Kodi 16.0 – Jarvis Development


Only two weeks ago we announced 15.2 which is the last release of the Kodi version 15 range and now we’re announcing the last alpha of version 16. What does this means for users? That after four months of alpha versions we are gearing up for changing to the beta stage and working towards a final Kodi 16 release. The past four months the developers worked hard behind the scenes on further improving what is already a great piece of software. Lot’s of code clean-up and improving stability, with a dash of features added here and there. To not bore every one with all the technical changes we’ll dive into some of the most noticeable newly added features.

Android Surface Rendering

The Android platform has always been a bit special as it’s still maturing and this change shows that. Some newer devices that can do UHD or 4K playback really well lack the power to also create the Kodi interface at that resolution, and this creates kind of a problem. The end result was that the we either had to downscale the video to a lower resolution to make sure the interface was snappy, or show full size video but the device might not be able handle the high resolution interface. This change allows us to create the Kodi user-interface in a different resolution than the resolution we do video playback, so what happens now is that the interface is displayed at 1080p, and the video will actually be output at the 4K resolution if the device supports it as we let the chip-set do the work instead of the processor.

Important to mention is that this doesn’t apply to AMLogic devices with proper permissions as these will still use amcodec. Any other Android device that is not able to do “android surface rendering” has not implemented the standard Android MediaCodec API in the proper way. Sadly we have to take this route because the Android eco-system has become too big of a maze to support and we will only implement what we feel is the way forward, this means that we will only follow the official Android platform methods, and we will no longer implement any hacks or workarounds. If the device you have is not compatible, then we strongly advise that you ask your device manufacturer to properly implement these functions in the device’s firmware, it may be harsh but we as Team Kodi are not responsible for incomplete firmware created by these device manufacturers.

Removal of libstagefright

With the Android platform becoming more mature regarding audio/video with the MediaCodec implementation it was time to say goodbye to libstagefright. The old implementation for audio and video is called libstagefright and has been in the media several times this year, this method has become very outdated and the implementation wasn’t the best, as such we have removed the support for this and will fully focus on MediaCodec. This means that for certain devices this will be a step back for Kodi usage, or perhaps Kodi might even become unusable if they have firmware which doesn’t make proper use MediaCodec. We’re sorry that this is happening but keeping support for libstagefright is hurting further progress, stability and puts a too large support burden on the our Android developer, so we hope you will all understand this decision.

Add-on manager changes

In the ongoing quest to improve our our add-on manager several changes where done in the overall handling of each add-on. These changes include the following:

  • • Roll-back button on add-on info panel has been replaced by Update
  • • The Update button now opens a list of available versions of the add-on. Should you have several repositories installed that offer different version of this add-on you can now choose which to install.
  • • You can now disable auto-update per add-on through the info panel individual from others.

The add-on info panel can either be reached through the add-on manger or selecting the add-on in any section by either right click, use context menu (“C” key) and choose info or use the “I” key to directly open the panel.

Goodbye karaoke

Sadly we had to say goodbye to the karaoke feature that was hidden in Kodi. None of the team did really know how it worked, if it still worked and how it was integrated into Kodi. Because it was still part of Kodi every skin also had to support this feature which takes quite some work. As such we decided to remove it as whole. It may reappear back in the future because there are now better ways of integrating it back as an add-on. It would only take a developer some interest in getting this done.

Additional Fixes/Changes

Here’s a quick look at a few other notable fixes and features.

  • • Properly handle wired or bluetooth headsets on Android and only use PCM output
  • • Fix playback of VP9 and VC1 video codecs on Android
  • • Use best possible icons from other Android apps while browsing these in Kodi
  • • Enable true 1920×1080 output on AMLogic device without up-scaling
  • • Add Korean, Chinese and Chech keyboards
  • • Add multi-touch support for Linux platform
  • • Improve touch-screen keymapping
  • • Add stereoscopic depth for Confluence skin
  • • The item that you had previously chosen will now be selected in the selection list instead of just starting at the top of the list
  • • Decouple Kodi and system volume on Android which removes the double audio volume slider
  • • Karaoke support has been completely removed as it wasn’t functional
  • • Further improve DX11 implementation in Windows
  • • iOS9 support
  • • Various PVR fixes and improvements
  • • Various improvements to the music section

Needless to say, this is not the entire list of fixes and features for Alpha 4, but that list is quite long and tends to focus on under-the-hood items that are mostly of interest to other devs, skinners, and add-on writers. As these under-the-hood changes begin to work their way up to the user experience, we’ll do our best to detail them here.

