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Setting up Kodi for the first time can be quite frustrating, Agree? I am here to tell you that it do not have to be.

Check out the “Configurator for Kodi App on Google Play Store for an Easy one click setup of your Kodi Media Center. Give me your feedback below

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Amazon bans Kodi! Crazy or What?

Kodi, an open-source program formerly known as XMBC, disappeared from the Amazon Appstore last week. When the Kodi team asked for an explanation, Amazon emailed several days later to explain that the app “can be used to facilitate the piracy or illegal download of content.

Hi [Kodi Team],

Thanks for your e-mail. This e-mail is regarding the Kodi app that you submitted for sale through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program.
In reviewing your app, we determined that it can be used to facilitate the piracy or illegal download of content. Any facilitation of piracy or illegal downloads is not allowed in our program.

Please do not resubmit this app or similar apps in the future.

Let me know if you have any questions.


The Kodi software itself is an entirely legal media center that doesn’t come with any infringing features or content. However, there are many third-party addons that allow users to stream pirated movies and TV-shows.

For Amazon to ban the app is “absurd” according to the Kodi team, because the company is still allowing vendors to sell boxes that are giving the software this bad reputation.

Several people have pointed out that many Kodi/XBMC related apps that have “pre-loaded” piracy addons (including the popular TVMC) are still available on Amazon.

Yes, most pirated media is distributed in DRM-free formats, but Kodi is a player, and there are plenty of legitimate reasons to use it to play back your legally-obtained audio and video files. Kodi “facilitates” piracy in the same way that a Ziploc bag facilitates street corner drug sales –IT DOESN’T.

To add insult to injury, the Kodi developers have been incredibly careful to avoid any association with piracy or illegal downloads

What do you say?

A. Crazy!

B. Or What!


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