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KODI.   9.9/10

Kodi AKA xbmc  is the most popular media players . It has a loyal user base. But it can be somewhat confusing for newcomers. Plus, legal and security issues are never far from any discussion about Kodi. In order to use Kodi, you must set it up easily with Configurator for Kodi. Free! Overall,  after weighing all the pros and cons of Kodi, we give it 9.8/10 stars. It is extremely powerful, flexible, and enjoyable to use. 

TEA TV 9/10

TeaTV is a great app for movies and t.v. shows. After a review, I think it is much better than Kodi with the ease of use. It’s lifespan may not be long but while it last. It’s doing great. It has moderate ads which is a good news for ads haters but with modern ads blocker, this is neither here nor there.  Interface is super smooth and it provides enough content on a video for one to read and decide.  

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One HD 8.7/10

Author’s pick: Get 400+ HD, Reliable Live TV/Cable Channels FREE with this APP. Learn More!

Hey guys, here again is another great apk for you to watch unlimited movies and tv series. This app is called onehd.It has an easy to use interface and smooth transitions. But most of all, it is moderately ads so you can move between menu easy and at least enjoy your movie.

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HD Online 8.8/10

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The name of this android app is HD Online and it truly lives up to its reputation. It has the best search filter option to guide you to your ideal entertainment.I call it’s developer a genius as this app provides all the necessary info for you not to waste time trying to locate the right quality movie for your pleasure time.

Guess what, it’s also ads free when I test it. You can always watch my VIDEO tutorial of this app again before you download app. As always i ask for your team support for the time i invest in preparing and brining to you honest, valuable and quality content. Here are the 3 ways you can support me in 30secs: Visit any of my advertisers on this page. My advertisers pay me to market their product and its fair that i only collect when im effective! Like any of my YouTube videos
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Terrarium TV 9.5/10

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Terrarium is yet another astonishing android app for free movies and TV Shows. Lately, the rise of apps to play movies as increased dramatically. Now you can find lots of app moderately ads, to play your favourite movies and tv shows with minimal effort.

You can check out my video review of this free movies app before you install it Download the Terrarium APK by clicking above and install it and enjoy



HD Movies 7.1/10

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HD movies is another fantastic app for the movie lovers only. HD Movies apk brings no tv series so tv shows lovers will have to find another medium like kodi or other android apps.

HD movies free app has moderate ads that doesnt interfere with playback. It’s filter is ok and transition smooth. The best feature of HD  movies is the instant play back of movies.  This feature helps to rank it higher that many of its competitors. Click above to Download to get HD Movies APK and install it! You can always check out my video review of this app or others before install. As always, you can support my time and effort by visiting my advertisers or giving me a thumbs up on any of my youtube videos. Subscribe to my to YouTube channel to get all the info on free movies, live tv android apps and best way to fully secure and manage your WhatsApp.  Click HERE to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you for the support and love



SHOWBOX 4.7/10

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Showbox is much improved, single banner ads and base on looks and flow, it would definitely be the best movie app yet. But, guys Its not! It fails miserably in delivering video on a timely manner… This may due to my network speed but it’s the #1 complaint everywhere.

If you want to give showbox a try, you can always download it’s apk above or you can first watch my video review! If you get showbox to work on time, then it’s definitely #1. Continue to support my time and effort by visiting my advertisers on page or liking and subscribing to my YouTube Channel..see ya soon



Newest HD Movies 8.3/10

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Guys, this is a fabulous apk for movies, tv shows, cartoon lovers. It’s has a few ads but not very pesty. Although you cannot filter but It make up for that with instant playback of movies. Newest HD Movies app come highly recommended and should be apart of your movie app catalog.

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With so many android free movies players in the field since the start of the year, any newcomers have to put their back in it and so does this awesome app MEGABOX HD.
Delivering instant playback of movies at different quality levels and a huge movie database to choose from. It has a little more ads than many of its competitors but one can still easily progress to a movie through them.

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Cine Box movie app is one of the best free movies and TV app developed. Other than its ads free, it has super precise movies tv shows filter options and instant playback of movies of all quality. Cine Box  lovely display and transition adds to your ease of using app.  I give this app a solid 9.2/10!

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Cinema Box HD 6.7/10

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Watch free HD movies and TV shows on your Android phone, tablet, or TV box. Cinema Box allows you to stream or download movies. The app supports Google Chromecast so you can cast the video to your big screen for a better watching experience. This app has very little ads and great filtering options with addition music and cartoon section.  

However it fails in the fact that when I tested it only 67% of the movies where playing and other sections where not working. It has a great auto play feature that works base on your internet speed.

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