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You probably already know Kodi has many uses as a media center application; you can watch movies if you install one of the 10 best Kodi movie addons, you can use Kodi addons for IPTV, and you can even listen to music on Kodi with the proper configuration. However, there are also Kodi gaming addons that bring games for Kodi ; whether it’s in the form of streams from other gamers, executables that reside on your PC or device and can be managed with beautiful launchers, or even some multiplayer games “native” to Kodi. Kodi gaming addons enable you to expand the possibilities of your media center and turn it into a true entertainment center, including gaming as one of the possible activities you could do with it.




Kodi gaming addons 2048This addon brings the popular mobile game to your Kodi. One of the most basic Kodi gaming addons, 2048 will let you enjoy on the big screen the thrill this puzzle game has to offer. The objective of the game is squashing tiles together, so in the end their numbers add up to 2048 -and beyond-. It doesn’t sound that interesting when explained, but it can get addictive pretty fast, so I suggest giving it a try. You can find this addon within the SuperRepo addon repository, as a program instead of a video addon.

Word Find Puzzles

Games for Kodi Word Find PuzzlesIf numbers aren’t your cup of tea, but you go crazy over words and letters, then Word Find Puzzles is for you. A simple version of a wordsearch game, Word Find Puzzles is one of the simplest Kodi gaming addons you can find. The drawbacks on this game were its colors -which are very bright, and sometimes don’t let you see the letters clearly-, and the fact you have to press each letter individually, instead of dragging. This being said, you should check out this free Kodi gaming addon and see if you like it. You can grab Word Find Puzzles Kodi addon from the SuperRepo plugin repository as well.

Connect 4

Best Kodi Games Connect 4Sometimes you and your friend or partner will not agree on what to watch on your HTPC. If this is the situation, or you are simply bored and want to play something, then Connect 4 is for you. This is, in my opinion, one of the best Kodi gaming addons, not because it boasts amazing graphics or fluid gameplay, but because it is a classic game that can be played by two people in a turn-based way, and this gives this game social points that make it a good addition to your HTPC. SuperRepo plugin repository lets you install this addon easily.

Tank Warfare

Kodi addons for gamers Tank WarfareOne of the most interesting Kodi gaming addons I saw in this review, the Tank Warfare addon brings one of the best Kodi games to your HTPC. The graphics are fairly simple but effective; the aim of the game is to move your tank on the bottom of the screen, and shoot the vehicles that appear free-floating above. There are set numbers of vehicles to destroy in order to advance to the next level. Because of the nature of this game, it is fairly obvious that it is best controlled with a device such as a mouse or air mouse. This addon comes within SuperRepo as well.


Play games on Kodi SteamSuperRepo brings us some amazing Kodi gaming addons. This one in particular will only work if Steam is installed on your device. This addon simply acts as a bridge between Kodi and the Steam app, launching the latter in BPM (Big Picture Mode). Steam BPM is a beautiful way to play games on Kodi; simply launch your favorite game and you can check achievements or even chat with your friends, and all of this can be done in the big screen. Once you’re done using the Steam Kodi addon, you can simply close it, and Kodi will automatically start again for you.


Kodi games MachinimaSuppose you’re not in the mood for playing, but you’d rather watch the trailers and gameplay videos from your favorite games. What you’re looking for is, then, a Kodi addon for gamers, with content from the gaming world, delivered directly to your HTPC. This is exactly what Machinima does; transforming your HTPC into a source for content related to the latest games, including news and livestreams. You can download this addon to spice up your HTPC from the SuperRepo addon repository or via the Fusion Installer.


Top Kodi gaming addons IGNThe Fusion Installer brings us this Kodi addon for gamers, with news and walkthroughs from one of the most well-known outlets for gaming-related news. This addon doesn’t have content related to games for Kodi, as other Kodi gaming addons; however, it surely brings you reviews and other interesting videos that will allow you to get an idea about games even before you buy them or get your hands on them. This addon is powered by the YouTube addon, so be sure to read our guide to install YouTube on Kodi if you don’t yet have it on your HTPC.

Advanced Launcher

Best games for Kodi Advanced LauncherThis addon from the Angelscry Repository is not like the other Kodi gaming addons; instead, it lets you start any application on your device from within Kodi. It is a useful application that lets you select games without even closing Kodi. You can set command line parameters and device compatibility for any games you are configuring, and once you’re done, you simply click the icon for whatever application you want to run, from the Advanced Launcher. A convenient way to set up your HTPC, which will appeal to any gamers who want to add comfort to their entertainment center.


Kodi gamers addons Twitch TVYou can install Twitch.tv addon from the official XBMC/Kodi addon repository. This is one of few Kodi gaming addons that bring all the streams you can watch in Twitch directly to your TV screen. Once you get into the addon, you will see it’s organized by categories like featured streams, games, and others. If you click on games, you can look for a stream of the games that best interest you; the addon guides you through its menus with the artwork from the games, or stills from the streams, depending on what menu you are browsing at the moment.

ROM Collection Browser

Kodi retroplayer ROM Collection BrowserThe official XBMC/Kodi addon repository also brings us this addon, that is specifically engineered to work with your already existing ROMs and emulators. Playing old games from any game console, as if they were thebest Kodi games is easy now with this Kodi retroplayer. With a little configuration and investment of time, you get a beautiful menu, complete with artwork and -if you put some effort into it- video previews for all the games you configure for it, enabling Kodi ROM access for all your emulator games. ROM Collection Browser is best used if you can connect a game controller to your HTPC, to enjoy the games the way they were meant to be played.

As you can see, there are many options to game on your HTPC, with Kodi gaming addons that not only let you spend some time hitting tanks or dropping tokens, but also bring you the best news and livestreams from the gaming world. These addons make your HTPC a more complete entertainment hub, for you and any visitors you might have. For added comfort and functionality, you might consider getting a device such as the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, which brings a gamepad, and also supports Android games natively, or perhaps a wireless HTPC remote to act as your keyboardfor some games. With creativity and proper research you will surely come up with a setup you find useful and beautiful at the same time, to watch your content and also play your games on the big screen.

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Kodi wont stream/work fix

So you’ve made one of the best decisions that you can make and purchased an Android TV Box. Now you go to use this amazing device, and all of a sudden, you are having issues with viewing the videos on the box! Not to worry, no need to pull out any hair (for those of us who still have some left). Here are a couple of things you should do to help determine the issue and the fix to get you streaming again in NO TIME!


ISSUE #1: A script error or “no stream available” message comes up when I click on a stream in Kodi.
REASON: This is an occurrence that we come across every day when streaming. It’s the nature of the beast so to speak. The developers who make these add-ons write code that will bring MANY streaming sources to one place. Along with all of the great sources comes some that will not work.SOLUTION: This is an easy fix. We recommend that you try multiple links for streaming. For instance, one of the best add-ons for Movies and TV shows is Genesis. If you try a link that does not work in Genesis, simply try the next one on the list. You WILL find a stream that works. It does take a couple of tries sometimes, but it sure beats paying for cable! Also, please try different add-ons and apps to find the same content. To see which add-ons to check out, read this article we wrote on the best add-ons for every type of content.


ISSUE #2: When I click on the stream I want to watch, the video does not load quickly and I experience buffering.
REASON: There could be a couple of reasons behind this issue. It could be your Internet speed, the distance from your router, or the functionality of the router.