Improvements so far in version 15

More in depth information can be found through the following links about the 15 release.


General: So far in version 16 there are no add-on changes that would impact any add-ons except for PVR. Since our 12.x Frodo release there have been some gradual changes but in general all add-ons, even from that time should still work, of course there are some exceptions. If the add-ons worked in Gotham, Helix and Isengard then we are happy to say that all these add-ons should still work.

Skins: Sadly due to the amount of changes we’ll have to announce that skins will have certain parts non working. This alpha will still mark any version 15 skin as compatible and you can still use Kodi as you normally do. However starting from first Beta release which will be released soon all these will be marked “incompatible” unless they are updated. This means that for you to continue using Kodi 16.0 you will have to switch back to Confluence or wait till the skin you use has been updated in our repository.
The following skins are already updated for version 16 and will auto-update when you upgrade. We’re sure more will follow soon.

  • • Black Glass Nova
  • • Chroma
  • • Confluence
  • • Mimic
  • • Nebula
  • • Rapier
  • • re-Touched
  • • Transparency!


Should you want to download and install this alpha (monthly) build please visit our download page.

Please report any problems on our fourm http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 16.0 Jarvis builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.
We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation. All donations go towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchase necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.

SOURCE: http://kodi.tv/kodi-16-0-alpha-4-jarvis-nearing-completion/

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Best Official Kodi Add-ons

I have included “Where:” description under each app, so that you know from which category you can find it in the Add-on Manager.

So, let’s dive in…

10. LazyTV


Where: Programs

If you just want to sit back and let your TV suggest what to watch next, I would recommend installing LazyTV.

LazyTV allows you to start watching your favorite TV show playlist and once you have finished watching a TV program, it will automatically suggest the next unwatched episode or show.

You can configure LazyTV to either produce a list of next episodes for each TV series automatically or launch a randomized playlist.

9. Dbmc (Dropbox add-on)


Where: Pictures

If you are not already using Dropbox to backup your photos from your mobile phone and other sources, maybe now it is a good time to reconsider your backup strategy.

Dropbox is a great way to backup photos from all of the phones in your household into one place.

In order to watch all your photos on the big screen in your living room, Dbmc is a useful Dropbox add-on that allows you to easily view photos from your account.

8. Trakt


Where: Programs

Trakt remembers everything that you have watched in the past. You can get statistics about your viewing habits and get recommendations on movies and TV shows you might like.

After installing Trakt, it will ask you to authorize your trakt.tv account by entering a provided PIN code from trakt.tv/pin/999 page.

Now, you can launch Trakt and it will synchronize your movie and TV show library with their database.

You can also use Trakt together with Plex and Emby media server applications if you prefer managing your media with a centralized media server app.

7. Multi Slideshow Screensaver


Where: Pictures

Would you like to have a photo screensaver similar to Apple TV on your Kodi device? With this Multi Slideshow Screensaver, you can showcase and watch your photos on the big screen.

I have set up a Multi Slideshow Screen saver so that it will randomly show photos from my library after 3 minutes of idle time.

My kids especially love this screensaver. This is also a good way to relax and take a stroll down memory lane with your old photos.

6. HDHomeRun


Where: Videos

In my opinion, HDHomeRun network-attached TV tuner is the easiest way to watch live TV streams with Kodi.

If you don’t have HDHomeRun yet, you can read this DVR guide to learn how to get started.

I would recommend getting familiar with this HDHomeRun app while waiting for the upcoming SiliconDust HDHomeRun DVR, which may be the missing piece in your Digital Video Recording system.

5. TV Guide


Where: Programs

TV Guide gives you an overview of the selected channels and tells you what’s on TV right now with a great looking EPG interface.

This TV Guide plugin is especially useful if you want to combine both streams (in.strm file format) from your TV tuner such as HDHomeRun and from online video streaming source.

You can either use your own XMLTV file that includes EPG data as a source or YouSee.tv service.

You can build an XMLTV file for free with MC2XML or if you want more detailed TV listings, you should try Schedules Direct.

4. PlayOn Browser


Where: Videos

Would you like to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant or HBO directly from the same user interface?

PlayOn Media Server (learn more) is the only way to stream over 60 premium online channels to your Raspberry Pi 2 or any other Kodi device.

You can add PlayOn as a UPnP source, but the PlayOn Browser makes it much easier for you.

The PlayOn Browser categorizes all the media in the PlayOn web interface so that you can browse the content directly with your remote control.

3. Tidal


Where: Videos

I have recently started using Tidal music streaming service and I really enjoy using it.

