kodi stable, fix bugs and device compatibility, improvements etc… I myself donate to Kodi monthly because this great software rescue me from the grips of my cable company saving my thousands!

According to Kodi Foundation:

Donations are used solely for purchasing hardware to improve and extend the goals of the Kodi Foundation, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization, travel for conferences, and administrative costs and fees.

Everyone who donates $50+ may be recognized as an official Kodi Foundation donor in the forums. Please provide your exact forum username in the donation form to the right, so that you may be identified.

It is a good thing to donate to Kodi so that this media player will always be improving. I am sure for many, Kodi has saved or made you hundreds of dollars annually. Please give back at least 5% of your saving or earnings to the Kodi foundations. If each person donates $10, imagine improvements we will see overtime

If you cant donate in cash, I am sure kind will do just as well. Support Kodi by installing this great media player on your Coworkers, Family, Friends and even your Enemy devices. I am sure a they will be pleased.

KODI Donor Recognition Wall

Date Forum Name Donation Comment
Date Forum Name Donation Comment
2016 Jan 22 Kalio $20.00 USD
2016 Jan 22 Hatzi $10.00 USD
2016 Jan 21 rickhd $10.00 USD
2016 Jan 21 sr_lexor $4.00 USD
2016 Jan 21 wayne $10.00 USD
2016 Jan 21 Mal J $30.00 USD
2016 Jan 21 Charlus €50.00 EUR
2016 Jan 21 jaykay2PT £10.00 GBP
2016 Jan 21 wilzrock $10.00 CAD
2016 Jan 20 atmendez $40.00 USD Thank you for all your work. I will donate more when I am able