SOLUTION: The first solution has to do with your Internet speed. The easiest way to check your Internet speed is to run the Speed Test App from the home screen. This will be the app with the speedometer icon on the bottom of the home screen. The speeds that we recommend for streaming are as follows:

Speeds Down Stream (In Megabits Per Second)
SD Minimum 2Mbps
SD recommended 5Mbps
HD Minimum 5Mbps
HD recommended 10Mbps

If you are getting these speeds you should not be having any issues, but if you are still experiencing these issues, try clearing the cache.

To clear the cache in Kodi or other apps:

  1. Click the “settings” tab on the launch screen.
  2. Click the “other” tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click “more settings”.
  4. Scroll down to the “apps” heading and click that.
  5. Choose the Kodi app (or other apps like showbox, HD cinema, etc.) and choose the “clear cache” option.

If you are NOT getting these speeds there are a couple of things you can do. First, reset your router by unplugging the router for one minute. During this time also unplug the Element Android TV Box. After the minute is up plug in the router first and then plug in the Element Ti4 box. This can help increase the speed that the box will get for a WiFi connection.

Second, make sure your box is close to your router. We recommend that the box be within 10 feet of your router to ensure you will get the best signal for a WiFi connection.

The last fix for this is to contact your Internet Service Provider to make sure you are getting the speed for which you are paying. They may be experiencing an issue and alerting them can help you get the speed you need. Also, contact your router manufacturer to make sure the router is working correctly to give all of your devices the correct speed.

ISSUE #3: The add-on that I use the most is not working.

REASON: Unfortunately this does happen, and sometimes it happens pretty often. Developers stop working on add-ons for many different reasons. It may be down for good, or you may just have to wait a couple of hours for the next update to fix issues with the add-on.

SOLUTION: Try multiple add-ons! This sounds so simple but it is the best way to find the content you are wanting to stream. Please reference the article in Issue #1 to get a good idea of what add-ons to try.

We really CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH. The Android TV Box is an amazing device capable of saving you THOUSANDS of dollars per year. There are certain nuances and things to learn to make the best use of this box. One of the biggest pieces of advice is to try multiple links and multiple add-ons/apps. We will always do our best to assist with troubleshooting the box or point you in the right direction when certain add-ons are not working.

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Kodi not working fix

1 Platform troubleshooting 

 Audio troubleshooting

3 Effective Tactics

  •  Isolate the Problem

Before writing a bug report, it is advisable to try and find the source of the bug. There are two good ways to do this:

  1. Temporarily remove user data
  2. Temporarily uninstall an add-on

If, for example, you remove an add-on and the bug still occurs, then that add-on is not the source of the bug. If there is no problem after temporarily removing the component in question, then you have narrowed down the source of the bug. Doing this will help the developers find and fix the bug faster.

  • Update and Upgrade

Before writing a bug report, make sure that the add-on you are using, or the Kodi itself, is fully updated to the newest version. It is entirely possible that the problem is fixed in the most recent versions of the add-on and/or the Kodi. The add-on support section of the forum contains information and help with the Kodi add-ons. There may be versions of add-ons that are not officially added to the repository that fix the problem.

  •  Test on Multiple Devices

Reproducing the bug on multiple devices will determine whether or not the source of the bug is the user’s hardware or the Kodi itself. Testing the bug on multiple devices before submitting the bug report can isolate the source of the problem and help determine whether or not the developers can fix it. This tactic also greatly reduces the confusion that can occur when others try to reproduce the bug. Depending on the hardware involved with the bug, the user should reproduce the bug on second devices including, but not limited to:

  • Computers
  • Televisions
  • TV remotes
  • Blu-Ray or DVD players
  • Xbox 360 controllers

If the bug is successfully reproduced on at least two devices, then it is more likely that there is a problem with the Kodi.

4 Reporting bugs/errors

HOW-TO:Submit a proper bug report

5 Getting more help

  •  How do I ask a question in a smart way?

How to ask questions in a smart way?:

  • When you ask:
    • Use meaningful, specific subject headers on posts.
    • Be explicit about your question.
    • Be precise and informative about your problem.
    • Include screenshots to aid in problem description.
    • Describe the problem’s symptoms, not your guesses.
    • Describe your problem’s symptoms in chronological order
    • Describe the goal, not the step.
    • Don’t ask people to reply by private e-mail or private message.
    • Courtesy never hurts, and sometimes helps.
    • Follow up with a brief note on the solution if you find one

6 Test files and samples

See: Samples


7 See also

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Portuguese IPTV M3U links

Portugal/Portuguese Iptv m3u m3u8 links urls. Portuguese links shared by users. Please share your links as well