Tidal has superior sound quality (Flac 1411 kbps – lossless) compared to services like Spotify (96 – 320 kbps).

Tidal HiFi music streaming service costs $25.99 per month, but if you really enjoy listening to music with lossless high fidelity sound quality, it is certainly worth it.

You can also watch HD music videos (some of them are available exclusively only on Tidal).

2. YouTube


Where: Videos

YouTube needs no introduction as it is the biggest video-sharing website in the world.

This plugin has some nice features in addition to the search functionality such as quickly viewing what’s popular right now or watching live streams.

Remember to add YouTube to your home screen as well if you are frequently using it.

1. Arctic: Zephyr


Where: Skins

Arctic: Zephyr by jurialmunkey will make your Kodi user interface clean and minimalistic to improve user experience.

This is my new favorite skin.

As you may have noticed, most of the screenshots I have used in this post are using Arctic: Zephyr skin.

If you prefer a darker theme, there is also another Arctic: Zephyr modification for Emby available with a darker color scheme.

SOURCE: http://mymediaexperience.com/best-xbmc-addons-list/

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Best Kodi Sports addons. Premium IPTV and Free

PRICE – £14.99/M
RECCOMMENDED – Without a doubt, one of the very best PVR sports add-ons on KODI right now and a must have for any sports fan. A big thumbs up from the guys here at KODINOW.


If you are a Prometheus owner then you will more than likely have heard of and used the highly popular streaming service from Spots Access SE. They offer top quality streams for all Premier League matches, as well as European games, Champions League, Uefa Cup and a whole host of other live sporting events. The stream quality ranges from 480p to full 1080p and are running on their own servers. It’s a highly impressive service that they have and are always on Twitter answering any questions and attending to any links which may be either down or lagging (buffering).
Sports Access has been tested on a wired internet connection with 4.2mbps and worked perfectly, streaming 720 and 1080 streams with no problem what so ever.
It is a paid subscription service however with the purchase of a Prometheus box you will get 6 months free elite membership with a discounted yearly rate after that. (valid at time of writing)

PRICE – Free 6 month membership with the purchase of a Prometheus box, discounted yearly membership for Prometheus owners only.
RECCOMMENDED – Yes, we highly recommend recommend add-on for streaming your sports. With the free membership for Prometheus owners it would be an immediate ‘go to’ add-on if you’re looking for football streams.


NBC Live Sports Extra is still a relatively unknown add-on which we’re extremely surprised about. They offer all the Premier League games including the 3pm kickoffs with quality which rivals Sports Access. Difference being, NBCLE is free. Well. it’s free to use the add-on and access their servers with the streams on. However, if you’re outside of the USA then you will need to have purchased a VPN service and connect to a N. American network in order for the add-on to work. Their are loads of free VPN services available out there, you just need to look around and so some research. If you’re looking for a quick fix, then you can install the VPN on Prometheus called PIA.
The stream quality in this add-on is remarkable, and we’re baffled as to why it’s not getting a as big of a shoutout as it is most certainly deserved. Quality ranges from 480 to 1080 and just like Sports Access it’s been tested on the same 4.2mbps wired connection and passed with flying colours, no buffering. Highly recommend. The only downside is there is no official support that we know of.

PRICE – Free, but VPN is required if you are outside the USA
RECCOMMENDED – Yes, we highly recommend recommend add-on for streaming your sports. Please remember to use a VPN wisely, if you are not sure what they are or what they do please make sure to do your research before setting one up.


DigiteleSports, formally known as the popular Sports Devil add-on is now available to install via URL, the add-on has been updated and contains several new sources for live streams. If you are an XBMC veteran then you will more than familiar with how Sports Devil worked, well DigiteleSports is exactly the same. Stream quality is a little hit and miss, some streams a very poor and close to un watchable however they tend to offer various links with different picture qualities which is great if you have a poor connection. In many cases since the boom of the paid subscription services which are now being offered DigiteleSports has become more of a fall back on add-on for those if in doubt moments when other add-ons may be down.
The add-on does not come installed on the latest Prozone configuration so you will need to add it, please take a look at the guide below for install instructions.
Here’s how to add the DigiteleSports (SportsDevil) add-on via URL.

PRICE – Free
RECCOMMENDED – We would recommend that you try other sources first, as mentioned DigiteleSports is a great add-on and a legend in the XBMC world as one of the first sport streaming add-ons. However there are better alternatives now available and we would recommend that you try others out before falling back on digitelesports.


