Kodi default Folder location

So how do you find the userdata folder in Kodi? Here you go! Android Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/ iOS /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/ Linux ~/.kodi/userdata/ Mac /Users//Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/ OpenELEC /storage/.kodi/userdata/ Windows Start – type %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata – press <Enter>

Kodi Games

You probably already know Kodi has many uses as a media center application; you can watch movies if you install one of the 10 best Kodi movie addons, you can use Kodi addons for IPTV, and you can even listen to music on Kodi with the proper configuration. However, there are also Kodi gaming addons… Continue reading Kodi Games

Kodi wont stream/work fix

So you’ve made one of the best decisions that you can make and purchased an Android TV Box. Now you go to use this amazing device, and all of a sudden, you are having issues with viewing the videos on the box! Not to worry, no need to pull out any hair (for those of us who… Continue reading Kodi wont stream/work fix

Kodi not working fix

1 Platform troubleshooting  Android FAQ#Troubleshooting iOS FAQ#Troubleshooting Linux FAQ#Troubleshooting Mac FAQ #Troubleshooting Windows FAQ#Troubleshooting 2  Audio troubleshooting 3 Effective Tactics  Isolate the Problem Before writing a bug report, it is advisable to try and find the source of the bug. There are two good ways to do this: Temporarily remove user data Temporarily uninstall an add-on… Continue reading Kodi not working fix

Portuguese IPTV M3U links

Portugal/Portuguese Iptv m3u m3u8 links urls. Portuguese links shared by users. Please share your links as well   name channel url BSX IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM TVI 24 http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi24/smil:LIVE_TVI24/playlist.m3u8 SANTUÁRIO DE APARECIDA – NICHO http://caikrondatacenter.com.br:1935/santuario_aparecida/canal2.stream/live.m3u8 S1-E29 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/j/d6/a2vlf_480p.mp4 Portugal: SportTV 4 HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/akhlaghi/akhlaghi/638.m3u8 Lawrence da Arabia http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/i/z6/ytvlf_480p.mp4 SKY5 TV Com RS http://32747t.lp.azioncdn.net:1935/2747t/2747t/a/mp4:access_options/rtmp-live/tvcom.sdp/TV_COM_RS_UPeDown.m3u8?Grupo_UP_e_DOWN Godzilla (1998)… Continue reading Portuguese IPTV M3U links