name channel url
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
TVI 24 http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi24/smil:LIVE_TVI24/playlist.m3u8
SANTUÁRIO DE APARECIDA – NICHO http://caikrondatacenter.com.br:1935/santuario_aparecida/canal2.stream/live.m3u8
S1-E29 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/j/d6/a2vlf_480p.mp4
Portugal: SportTV 4 HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/akhlaghi/akhlaghi/638.m3u8
Lawrence da Arabia http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/i/z6/ytvlf_480p.mp4
TV Com RS http://32747t.lp.azioncdn.net:1935/2747t/2747t/a/mp4:access_options/rtmp-live/tvcom.sdp/TV_COM_RS_UPeDown.m3u8?Grupo_UP_e_DOWN
Godzilla (1998) http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/4/f6/v7ylf_480p.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
TVRS http://wms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/tvrs/tvrs/live.m3u8
PORTUGAL:ODISSEIA http://grandiptv.myftp.org:8000/live/test45/test45/837.ts
VENUS http://iptv.temnet.pt:8000/live/armando/armando/53.ts
RTP 1 http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtp1_5ch5h264.stream/livestream.m3u8
Os Miseraveis http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/p/f6/55ylf_480p.mp4
Um Salao do Barulho http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/r/f6/d6ylf_480p.mp4
RTP INFORMAÇÃO http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtpn.smil/playlist.m3u8
EURONEWS http://fr-par-iphone-1.cdn.hexaglobe.net:80/streaming/euronews_ewns/ipad_it.m3u8
PFC 15
TVRS http://wms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/tvrs/tvrs/live.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]GLOBO RJ[/B][/I][/COLOR] rtmp://r.livecast.cc/rl/ playpath=ch15-2 swfurl=http://livecast.cc/live/player.swf?IPTVGLOBAL live=1 pageUrl=http://livecast.cc/live/stream13.php
venus test http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial/trial_231/512.ts
Sem Vestigios http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/y/56/bw1lf_480p.mp4
S1-E7 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/7/h6/ccwlf_480p.mp4
Secretaria http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/-/x6/16wlf_480p.mp4
SIC Radical http://iptv.temnet.pt:8000/live/armando/armando/14.ts
SPORT TV AMÉRICAS http://sporttvamericas-i.akamaihd.net:80/hls/live/227427/SportTVAmericas/master700kbps.m3u8
RTP INFORMAÇÃO http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtpn.smil/playlist.m3u8
Motoqueiro Fantasma fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/i/56/ir1lf_480p.mp4
Ask TV http://edge2.everyon.tv:1935/etv2/phd1005/paz.m3u8
Dragon Ball Z 53 http://www.blogger.com/video-play.mp4?contentId=7d358f5665cfc35f
TVC MG http://flash.asaweb.com.br:1935/8080/8080/live.m3u8
S1-E63 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/f/56/5t1lf_480p.mp4
O Paizao http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/1/v6/q1zlf_480p.mp4
Portugal: VEVO 3 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/642.m3u8
De Repente 30 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/s/96/y01lf_480p.mp4
Desejo a Tres http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/e/56/0t1lf_480p.mp4
[COLOR yellow][I][B]SIC[/B][/I][/COLOR]
ANTV MG http://caikrondatacenter.com.br:1935/tvandradas/antv.stream/live.m3u8
Sitie fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/g/f6/54ylf_480p.mp4
Penelope http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/x/n6/ry2lf_480p.mp4
T�l� 50 http://cdnhd.oraolive.com:8081/tele50webtv/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9NS85LzIwMTUgNDo0Mjo0NSBQTSZoYXNoX3ZhbHVlPXVzN1MrOC82Y2pMWktLWk9YQmJleHc9PSZ2YWxpZG1pbnV0ZXM9MTIw
RTP ÁFRICA http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpafrica_5ch27h264.stream/livestream.m3u8
TVI 24 http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi24/smil:LIVE_TVI24/playlist.m3u8
A Pantera Cor de Rosa http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/9/16/8p1lf_480p.mp4
Telecine Premiun SD
[COLOR blue][I][B]BEIN SPORTS (USA) [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://iptvcanales.com/xw/cable.php?canal=57&player=playlist.m3u8
BEIRA MAR (AVENIDA ATLÂNTICA – GUARATUBA) PR [WEBCAM] http://streaming01.sulaovivo.com.br:1935/guaratuba_band_ondas_PR/default.stream/live.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
[I][B]SPORT TV AMÉRICAS 2500kbps [/B][/I] http://sporttvamericas-i.akamaihd.net/hls/live/227427/SportTVAmericas/master2500kbps.m3u8
v8.paradisehill.tv_217.mp4 http://v8.paradisehill.tv/video/1612130835_217.mp4
[COLOR yellow][I][B]RTP ÁFRICA[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtpafrica.smil/playlist.m3u8
Bruno http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/96/731lf_480p.mp4
TVI FICCAO http://painel.soeu.ws:8000/live/to/to/213.ts
ANTENNA 3 http://live.cdn.streamago.tv:1935/streamagoedge/34674/28723/livestream.m3u8
A Janela Secreta http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/u/56/rv1lf_480p.mp4
Studio 54 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/3/d6/l4vlf_480p.mp4
EI MAX [COLOR yellow]HD[/COLOR] http://ei.ss-lisa.eiplus.com.br/live/evento3.stream_360p/chunklist.m3u8
TVI24 http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi24/LIVE_TVI24-1/livestream.m3u8
Sic K http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial/trial_231/452.ts
Portugal: RTP 1 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/657.m3u8
A Hora do Rango http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/u/l6/7ewlf_480p_1mbps.mp4
S4-E7 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/c/r6/levlf_480p.mp4
[COLOR red][I][B]TV 5 MONDE/EUROPE [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://origin2.live.web.tv.streamprovider.net/streams/3fda8a704aca20e7d1ec7df8f45602ec/index.m3u8
SPORT TV 3 (HD) http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial3/trial20153/256.m3u8?IGOR_RANGEL
CANAIS DE PORTUGAL [PT] http://wse.planeta-online.tv:1935/live/channel_3/index.m3u8
O Rancho do Amor http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/q/v6/ikvlf_480p.mp4
SPORT TV 3 (HD) http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial3/trial20153/256.m3u8?IGOR_RANGEL
Um Salao do Barulho http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/r/f6/d6ylf_480p.mp4
[COLOR blue]Atualizada em 24/09/15[/COLOR] https://copy.com/dsJ9hrgeefXDBmQK
A Garota dos Meus Sonhos http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/z6/gsvlf_480p_1mbps.mp4
BabeStation X-Treme
RTP ACORES http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtpacores.smil/playlist.m3u8
[COLOR yellow][I][B]RTP 1[/B][/I][/COLOR]
Como Se Fosse a Primeira Vez http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/u/56/uv1lf_480p.mp4
Vidas Que Se Cruzam http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/f/z6/ktvlf_480p.mp4
SPORT TV FULL HD (SD) http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial3/trial20153/1.m3u8?IGOR_RANGEL
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
RTP 2 http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtp2_5ch3h264.stream/livestream.m3u8
RAI NEWS 24 http://rm-edge-1.cdn.streamago.tv:1935/streamagoedge/1917/810/live.m3u8
RTP 1 http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtp1.smil/playlist.m3u8
RECORD PR http://caikrondatacenter.com.br:1935/ricpr/ric.sdp/live.m3u8
MUNDO MAX http://streamup.global.ssl.fastly.net:80/app/ana69s-channel/live.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 1 [/B][/I][/COLOR]
PARANÁ PR [CÂMERA 6] http://www.streambnu.info:1935/portalCidade_06/default.stream/live.m3u8
PT : TV CINE 2 http://top-iptv.zapto.org:8000/live/Aria/Aria/520.ts
WEB TV IRATI PR http://srv3.zoeweb.tv:1935/z398-live/stream/livestream.m3u8
[COLOR yellow][I][B]SIC[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://noscdn1.connectedviews.com:1935/live/smil:sic.smil/playlist.m3u8
Portugal: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/660.m3u8
CANÇÃO NOVA http://painel.soeu.ws:8000/live/to/to/694.ts
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
RTP MEMÓRIA http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpmem_5ch80h264.stream/livestream.m3u8
O Guardiao – 2 Retorno As Minas do Rei Salomao http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/g/16/vaylf_480p.mp4
TVI REALITY http://concord.megdns.com:8000/live/ricardo-santos2/8675uygi/398.ts
[COLOR blue][I][B]TV BRASIL[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://ebcremuxlive-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/manifests/ebcremuxlive-ebctvbrasil/live.m3u8