Real Sports Streams is an add-on which we’re really excited about, as a sister add-on to the popular Offside Streams it has the potential to be a big player in the game. Offering over 100 sporting channels with great stream quality. It’s another premium add-on, so there is a subscription cose associated with accessing their streams. They have a huge choice of 24/7 streams from a good selection of sports channels from all over the globe. Channels such as BEin Sports, CBS, ESPN, BT Sport, NBC Sports, FOX Sports and many more. The stream quality is very good as you would expect from a paid service, with resolutions from 480 to 1080 there is certainly plenty of options. When it comes to the live football streams there is no shortage. From what we can see they tend to show as many of the games that are being aired as possible, all within just a few clicks you can be watching your favourite team. It’s also worth noting that they are active on Twitter and there to help should there be any down time. Certainly worth checking out and possibly testing for a month. Personally, I think this is a fantastic add-on and worth every penny of the subscription.

PRICE – $17.00 AUD ($13.00) for a month
RECCOMMENDED – Yes, we would certainly recommend this as an option. The monthly cost is a little more than what other sub based add-ons may be charging but this is down to the amount of live streams and 24 hour channels that are available via this add-on. You’re essentially getting a monthly sports pack from various channels across the globe. Certainly worth testing it for a month in my opinion.


Sports Mania is another subscription based add-on which we’re liking the look of. As with the others mentioned in this post you get what you pay for, better stream quality tend to be in paid sub based add-ons. Sports Mania has a great selection of live sports streams including links to Premier League football, Champions League, Uefa Cup and more. If there is a game on, the chances are that it will be on the list. As far as stream quality goes, it’s up there with the likes of Sports Access, Real Sport Streams and NBC. Quality again ranging from 480 to full 1080 so depending on your internet download speeds and your bandwidth you shouldn’t have any issues. Again this add-on was tested using a 4.2mbps BT connection with no problem. Even streaming football at full 1080 on those speeds was not a problem.

PRICE – $17.99 / Month $25.99 / 3 Months (Different price options are available)


RECCOMENDED – Another option if you’re looking to add to your collection. As mentioned before it’s always good to have options, incase one add-on is down for example. Sports Mania serves as a great go to add-on which is full of live sporting streams to satisfy your needs. As with other Sub based add-ons you get what you pay for, great stream quality which is reliable. As an added benefit they are active on social media channels and offer great support when needed. As far as pricing goes, it works out to be a lot cheaper to buy either the yearly pass at $74.99 rather than the monthly cost of $17.99. However if you’re just wanting to test it and compare it to others before you splash out on a subscription you can sign up for their day pass for just $5.99.


Offside Streams is an add-on which has been around for a while and has continued to provide top quality sporting streams to their subscribers. Again this is a paid subscription premium service and as with others they are offering a full range of HD streams for the Premier League football. It’s certainly an option for people should they prefer to chose something different to other paid add-on such as Sports Mania, HQ Zone, Real Sports etc. Their streams are very good and most importantly, very reliable. With direct support available on Twitter and via email they are always on hand should subscribers have any issues with streams. They are parent add-on to the Real Sports Streams add-on mentioned above, both offering a very reliable service. Once again, all Premier League, Champions League, Uefa Cup and European leagues are streamed here in great resolution. As with all the streams which are mentioned in this post, OSS has been tested running a 4.2mbps wired connection and show little to no buffering on the several games which were tested. Another highly recommend add-on. As you can see from the list below, they have an incredible line up of channels including entertainment, documentary and movies.

PRICE – £10.99
RECOMMENDED – In our opinion it’s up there with the best. So yes, this add-on is highly recommend. It’s also great to see that they are active on social channels offering quick support. They also have a great website with lots of useful information as an added benefit, and probably the most important in a sports streaming service, is the quality of the streams, no need to worry here they are spot on. Certainly worth testing it out for a month to see for yourself.


It’s nice to see some free services out there that are offering decent sports streams. Vdubt25 is one of them, in my opinion their streams are better than those you would find on DigiTeleSports. They do offer a good selection of matches but sometimes do not show the full line up. As far as stream quality goes they tend to show a majority of their streams in 480, below standard definition. Sometimes you will come across a very good link, it’s all down to what is available at the time. So all in all a good free alternative and a good fall back option if you do have a paid account with someone else.

PRICE – Free
RECOMMENDED – Yes, like I said if you have a paid account with a different add-on and that add-on is down then this would be a good fall back on add-on in the downtime. Streams tend to be better than those found on DigiTeleSports but no where near as good as the ones you find on a paid sub based add-on like Sports Access or Real Sports Streams.


