When it comes to Kodi, YouTube is a haven for information. You can find from a pin to an anchor with hundreds of channels daily updating in a vicious fight to win subscribers hearts. Today, I will feature the 10 best Kodi YouTubers base on video quality, number of subscribers, regular updates and video creativity. On your Marks!


Probably not deserved but what can I say? It is my channel and for me and my subscribers, it is definitely no.1. Here we display short videos about Kodi Media player topics that will help enhance Kodi users experience. Please support channel by subscribing and liking videos


2. Solo Man

Solo Man channel was originally designed to share my experience with XBMC and now KODI over the years with the rest of the world. I have also added other technology topics as well to help viewers with their specific needs. Hope you guys enjoy, Thanks.

3. JoeNobody010101

Free TV, as in, Movies, TV Shows, News, Documentaries and so much more! This is gonna be a sorta “How to” type of channel. I just opened it and I plan to do a lot with it. You’re gonna wanna subscribe, so go on ahead and hit the SUBSCRIBE button. Yes, right now. Just go. I’ll wait. Did ya hit it? C’mon, hit the fucker already. You won’t be sorry. Trust me. I promise. Thank you very much.

4. Husham Memar

This is the Husham Memar Channel. now days I have been using the channel to show you KODI XBMC IPTV ADDONS and GUIDES. The Live show has been a big hit and I have been using them to show things time and time again to help you guys .. I hope you guys enjoy it

5. newtechevolution


6. Peter Carcione

I’m a Silicon Valley Technologist that can’t get enough of playing with the next big thing. I know a good amount about Solar projects, electric vehicles, NTSC, USB Flash Drives, IPTV and Android sets of all kinds. I enjoy DIY projects, working with wood and power tools of all sorts. Subscribe and follow along as I get knee deep into projects I’ve never done before.

7. Tech Timeruuu

Welcome to Tech Timeruuu, pronounced {Tek- Ty-meh-ru}. This channel is mainly to help users like you and others on tips, tricks and reviews on Kodi. It all started as a quick way to help friends out. Then I realized, more people were visiting my channel and subscribing. And so I needed to upgrade my video skills, a lot…and I mean a lot. Thanks to you guys, I keep making videos and helping the community.

8. naresh lal

My this Channel used to be only for Tech Gadget but over time and necessity it has evolved toward android application, KODi Media player formally know as XBMC Video review, from channel you will be getting A Lot of good Tech reviews, setup instruction, and many more interesting topics. So you better not forget to subscribe cheers guys.

9. Simply Caz

Tech Update & Games

10. Dimitrology

Reviews & tutorials about KODI / XBMC, iOS, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Gadgets.