Feitico da Lua http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/2/16/gp1lf_480p.mp4
O HOMEM COM PUNHO DE FERRO 2 http://is.gd/pslOJB
SHOPTIME SP http://kalsegsec-a.akamaihd.net:80/dc-1/m/ny-live-publish5/kLive/1_lld8saie_all.smil/stream.m3u8
Asian Porn 3 http://edge2.everyon.tv/etv2/pld1005/HasBahCa.m3u8
Resident Evil – Apocalipse http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/n6/g6ulf_480p.mp4
RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES http://www.deadlyblogger.com/NewRelease/apes7.mp4
HOT MUSIC http://wow01.105.net/live/rmc1/playlist.m3u8
O Ritual (2012) http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/3/v6/z1zlf_480p.mp4
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 1 [/B][/I][/COLOR]
Flores Partidas fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/j/z6/0tvlf_480p.mp4
Vidas Que Se Cruzam http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/f/z6/ktvlf_480p.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Terminator Genisys (2015) [1080p] http://www.watch-simpsons.com/downloads/Terminator%20Genisys%20(2015)%20%5b1080p%5d/Terminator.Genisys.2015.1080p.BluRay.x264.YIFY.mp4
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 3 [/B][/I][/COLOR]
Band Sports HD http://evp.mm.uol.com.br:1935/geob_terraviva/operadoras/live.m3u8
TVI http://noscdn1.connectedviews.com:1935/live/tvi.stream/livestream.m3u8
RTP AÇORES http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpacores_5rtpacores.stream/livestream.m3u8
Portugal: TV SERIES http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/651.m3u8
REDE VIDA rtmp://rtmp.cdn.upx.net.br:80/74cc/myStream.sdp?
[COLOR blue][I][B]DIEMA SPORTS 2 (BUL) [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://lag3.tv-mobile.org/prgd.m3u8
TVI http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi/_definst_/mp4:TVI3/playlist.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]SBT[/B][/I][/COLOR] [COLOR blue][I][B]HD [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://gbbrlive2.sambatech.com.br/liveevent/sbt3_8fcdc5f0f8df8d4de56b22a2c6660470/livestream/playlist.m3u8
miami tv rtmp://k4.usastreams.com:1935/miamitv/miamitv
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
SIC INT http://noscdn1.connectedviews.com:1935/live/smil:sic.smil/inspirationlinks.m3u8
Undercover 112 fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/j/r6/e42lf_480p.mp4
Adoraveis Mulheres http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/3/f6/s7ylf_480p.mp4
ESPORTE INTERATIVO HD http://ei.live-ss-cct.stormsec.com.br:80/live/Evento1.smil/chunklist_b3000000.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
[COLOR cyan][I][B]EURONEWS [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://fr-par-iphone-1.cdn.hexaglobe.net/streaming/euronews_ewns/ipad_es.m3u8
SPORTV2 http://iptv.temnet.pt:8000/live/armando/armando/33.ts
[COLOR blue][I][B]BEIN SPORT 5 (ARA) [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://live01.pushpublish.tv/mylive/bein5/playlist.m3u8
Portugal: Cartoon Network Portugal http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/673.m3u8
TV Chile http://edge-12-cl.edge.mdstrm.com/tvn-live/_definst_/smil:7cb6048ff45cb5cdf7f5fed828597fd1/chunklist_b950000.m3u8
1001 NOITES http://streaming30.sitehosting.com.br:1935/abdalla/abdalla/live.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Portugal: SportTV 2 HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/640.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]BENFICA TV 2[/B][/I][/COLOR]
Mulher Solteira Procura 2 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/r/n6/05ulf_480p.mp4
TV MACKENZIE SP http://ec2-50-19-196-117.compute-1.amazonaws.com:1935/live/tvmackenzie_bitrate1.sdp/livestream.m3u8
S1-E20 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/z/l6/rfwlf_480p.mp4
[COLOR yellow][I][B]TV CABO VERDE[/B][/I][/COLOR] rtmp:// playpath=rtc_teste swfUrl=http://assets.web.sapo.io/sapovideo/swf/flvplayer-sapo.swf?v110713&file=http://rd.videos.sapo.cv/o7sf94LpzBDc94GY3N4i/mov/24&live=rtmp://{$hostname}/live/rtc_teste&movref=http%3A%2F%2Fpt.online-television.net%2F952-rtc.html pageUrl=http://pt.online-television.net/952-rtc.html#.VImSJHu8q48 Conn=S:OK live=1
A Outra http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/x/56/7v1lf_480p.mp4
PFC 15
Um Salao do Barulho http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/r/f6/d6ylf_480p.mp4
[COLOR green][I][B]E+I Maxx 720p[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://ei.live-ss-cct.stormsec.com.br/live/smil:Evento3.smil/playlist.m3u8
GLOBO SP http://srvlon1.hostseven.org:1935/live/101010/livestream.m3u8
TVI 24 http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi24/LIVE_TVI24-1/chunklist_b814000.m3u8
rtp 1 test http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial/trial_231/511.ts
Um Segredo Entre Nos http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/z/f6/b7ylf_480p.mp4
RTP 3 http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpn_5ch64h264.stream/livestream.m3u8
Portugal: SportTV 1 HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/641.m3u8
[COLOR deepskyblue][I][B]NRW (ALE)[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://streaming006.broadcast.tneg.de:1935/nrwtv-new/_definst_/smil:nrw.smil/playlist.m3u8
O Principal Suspeito http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/u/h6/z7vlf_480p_1mbps.mp4
SIC http://iptv.temnet.pt:8000/live/armando/armando/7.ts
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 3/BENFICA TV [/B][/I][/COLOR] rtmpe:// playpath=live3-qszlx swfUrl=http://sharecast.to/player/player20.swf live=1 timeout=10 pageUrl=http://sharecast.to/
Esporte Interativo Nordeste http://wpc.16654.sigmacdn.net/hls-live/2016654/Evento1/EITV/eine480m3u8
Portugal: SIC http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/655.m3u8
SBT http://rtmp.9c2c.upx.net.br:1935/9c2c/myStream_all/live.m3u8
Portugal: RTP 2 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/656.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
ESPORTE INTERATIVO HD http://ei.live-ss-cct.stormsec.com.br:80/live/Evento1.smil/chunklist_b3000000.m3u8
RTP AÇORES http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpacores.smil/chunklist_b600000_slpt.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Portugal: RTP 2 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/656.m3u8
PR-E40 http://video17.mais.uol.com.br/15085337.mp4?ver=0&start=0&r=http%3A%2F%2Fplayer.mais.uol.com.br%2Fplayer_video_v2.swf%3FmediaId%3D15085337%26p%3Dmais%26tv%3D2
Caes de Guerra http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/p/v6/fkvlf_480p.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
RAI YOYO http://stream10.rai.it:80/italy/raiyoyo.smil/chunklist_b1500000.m3u8
Superbad – E Hoje http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/q/d6/32vlf_480p.mp4
Spiderman Anime 07 fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/h/p6/4kwlf_480p.mp4
TVC JAÚ SP http://streaming49.sitehosting.com.br:1935/tvcjau/tvcjau/live.m3u8
FOX (HD) http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial3/trial20153/229.m3u8?IGOR_RANGEL
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
SPORTV1 http://iptv.temnet.pt:8000/live/armando/armando/32.ts
Portugal: BENFICA TV 2 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/676.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
ARENASPORT 3 [COLOR yellow] HD[/COLOR] http://antena3-aos1-apple-live.adaptive.level3.net/apple/antena3/channel01/antena_3_hd_360K_416x234_baseline.m3u8
Sete Vidas http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/z/16/3o1lf_480p.mp4
[COLOR red][I][B]ROUGE TV [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://rtmp.infomaniak.ch/livecast/rougetv/hasbahca.m3u8
Portugal: FOX HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/akhlaghi/akhlaghi/666.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Dragon Ball Super E01 http://www.blogger.com/video-play.mp4?contentId=db54a77cee2b7515
Babestation2 http://publish.thewebstream.co:1935/cellcast/encoder72/playlist.m3u8
S2-E1 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/-/l6/3v0lf_480p.mp4
RTP 3 http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpn.smil/chunklist_b600000_slpt.m3u8
AGRO CANAL MS http://live.sba1.com:80/hls-live/liveac/_definst_/liveevent/livestream.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Um Segredo Entre Nos http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/z/f6/b7ylf_480p.mp4