Another paid subscription based add-on yes, but as you probably know by now they are where the quality streams are. Sportsbook is no exception, offering all the Premier League matches, Champions League and Uefa Cup. Assuming that there is a match on there will be a link to it here. They have been around for a while now and from what we can see they have improved their range and of course the quality of the streams has improved significantly. With streams ranging from SD to HD, 480 to full 1080 in some cases it’s certainly an add-on that you should at least check out. Again, we tested this running on 4.2mbps and experience little to no buffering. So anything over that you’re going to be perfectly fine.

PRICE – £4.99/30 days or £8.99/60 days (there is also a £10 sign up fee for new accounts)
RECOMMENDED – Yes, we highly recommend this add-on for streaming your sports. It’s certainly worth testing out and seeing how you get on with it, always good to have options and this add-on should be in the mix of them.


Phoenix is a powerhouse add-on and has recently updated their offerings and now have a live streams section which includes sports. The add-on is of course free to use as is their sporting streams, which is great news! The quality of their streams is also something worth mentioning as their streams are actually quite good and as far as free streams go it’s certainly up there with the better ones.

PRICE – Free
RECOMMENDED – Most definitely. If you’re either looking for a fall back add-on or are not thinking about paying a subscription at all and would rather just use the free ones out there then the streams which are available in here are certainly worth bookmarking. It’s nice to see that huge add-ons such as Phoenix are adding live streams and not charging users to view them, all be it the streams are not as good as the paid services however this is expected. In our books, Phoenix sports streams is certainly a worthy contendor in your sports add-on collection.


AAA Streams is an absolute must in our opinion, not just for sports but for movies, TV shows and more. It’s pretty much got everything. As far as the sports streams go, they are bang on, and free! Quality of the streams varies, however you will find that most of the streams are decent to good and most certainly significantly better than other free streams which are on other add-ons offering free sports streams. Again as with all the add-ons mentioned in this post it has been tested running a wired 4.2mbps connection and the matches ran perfectly. The selection of football matches is great too, offering Premier League, Champions League, Uefa Cup and much more. So for a free add-on. the quality, the selection and the reliability you can’t really go wrong. The add-on has just had a nice facelift too which is good.

PRICE – Free
RECOMMENDED – Yes, it’s free. You would be silly not add this add-on, it’s not only great for sport but it has an incredible selection of live tv links from all over the world as well as movies, tv shows and much more.

So, as you can see there is a lot to chose from. What’s great is that more new add-ons are hitting XBMC / KODI all the time offering great services for streaming live sports. It’s certainly worth testing a few out for yourself. If you’re not sure about one, sign up for a day see how you get on and then decide. At the end of the day it’s your box, your choice. There are free add-ons out there that are offering sport streams. However from what we can see, NBC being an exception the paid subscriptions are far better than any of the free streaming add-ons, hence why you pay for the service. Your membership costs goes towards improving their servers and maintenance in order to provide you with the best possible streams.

We would love to know what your favourites are, have you tried any of the ones mentioned above?

SOURCE: http://kodinow.com/2015/03/our-top-add-ons-for-live-football-streams/

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Best Live TV IPTV AddOns for Kodi XBMC 2015

I thought I would make a post to show all the live TV add-ons for people that visit the site. I have a lot of single posts which you can view but rather than making you trawl through my site to find the add-ons I thought it would be better to put them all on one page to make it easier for you.

I know the title says best addons for Kodi and I know that is subjective, but although they may not be the best to you, to some they will be. It is also not a comprehensive list, there are more, many more. This will be an ongoing list; when I find more I will add them so bookmark the page and come back at a later date.

STREAMLIVE – This is a paid add-on. It’s the best paid service you will get and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. It has lots of live TV channels in HD as well as all the sports channels you could need.

BBC iPlayer – All the BBC channels live. This does require you to be in the UK or have a UK VPN.

BBTS – You may have used the IPTV list from BBTS in the past. He now has an add-on with various sports and international channels.

cCloudTV – This add-on has a huge list of channels from around the world. Definitely something you will be able to get a lot of favourites from to add to your favourite TV guide add-on

Channel PEAR – A new add-on for Kodi (June 2015) but looks very nice. Has some great streams and is something you should check out.

Chicago List – Lots of Spanish live TV channels

Daffys IPTV & VOD – A relatively new IPTV add-on but looks like a good one, definitely something worth trying.

DexterTV – At the time of writing this is the best IPTV/Live TV add-on available. A must have add-on

DIJ Entertainments – This add-on has definitely improved since I last tried it. It currently has very good SD links to Sky Sports & Sky Movies. It also has links to a variety of other content including: Fitness Videos, WWE Videos, CCTV Cameras, Movie Boxsets, TV Shows, Kids Movies, HD & SD UK TV and more. This really is a great little add-on to have in your collection.

Dutch Cloud TV – Whilst this add-on is geared towards Dutch users with lots of Dutch speaking content there are also links to other live TV channles from U.S., Italy and Spain. You might find a few surprises in there if you take some time to check all the channels.

F.T.V – Loads of channels for your viewing pleasure. Lot’s of UK channels which aren’t geo-targeted so you can watch them without a VPN.

.F.U.B.A.R. – This is a great add-on. Lots of choice in the IPTV section to watch lots of live channels (Svenska TV Kanaler)

FreeTuga – This add-on has a wealth of live channels from Spain and Portugal amongst others. Also offers live sports.

Halow Live – This is a great little add-on and the dev is always on top of things making sure the streams are working and adding new streams as he finds them. It has lots of sport as well as channels from many different countries.

IsraeLIVE – This add-on has lots of UK, US & Israeli TV channels as well as others from around the world.

iStream – A very popular add-on. Launch it and select the Live TV link and you can spend your day surfing through all the channels it has available. Lots of terrestrial & satellite channels available. Sport channels too.

ITV – All the ITV channels live. Requires UK VPN/Proxy

Lihat IPTV – A great add-on with lots of channels to choose from.

Navi-X – One of the oldest and most well known add-ons this has too much stuff to list. But rather than having a link in the add-on that goes directly to live TV you can search for the channel you are wanting to watch.

Operation Robocop – A nice IPTV add-on with a huge selection of channels to choose from

Phoenix – Woody is no longer on here but Staael updates his live channels all the time and always has a good stream if you like watching your football, One242415 has lots of international live streams and Crusader88 has more international channels than you can shake a stick at. Plus there’s loads of other stuff there too.

Renegades TV – This add-on allows you to use an EPG to which you can link preset add-ons. This is regularly updated and well worth looking at.

SportsDevil – Doesn’t need any introduction. It’s sports channels.

Stream Engine – An add-on with links to live Sports channels and other stuff too.

UK Turks Live Streams – An add-on with plenty of live UK Sports and TV channels.

UK TV Sports HD Playlist on Navi-X – This playlist has lots of good quality sports streams as well as other channels. Definitely worth cecking out.

VDubT25 – You must have seen a VDub tutorial on YouTube. If you have used Kodi for any length of time you will have heard the guy, he’s great, he gives out tutorials to help make it easier for you to get great add-ons. He has his own add-on and he updates this regularly. Well worth adding to your collection.

Zem TV – Lots of Pakistan and India live TV.

Check out my other Kodi posts; you’ll find plenty to improve your Kodi experience

Between Now & Jan 6th 2016 there is an offer for 15% off any VPN deal using the promo code “PREMIER2015” from IPVanish. They offer a great service with a great selection of servers around the world that run at top speeds; a true tier 1 VPN solution. This stop sources from being blocked in Kodi and allows access to geo-restricted content from anywhere. Clients available for OS X, iOS, Android & Windows. 7 day money back guarantee too. OpenVPN option available.


Source: https://seo-michael.co.uk/best-live-tv-add-ons-for-xbmc-kodi/

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Complete Kodi Setup Guide From Scratch – For Newbies!

There are many ways to setup your new Kodi box or setup. You can easily use Configurator for Kodi by clicking web and video link above. Or here is a complete Kodi setup guide. This is intended for new and inexperienced Kodi users who might not know some of the tricks to get a fully functional Kodi setup with minimal effort!

So you have a brand new Kodi box that you unbox, plug in, and launch for the first time. Where now? How do you get all of the movies, TV shows, and live streams that you were promised? Follow this guide!

Never, EVER spend extra money from these so called Kodi “experts” who promise to get your premium add-ons and skins for a discounted price. Those people are doing exactly what I’m about to show you and cannot provide you any special Kodi setup that you can’t get yourself.

You also don’t need to buy any special Kodi box that advertises itself as “pre-loaded”. These boxes are out to make extra money by doing what I’m about to sure you. Buy a Kodi compatible box from Amazon today to guarantee the quality of what you are buying by clicking here.

Step 1: Meeting Dependencies

There is a python coding module called “common” for Kodi which contains all sorts of add-on routines to help Kodi developers. If you install any add-ons that use these routines, but don’t have the common module installed, you will get a “dependencies not met” error. So, before we begin, lets install the right common module:

  • Download the latest common module by clicking here and save it onto a USB sick or somewhere else your Kodi device can read from.
  • From the Kodi main menu, go to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install From Zip.
  • Select the common module zip you saved above and wait for the add-on enabled notification. That’s it!