A Janela Secreta http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/u/56/rv1lf_480p.mp4
Portugal: CM TV http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/671.m3u8
TV CINEC PB http://servidorcoretv.com.br:1935/tvcinec/tvcinec/live.m3u8
Nefertisex 2
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV AMÉRICAS [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://sporttvamericas-i.akamaihd.net:80/hls/live/227427/SportTVAmericas/master1300kbps.m3u8
O Balconista http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/h6/17vlf_480p.mp4
RAI MOVIE http://stream10.rai.it:80/italy/raimovie.smil/chunklist_b1500000.m3u8
RTP MADEIRA http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpmadeira.smil/chunklist_b600000_slpt.m3u8
Nefertisex 3
CANALE 7 http://fms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/canale7/canale7/live.m3u8
Telekanal Futbol http://btv-net.mediacdn.ru/TVB8/football/playlist.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
SUPER TV http://wms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/supertv/supertv_mobile/live.m3u8
Mergulho Radical 2: Os Recifes http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/r/v6/mkvlf_480p.mp4
TVI REALITY http://srvlon1.hostseven.org:1935/live/TVIReality24/livestream.m3u8
Lendas da Paixao http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/8/l6/ujwlf_480p.mp4
Sete Vidas http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/z/16/3o1lf_480p.mp4
HOT MUSIC http://wow01.105.net/live/rmc1/playlist.m3u8
Sport 1 HD Portugal [COLOR orange][B](com algumas paragens)[/B][/COLOR]
Economico TV
RTP 2 http://noscdn1.connectedviews.com:1935/live/rtp2.stream/livestream.m3u8
O Otario http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/g/n6/p4ulf_480p.mp4
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 2 [/B][/I][/COLOR]
Telecine FUN HD http://video-edge-2ca0d4.sfo01.hls.ttvnw.net/hls111/tvrafildshd_15656436688_282794398/chunked/py-index-live.m3u8?token=id=3839329745287614021,bid=15656436688,exp=1438892923,node=video-edge-2ca0d4-1.sfo01.hls.justin.tv,nname=video-edge-2ca0d4.sfo01,fmt=chunked&sig=2dd25f361fa1a17e9c28857dd550852531105098
O Grande Anjo Negro http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/q/v6/invlf_480p.mp4
comedia http://seriados.com.br
REDE Sa?CULO 21 http://257920-lh.akamaihd.net/i/TVSeculo21_hls@145741/master.m3u8?
S1-E13 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/n/r6/tcvlf_480p.mp4
RTP INTERNACIONAL http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpi.smil/chunklist_b600000_slpt.m3u8
Portugal: BENFICA TV 1 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/677.m3u8
S1-E8 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/i/j6/m0ulf_480p.mp4
El Tiempo http://hlslive.lcdn.une.net.co/v1/AUTH_HLSLIVE/TIEM/tu1_1.m3u8
A Janela Secreta http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/u/56/rv1lf_480p.mp4
BALNEÁRIO CAMBORIÚ (PRAÇA CENTRAL) BA [WEBCAM] http://www.streambnu.info:1935/balneario1/default.stream/live.m3u8
REDE VIDA rtmp://rtmp.cdn.upx.net.br:80/74cc/myStream.sdp?
Sem Vestigios http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/y/56/bw1lf_480p.mp4
Penelope http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/x/n6/ry2lf_480p.mp4
TV Aparecida rtmp://caikrondatacenter.com.br:1935/tvaparecida/tvaparecida.stream?
Snatch Porcos e Diamantes fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/l/j6/2wulf_480p.mp4
Portugal: ODISSEIA http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/659.m3u8
Adeus http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/-/d6/g5vlf_480p.mp4
O Balconista http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/h6/17vlf_480p.mp4
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 4 [/B][/I][/COLOR]
Portugal: VEVO 1 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/644.m3u8
S1-E19 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/z/l6/sfwlf_480p.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
A Rosa Purpura do Cairo http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/_/x6/26wlf_480p.mp4
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 1 [/B][/I][/COLOR]
Oliver! http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/6/f6/27ylf_480p.mp4
Portugal: VEVO 2 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/643.m3u8
RTP INFORMAÇÃO http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtpn.smil/playlist.m3u8
S1-E9 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/i/j6/l0ulf_480p.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Resident Evil – Apocalipse http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/n6/g6ulf_480p.mp4
RTP ÁFRICA http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpafrica.smil/chunklist_b600000_slpt.m3u8
TVI REALITY http://concord.megdns.com:8000/live/ricardo-santos2/8675uygi/398.ts
TVI http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi+/smil:LIVE_TVI+/chunklist_b814000.m3u8
Portugal: TVCINE 4 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/647.m3u8
Portugal: DISNEY Channel http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/669.m3u8
[COLOR cyan][I][B]TV3 24[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://ccma-tva-int-abertis-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/int/ngrp:324_web/chunklist_b798000_DVR.m3u8
FOX (HD) http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial3/trial20153/229.m3u8?IGOR_RANGEL
Portugal: CINEMUNDO http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/672.m3u8
Portugal: DISNEY JUNIOR (test) http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/668.m3u8
O Sequestro do Metro 123 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/4/v6/3ovlf_480p_1mbps.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Caes de Guerra http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/p/v6/fkvlf_480p.mp4
S1-E32 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/b/l6/0fwlf_480p.mp4
[COLOR blue][I][B]TERRA VIVA[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://evp.mm.uol.com.br/terraviva/_definst_/terraviva/IPTVGLOBAL.m3u8
Lawrence da Arabia http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/i/z6/ytvlf_480p.mp4
A Informante http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/j/l6/ydwlf_480p_1mbps.mp4
S TV AMERICAS http://sporttvamericas-i.akamaihd.net/hls/live/227427/SportTVAmericas/master1300kbps.m3u8
Portugal: FOX HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/666.m3u8
Portugal: RTP 2 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/656.m3u8
[COLOR green][I][B]E+ Interativo 720p[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://ei.live-ss-cct.stormsec.com.br/live/smil:Evento1.smil/playlist.m3u8
TELEDUCATO http://wms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/teleducatopr/teleducatopr/live.m3u8
Animal Planet
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
[COLOR yellow][I][B]TVI[/B][/I][/COLOR]
O Balconista http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/h6/17vlf_480p.mp4
21:00 Red Bull Brasil x Flamengo – Copa SP de Juniores
Portugal: TVCINE 1 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/650.m3u8
CANAIS DO BRASIL [BR] http://wse.planeta-online.tv:1935/live/channel_3/livestream.m3u8
RADIO VIRGIN TV http://wow01.105.net:1935/live/virgin1/livestream.m3u8
Sem Destino fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/n/z6/jrvlf_480p.mp4
RTP INFORMAÇÃO http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtpn.smil/playlist.m3u8
Sete Vidas http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/z/16/3o1lf_480p.mp4
CANAL 26 HD http://live-edge01.telecentro.net.ar:1935/live/26hd-720/livestream.m3u8
THE WOLVERINE http://www.deadlyblogger.com/NewRelease/thewolverine.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
O Inquilino http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/c/n6/b7ulf_480p_1mbps.mp4
Asian Porn 2 http://edge2.everyon.tv/etv2/pld1008/HasBahCa.m3u8
AGRO CANAL MS http://srvvenus.canaldoboi.com.br:80/hls-live/liveac/_definst_/liveevent/livestream.m3u8
Portugal: SportTV 4 HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/akhlaghi/akhlaghi/638.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
RTP Internacional http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/rtpi_5ch120h264.stream/chunklist.m3u8
8mm – Oito Milimetros 2 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/9/v6/n2zlf_480p.mp4
[COLOR blue][I][B] TYC SPORTS (ARG)[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://live.vodgc.com:1935/kLive/0_a5h483eu_all.smil/stream.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]BENFICA TV 2[/B][/I][/COLOR]