Step 2: The Community Portal or a Kodi Wizard

The second step you should do when you launch Kodi for the first time is install a Kodi wizard add-on that contains community builds inside of it. The most popular Community Build add-on is called The Community Portal. Think of Community Portal like an app store for your Kodi box. This will give you access to download and install any Kodi add-on ever. However, we will use Community Portal to access a special section inside of it called Community Builds.

Community Builds are pre-packaged builds for Kodi with all add-ons, settings, skins, and customization already completed for you by someone else! This means that you don’t have to spend days researching and finding the best add-ons yourself, because someone else has already done the work for you. And while Community Portal is one of the most popular Kodi wizards available, there are tons of others if you Google “Best Kodi Wizard”. Kodi Tips has featured the SilenceROM build, which is in The Community Portal, but we’ve also featured the SpinzTV build, which is in its own repo. We’ve linked to our guide for SilenceROM and SpinzTV so that you can read up on each before you decide which one is right for you.

To install The Community Portal:

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to System > File Manager > Add Source > <None>
  2. Enter the address “http://noobsandnerds.com/portal”.
  3. Enter in a name for the source like “community portal”.
  4. Press OK to exit out of that screen and head back to the main menu.
  5. Navigate to System > Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip.
  6. For Total Installer, click on your “community portal” host > “Community_Portal.zip”.
  7. And that’s it! The Community Portal can be found by going into your Kodi Program add-ons.

To install the spinzTV Repo:

  • From the Kodi main menu, go to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > <None> and enter “http://repo.spinztv.com”. Click the box below and give it a name such as “SpinzTV”. Click OK.
  • From the Kodi main menu, go to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install From Zip > SpinzTV > repository.spinztv.zip > Wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  • Install From Repository > SpinzTV Repository > Program Add-ons > SpinzTV Wizard > Wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  • The SpinzTV wizard can now be found under your Program Add-ons and the “Spinz TV Wizard”

Step 3: Register on the NoobsAndNerds Forums

NOTE: This step is only necessary if you’ve installed The Community Portal above. If you installed the SpinzTV wizard or another one, you do not have to do Step 3 or Step 4.

Now that you have The Community Portal installed, you have to register for a free account on the NoobsAndNerds forums. Why? NoobsandNerds is the host for Community Portal and Community Builds and in return for access to Community Builds, they ask that you register for a free account on their forums. This way, if you have any special requests or support questions for the Community Build developers, you will know how to get there.

To register at NoobsandNerds:

  1. From your computer/phone/table, navigate to http://www.totalxbmc.tv.
  2. Click on “Forum/Support” to go to the forums.
  3. On the navigation bar, click on “Register” and follow through the prompts to create a new user account on the forums.
  4. After you have created an account, check the email you registered with and confirm your new account.

Step 4: Sync your NoobsAndNerds account to The Community Portal

Now that you have an account setup, you need to sync up with Community Portal on your Kodi box so that the add-on knows to give you access to the Community Builds section.

  1. From your Kodi Main Menu, navigate to Program > Add-ons
  2. Hover over top of The Community Portal and press the context menu, then select “add-on settings”
  3. In the first “Login” tab, enter in the username and password you used to register on the forums.
  4. In the “Community Builds” tab, choose a backup storage location and check the button below it to make sure that Kodi can write to that folder. If your Kodi box has a removable SD card or USB Stick, you should be able to point to a directory on those away from your hard drive storage to make sure that you aren’t touching any Kodi system files.

Step 4: Install A Community Build

Community Build Install With The Community Portal:

With your Community Portal now setup, launch it from the Program add-ons menu. If there is an update, Community Portal will automatically update itself when you launch it.

If you’ve entered your NoobsandNerds forums credentials properly, the add-on should say “Welcome *user*” when you go into it. If it doesn’t, try re-entering your username and password in the settings above.