fil http://www.filmes2k.info/01/A%20Pele%20Que%20Habito_moovd.mp4
Portugal: SportTV 5 HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/637.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]BAND[/B][/I][/COLOR]
Jasmin TV HD
Dragon Ball Z 53 http://www.blogger.com/video-play.mp4?contentId=7d358f5665cfc35f
Skyline – A Invasao http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/m/km/u5eyb_480p.mp4
CANÇÃO NOVA SP http://cnhls-lh.akamaihd.net:80/i/cnhls_1@147036/index_508_av-b.m3u8
Rede TV http://evp.mm.uol.com.br:1935/redetv1/redetv1/live.m3u8?ChannelsON
Asian Porn 1 http://edge2.everyon.tv/etv2/pld1003/HasBahCa.m3u8
21:00 Red Bull Brasil x Flamengo – Copa SP de Juniores
CIELO http://skyianywhere2-i.akamaihd.net:80/hls/live/216865/cielo/stream1/streamPlaylist.m3u8
Portugal: SportTV 4 HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/638.m3u8
Cançao Nova HD http://cnhls-lh.akamaihd.net/i/cnhls_1@147036/master.m3u8?
O Contrato http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/x/n6/oy2lf_480p.mp4
RTP 2 http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtp2.smil/playlist.m3u8
S5-E44 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/k/96/121lf_480p.mp4
Desejo a Tres http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/e/56/0t1lf_480p.mp4
Sete Vidas http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/z/16/3o1lf_480p.mp4
TVI 24 http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi/smil:LIVE_TVI/chunklist_w1284637725_b814000.m3u8
A Guerra de Hart http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/3/v6/01zlf_480p.mp4
Godzilla (1998) http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/4/f6/v7ylf_480p.mp4
CANAL 26 HD http://live-edge01.telecentro.net.ar:1935/live/26hd-720/livestream.m3u8
Amar http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/q/v6/kkvlf_480p.mp4
Portugal: DISNEY Channel http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/assunta/assunta/669.m3u8
agueda TV http://agueda.tv:1756/stream.flv
Portugal: AXN BLACK http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/679.m3u8
[COLOR yellow][I][B]TVI 24[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi24/LIVE_TVI24-1/chunklist_b1564000.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
TYC SPORTS HD http://q.gs/9830047/todokodi4
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 1 [/B][/I][/COLOR] rtmp:// playpath=live1-rbi6c swfUrl=http://sharecast.to/player/player20.swf live=1 timeout=10 pageUrl=http://sharecast.to/
Portugal: AXN WHITE http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/678.m3u8
fil http://www.filmes2k.info/01/A%20Pele%20Que%20Habito_moovd.mp4
O Paizao http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/1/v6/q1zlf_480p.mp4
Identidade http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/8/v6/l2zlf_480p.mp4
TELEDUCATO http://wms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/teleducatopr/teleducatopr/live.m3u8
Superbad – E Hoje http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/q/d6/32vlf_480p.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
TVI http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi/smil:LIVE_TVI/chunklist_b814000.m3u8
BLUMENAU SC [CÂMERA 7] http://www.streambnu.info:1935/blumenau7/default.stream/live.m3u8
Oliver! http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/6/f6/27ylf_480p.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Garotas Selvagens 4 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/1/16/9o1lf_480p.mp4
RTP MEMÓRIA http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpmem.smil/chunklist_b600000_slpt.m3u8
EURONEWS http://fr-par-iphone-2.cdn.hexaglobe.net:80/streaming/euronews_ewns/ipad_es.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
[COLOR blue][I][B]DOLCESPORT 1 (ROM) [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://digi-hdsport.hopto.org:1935/live3/_definst_/mp4:dolcesport/playlist.m3u8
Menina Ma.com http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/y/n6/ty2lf_480p.mp4
Sete Anos no Tibet fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/q/96/q01lf_480p.mp4
RTP MADEIRA http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtpmadeira_5ch1016h264H14.stream/livestream.m3u8
Portugal: CANAL PANDA http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/assunta/assunta/674.m3u8
cmtv test http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/adrianob/FLrx8MRC5D/514.ts
[COLOR yellow][I][B]TVI[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi/smil:LIVE_TVI/chunklist_w787106714_b814000.m3u8
Asian Porn 2 http://edge2.everyon.tv/etv2/pld1008/HasBahCa.m3u8
Hot test http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial/trial_231/507.ts
Alfa TV rtsp://streamer1.streamhost.org:1935/salive/GMIalfah
A Outra http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/x/56/7v1lf_480p.mp4
Um Salao do Barulho http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/r/f6/d6ylf_480p.mp4
SBT HD http://gbbrlive2.sambatech.com.br:80/liveevent/sbt3_8fcdc5f0f8df8d4de56b22a2c6660470/livestream/live.m3u8
Sepultado Vivo fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/t/96/101lf_480p.mp4
Menina Ma.com http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/y/n6/ty2lf_480p.mp4
Um Peixe Chamado Wanda fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/i/f6/c2ylf_480p.mp4
Secretaria http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/-/x6/16wlf_480p.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Bruno http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/96/731lf_480p.mp4
[I][B]South Park – Uncensored (24/7) [/B][/I] [COLOR orange][B](ingles)[/B][/COLOR] http://veetle.com/index.php/hls/streamMbrFast/541c316fe8423_/stream.m3u8
24 HORAS http://iphonelive.rtve.es:80/24H_LV3_IPH/bitrate_1.m3u8
TVI REALTY http://painel.soeu.ws:8000/live/to/to/689.ts
[COLOR yellow][I][B]SIC[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://noscdn1.connectedviews.com:1935/live/sic.stream/livestream.m3u8
RAI 2 http://originstream5.rai.it:80/italy/rai2.smil/chunklist_b1800000.m3u8
[I][B]CNOPT [COLOR orange](alguns jogos da liga)[/COLOR][/B][/I] http://3.hls.bolshoe.tv/2/streaming/sport2/tvrec/playlist.m3u8
Portugal: TVCINE 3 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/648.m3u8
SPORTV5 http://iptv.temnet.pt:8000/live/armando/armando/36.ts
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
SPORT TV AMÉRICAS HD http://sporttvamericas-i.akamaihd.net:80/hls/live/227427/SportTVAmericas/master2500kbps.m3u8
[COLOR green][I][B]E+I Maxx2 360p[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://ei.ss-lisa.eiplus.com.br/live/evento2.stream_360p/playlist.m3u8
TV MACKENZIE SP http://ec2-50-19-196-117.compute-1.amazonaws.com:1935/live/tvmackenzie_bitrate2.sdp/livestream.m3u8
RTP 2 http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net:80/liverepeater/rtp2.smil/chunklist_b600000_slpt.m3u8
Portugal: PORTO CANAL (test) http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/658.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Spiderman Anime 07 fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/h/p6/4kwlf_480p.mp4
SPORT TV AMÉRICAS SD http://sporttvamericas-i.akamaihd.net:80/hls/live/227427/SportTVAmericas/master.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 3 [/B][/I][/COLOR]
[COLOR blue][I][B]BAND RS[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://evp.mm.uol.com.br:1935/bandpracas/bandcidaders/live.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT 1 (RUS)[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://origin3.tomsk.ertelecom.ru/content/private/s147213/d3720264/r183827sd2500000/5fac5fcb98198ce1d18fb6b120c2e53c57e208f2/playlist.m3u8
Discovery channel http://3.hls.bolshoe.tv/1/streaming/discovery/tvrec/playlist.m3u8
RTP MADEIRA http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtpmadeira.smil/playlist.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
ADINET TV SP http://painel.tvdigitalhd.org:1935/adinet/adinet/live.m3u8
SPORT TV (BRA) http://srvlon1.hostseven.org:1935/live/201020/livestream.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]SKY SPORTS 3 (UK)[/B][/I][/COLOR] #EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo=”Sky Sports 4.png” group-title=“DESPORTO”,[COLOR blue][I][B]SKY SPORTS 4 (UK)[/B][/I][/COLOR]
[COLOR yellow][I][B]SIC[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://noscdn1.connectedviews.com:1935/live/sic.stream/chunklist_w1329392400.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 4 [/B][/I][/COLOR]
A Janela Secreta http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/u/56/rv1lf_480p.mp4
TVI http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi/smil:LIVE_TVI/playlist.m3u8
TVI 24 http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi24/smil:LIVE_TVI24/chunklist_b814000.m3u8
TPA http://myafricanmega3.tulix.tv:1935/map-tpaint/map-tpaint.stream/playlist.m3u8
[COLOR yellow][I][B]EURONEWS[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://fr-par-iphone-1.cdn.hexaglobe.net/streaming/euronews_ewns/iphone_pt.m3u8
A Pantera Cor de Rosa http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/9/16/8p1lf_480p.mp4
Telecine Premiun SD
miami tv rtmp://k4.usastreams.com:1935/miamitv/miamitv
TV LITORAL SUL SC http://app.w7virtual.com:1935/canal20/canal20_250/live.m3u8
TVI 24 http://video-live.iol.pt:1935/live_tvi24/smil:LIVE_TVI24/chunklist_w272103575_b814000.m3u8
SBT HD http://stream.tvpapodetudo.com.br:1935/aratuduZgOqNa/myStream.sdp/live.m3u8
[COLOR yellow][I][B]RTP INTERNACIONAL[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://rtp-pull-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/liverepeater/smil:rtpi.smil/playlist.m3u8
CANAL 26 HD http://live-edge01.telecentro.net.ar/live/26hd-360/playlist.m3u8
Paraiso http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/h6/27vlf_480p.mp4
SPORT TV AMÉRICAS SD http://sporttvamericas-i.akamaihd.net:80/hls/live/227427/SportTVAmericas/master300kbps.m3u8
SIC KIDS http://iptv.temnet.pt:8000/live/armando/armando/21.ts
SPORT TV 3 (HD) http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial3/trial20153/256.m3u8?IGOR_RANGEL
Portugal: SIC NOTICIAS http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/653.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 2 (BRA)[/B][/I][/COLOR]
DISNEY JUNIOR (SD) http://clikmega.is-very-nice.org:8000/live/clikmega@gmail.com/CLIKMEGA/10.m3u8?IGOR_RANGEL
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Ironias do Amor http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/x/h6/97vlf_480p.mp4
Flower (RU)
Dragon Ball Z 53 http://www.blogger.com/video-play.mp4?contentId=7d358f5665cfc35f
BRESCIA LIVE TV http://wms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/brescialivetv/brescialivetv/live.m3u8
A Ultima Missao http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/m/h6/16vlf_480p.mp4
Portugal: RTP 2 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/656.m3u8
TVCINE 4 (HD) http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial3/trial20153/265.m3u8?IGOR_RANGEL
REDE TV SP http://evp.mm.uol.com.br:1935/redetv1/redetv1/live.m3u8
TVRS http://wms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/tvrs/tvrs/live.m3u8
TV CINE 1 http://top-iptv.zapto.org:8000/live/walid/walid/519.ts
[COLOR green][I][B]Fox Sports 2[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://server1.livestreaming.ninja:1935/live/foxsports2/livestream.m3u8
Amar http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/q/v6/kkvlf_480p.mp4
CAPELINHA FATIMA rtmp:// playpath=santuario.stream swfUrl=http://imgs.sapo.pt/sapovideo/swf/flvplayer.swf?live=rtmp://{$hostname}/live/santuario&file=http://rd3.videos.sapo.pt/nk4p1I65eivPLPe4i1hy/mov/24 live=1 pageUrl=objectEncoding
Garotas Selvagens 4 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/1/16/9o1lf_480p.mp4
RTP 1 http://noscdn1.connectedviews.com:1935/live/rtp1.stream/livestream.m3u8
EURONEWS http://fr-par-iphone-1.cdn.hexaglobe.net/streaming/euronews_ewns/27-live.m3u8
O Guardiao http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/s/am/pddyb_480p.mp4
RAI PREMIUM http://originstream7.rai.it:80/italy/raipremium.smil/chunklist_b1800000.m3u8
Portugal: SportTV 3 HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/639.m3u8
[COLOR cyan][I][B]LA SEXTA [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://api.iptv.ink/pl.m3u8?ch=88365689
O Melhor Amigo da Noiva http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/t/96/001lf_480p.mp4
Portugal: A BOLA TV http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/680.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]DIGI SPORT 1 (ROM)[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://vurl.com/J6ggJ
S1-E10 http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/6/56/8w1lf_480p.mp4
Portugal: TVCINE 2 http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/649.m3u8
TV NOVO TEMPO http://stream.novotempo.com:1935/tv/tvnovotempo.stream/live.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]SPORT TV 5 [/B][/I][/COLOR]
Lendas da Paixao http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/8/l6/ujwlf_480p.mp4
Portugal: TVI FICCAO http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/645.m3u8
O Guardiao 3 – A Maldicao do Calice de Judas http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/o/im/vrdyb_480p.mp4
[COLOR blue][I][B]BEIN SPORT 5 (ARA) [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://live01.pushpublish.tv/mylive/bein5/playlist.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
[COLOR blue][I][B]TV BRASIL[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://ebcremuxlive-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/manifests/ebcremuxlive-ebctvbrasil/live.m3u8
Superbad – E Hoje http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/q/d6/32vlf_480p.mp4
TVRS http://wms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/tvrs/tvrs/live.m3u8
Portugal: SIC http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/assunta/assunta/655.m3u8
PANDA http://iptv.temnet.pt:8000/live/armando/armando/15.ts
PLAYBOY http://iptv.temnet.pt:8000/live/armando/armando/46.ts
Benfica Tv
VERA TV http://fms.shared.streamshow.it:1935/veratv/veratv/live.m3u8
Adeus http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/-/d6/g5vlf_480p.mp4
21:00 Red Bull Brasil x Flamengo – Copa SP de Juniores
Portugal: SportTV 1 HD http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/akhlaghi/akhlaghi/641.m3u8
PT: RTP1 HQ http://portal3.digiportal.xyz:80/live?channelId=197&uid=515&deviceUser=cliente001&devicePass=pass001
[I][B]Simpsons (24/7) [/B][/I] [COLOR orange][B](ingles)[/B][/COLOR] http://veetle.com/index.php/hls/streamMbrFast/52dada61bdf13_/stream.m3u8
[I][B]NASA TV[/B][/I] http://nasatv-lh.akamaihd.net/i/NASA_101@319270/index_1000_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on
Sexo http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/y/r6/3gvlf_480p.mp4
SYFY http://iphone-streaming.ustream.tv/ustreamVideo/18638341/streams/live/playlist.m3u8
[COLOR red][I][B]ROUGE TV [/B][/I][/COLOR] http://rtmp.infomaniak.ch/livecast/rougetv/hasbahca.m3u8
Lenda Urbana 3 – A Vinganca de Mary http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/v/n6/f9ulf_480p.mp4
TV GAZETA http://shflash.directradios.com:1935/gazeta3/stream/live.m3u8
Segundas Intencoes 2 fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/q/n6/u8ulf_480p.mp4
GLOBO São Paulo
SPORT TV 3 (HD) http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/trial3/trial20153/256.m3u8?IGOR_RANGEL
Portugal: SPORTING TV http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/652.m3u8
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
Juno http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/a/56/lq1lf_480p.mp4
rtp 1 test http://tvdasogra.com:8880/live/adrianob/FLrx8MRC5D/511.ts
VERBO TV PB http://srv3.zoeweb.tv:1935/z449-live/stream/livestream.m3u8
PT: TV Canção Nova http://portal3.digiportal.xyz:80/live?channelId=194&uid=515&deviceUser=cliente001&devicePass=pass001
TV MACEIÓ AL http://srv3.zoeweb.tv:1935/z46-live/stream/livestream.m3u8
HORSE BRASIL CHANNEL http://570230807.e.849169298.r.idglobalcdn.net:80/849169298/horsebrasil/live.m3u8
2 Coelhos http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/f/v6/bjvlf_480p_1mbps.mp4
PT: RTP1 http://portal2.digiportal.xyz:80/live?channelId=83&uid=515&deviceUser=cliente001&devicePass=pass001
Sem Vestigios http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/y/56/bw1lf_480p.mp4
IPTVGlobal http://bit.ly/1XFD5KM
SPORTTV 2 rtmpe:// playpath=live2-bipmr pageUrl=http://sharecast.to/
Um Peixe Chamado Wanda fi http://media-br-am.crackle.com/1/i/f6/c2ylf_480p.mp4
TVI http://noscdn1.connectedviews.com:1935/live/+tvi.stream/livestream.m3u8
[COLOR blue][I][B]NTV SPORT (RUS)[/B][/I][/COLOR] http://tv3.noip.me/stream/RA9KFWMDAH/143.m3u8
UNE TV ARMENIA http://lcdn.une.net.co/v1/AUTH_HLSLIVE/UNEA/tu1_1.m3u8
Portugal: CANAL PANDA http://hyper.de1-eu.com:8000/live/tiago/tiago/674.m3u8