If all goes well, follow these instructions:

  1. Head into the Community Builds Section
  2. You can now browser through a bunch of great builds. You can also sort by things like “Most Popular” and “Recently Added”. Here are some Community Builds compatible with Kodi 15 Isenguard. Kodi Tips recommendsSilenceROM as one of our favorite community builds because of how polished it is and how often it is updated. It can be found by sorting by “Most Popular”.
  3. When you select the Community Build you’d like, you have four options for installing. Since this guide is for new Kodi setup users, choose the fresh install option. If you want to keep your Movie/TV add-ons or profile settings, you can pick the option that makes the most sense for you:
    • Fresh Install: This will wipe all existing settings before installing the build.
    • Install build but keep your current Library & Profiles
    • Install build and keep your current Library
    • Install build but keep your current profiles.
  4. When you choose your install, Kodi will prompt you whether or not you want to create a backup of your current setup. Once again, if you have a fresh install you can choose no. If you have a setup already, you may want to backup in case something goes wrong.
  5. At this point, Community Builds will install.
  6. Once the build is installed, a “guisettings” fix will be applied, which applies extra skin settings. With the latest version of Total Installer, this will happen automatically. If it doesn’t, the option to apply “guisettings” should be right underneath the four installation options listed above.
  7. Kodi will force a shutdown after it has finished applying the guisettings. Some Android boxes do not allow Kodi to force close itself so if this fails for you, simply unplug the power from the back of your Android box for 10 seconds and then plug it in and re-launch your Kodi setup.

Community Built Install with the SpinzTV Wizard:

  1. Under your Program Add-ons, launch the Spinz TV Wizard you installed above, and click on Premium lite.
  2. The SpinzTV build will now download and install itself! At the end of it, you will be asked to force close Kodi and the next time you launch it, the SpinzTV build will take over and launch!
  3. Note: After you load each iVue and FTV guide for the first time, go into the settings of each one and set the guide file back to 24 hours. By default, this build won’t ever download a new guide file just in case you don’t use the live TV aspects of the build.

When Kodi restarts, your community build should have been applied and it will launch into a custom skin full of add-ons and a fully functional Kodi setup!

Do some exploring, check out your menus, adjust skin settings, play around, test things out. Your Kodi setup is now complete!

Optional Kodi Tips & Tricks

There are some further tips and tricks that Kodi Tips recommends you do after your community build is installed if this is your first time using the software. All of these steps are completely optional and are dependent on your preferences.

Kodi Zoomed In Screen Fix

Does your Kodi screen look a little zoomed in, cutting off some text and menus? This is a common problem depending on your Kodi setup and is very easy to fix!

  1. From the main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > Settings > Appearance
  2. Click on your “Settings Level” until it is set to either the Advanced or Expert level.
  3. Under the “Skin” section, scroll down until you see the “Zoom” field and set this to your liking. Generally, -4% works well.

Add To Library

One of the first things you should learn how to do is how to add your favorite Movies and TV Shows to your library. Depending on what Community Build you installed, it will have main categories like “Movies” and “TV Shows” and then sub-categories under each that link you to Kodi add-ons such as Genesis, SALTs, Primewire, or 1channel. If you click on the main “Movies” or “TV Shows”, this will take you into your library for those media types. From within each add-on, you can add shows to your library and then find them here quickly in the future.

Simply highlight a TV Show or Movie in an add-on like Genesis, bring up the context menu, and click “Add to Favourites”.

If for some reason this doesn’t work, it’s because your Genesis (or whatever add-on you are using) Library isn’t synced to integrate with your Kodi library. The fix for that is easy! Here are the instructions for Genesis, however all video add-ons will work roughly the same way.

  1. Launch Genesis, then select Tools > “GENESIS : Library”
  2. Highlight (do not click) on “GENESIS : TV Folder”, bring up the context menu, and select “Set Content”.
  3. Select “this directory contains” and keep selecting this until it says “This directory contains TV shows”. Click “OK” and then “Yes”.
  4. Once the scan is complete, back in the “GENESIS : Library” screen, highlight “GENESIS : Movie Folder”, bring up the context menu, and select “Set Content”.
  5. Change “This directory contains” until it reads “This directory contains Movies”. Click “OK” and then “Yes”.


LazyTV is a great program add-on that makes watching TV shows on Kodi way easier. Two of the main features of Lazy TV are:

  • Automatically get prompted to watch the next TV episode after watching in an add-on like Genesis or SALTs so that you don’t have to manually select the next episode.
  • Set certain shows in your library to “randomize” so that you can lazily watch a random episode of a TV show without manually having to choose. I set certain sitcoms like Friends or Seinfeld in this mode where the storyline of the show is not that important.

To install LazyTV, follow our instructions guide here.

TV Show – Next Aired

The Next Aired program add-on for Kodi presents all of the shows saved to your library in a TV Guide table format so that you can see what days new episodes air! This is great for keeping up to date with new shows. If you’ve cut the cord on your TV service provider in favor of Kodi, the Next Aired is a great way to keep tabs on your shows and any new episodes.

To install the Next Aired add-on, follow our instruction guide here.



Source: http://koditips.com/complete-kodi-setup-guide-from-scratch-for-new-users/

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