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Must have Kodi addons for Kids

Right on to the addons these are in no particular order but these are the particular addons that my children use and love so hopefully will give you some ideas and your kids will get the same enjoyment and you will get a few hours piece and quiet whilst they catch up on there fav shows and programs. I am only looking at addons that are purely child content so ok to have on your kids devices without the worry of them clicking on a film of yours lol.



Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.02.48


This Add-on is a God send for any of you that have kids that love their cartoons and of course for us Big Kids!!

Its jam packed with thousands of cartoons and Kids Movies and is a must have add-on on anyone’s setup. This is probably the most popular addon used by my boys they all use it as it has something for all ages from Raa Raa the noisy Lion to subbed Anime that my older son is into.

Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.02.07



Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.08.00

This addon has everything including full length kids movies and very simple to use and navigate with its one click source so not difficult for them to use any any age.

Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.14.01

This addon is available from my great friend MetalKettles repo and if you link on the green Cartoons 8 title above it will take you to our simple install guide if you do not have this addon on your device already.

Kids Movies 

Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.17.14

Kid Movies!  a clue in the title. This is a great little add-on and another one worth having on your device especially if like me yo have a device in a kids bedroom and you only want kid friendly add-ons on that device for obvious reasons .This is a beta release for testing so may pull up errors but that’s the point so we test it for him and report errors if any.

This add-on will grow over time and i look forward to the journey. Thanks again to Tommy the Yid and Mr Entertainment for all their hard work.

The boys use this addon a lot as well its great for all the disney channel movies that they enjoy

Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.30.01

This is definitely worth an add if your kids love these movies as well.

This addon is available from Entertainment repo and if you link on the green Kids Movies title above it will take you to our simple install guide if you do not have this addon on your device already.

Watch Cartoon Online

Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.55.11

This one of the best Kids Cartoon add-ons in Kodi. Its jammed packed with all of their favorites and will keep them entertained for hours and give you time to yourselves. It also has loads and Anime and Dubbed cartoons to enjoy

Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.55.00

I would say its aimed at the older children of the family but has content for children of all ages as it has a few questionable links ie:- Beavis and Butt head and american dad.

This addon is available from Spoysers repo and if you link on the green Watch Cartoons Online title above it will take you to our simple install guide if you do not have this addon on your device already.

Also in Spoysers repo is another addon called Super Cartoons which is quite good so you may want to add that at the same time.


Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.38.54

This is a very basic and easy to use addon, it has limited content but what it does have works well even has an education section with Young Einsteins in it which my youngest really enjoys . This addon is very popular in my house and is used quite alot.

It has a great Lego movie section that the boys use a lot and includes most of the lego dvd movies.

Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.45.49

It also includes other great kids favourites like Noddy and Sesame Street .

Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.46.31

The movie section is great to and kept upto date and includes a great copy of the brand new Peanuts movie which at the tie of writing this blog is the biggest new kids movie out in the cinema.

Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.49.34


Screenshot 2015-12-18 11.50.25

The great thing about this addon is the fact that its purely build for kids and all content is suitable so an ideal addon to be put into a kids build.

This addon is available from PulseMedia repo and if you link on the green KidsFlix title above it will take you to our simple install guide if you do not have this addon on your device already.

Right ok onto my last addon which is aimed at the pre school market and is jammed packed with great content.

Binky TV

Screenshot 2015-12-18 12.08.14

Binky Tv  is a great little add-on brought to by DandyMedia who’s list i recommended to you in Istream in previous blogs. Well what can i say about this?. You know it will be good and you know it will be reliable as Dandymedia work always is. He always keeps his list up to date and this will be no different.

It has a great selection kids viewing i would say aimed at the pre-school children age group.

Screenshot 2015-11-15 18.42.41

Some great learning tools in this add-on to complement other activities you do with your kids, i am sure they will love the colorful nursery rhymes and phonics.

Screenshot 2015-11-15 18.42.49


This add-on grabs videos from YouTube and put them into one package to save you searching. I am sure this will be a favorite with your little ones ans safe to install on your kids devices if they have one in their room.

This addon is available from XunityTalk repo and if you link on the green Binky TV title above it will take you to our simple install guide if you do not have this addon on your device already.

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