You probably already know Kodi has many uses as a media center application; you can watch movies if you install one of the 10 best Kodi movie addons, you can use Kodi addons for IPTV, and you can even listen to music on Kodi with the proper configuration. However, there are also Kodi gaming addons that bring games for Kodi ; whether it’s in the form of streams from other gamers, executables that reside on your PC or device and can be managed with beautiful launchers, or even some multiplayer games “native” to Kodi. Kodi gaming addons enable you to expand the possibilities of your media center and turn it into a true entertainment center, including gaming as one of the possible activities you could do with it.




Kodi gaming addons 2048This addon brings the popular mobile game to your Kodi. One of the most basic Kodi gaming addons, 2048 will let you enjoy on the big screen the thrill this puzzle game has to offer. The objective of the game is squashing tiles together, so in the end their numbers add up to 2048 -and beyond-. It doesn’t sound that interesting when explained, but it can get addictive pretty fast, so I suggest giving it a try. You can find this addon within the SuperRepo addon repository, as a program instead of a video addon.

Word Find Puzzles

Games for Kodi Word Find PuzzlesIf numbers aren’t your cup of tea, but you go crazy over words and letters, then Word Find Puzzles is for you. A simple version of a wordsearch game, Word Find Puzzles is one of the simplest Kodi gaming addons you can find. The drawbacks on this game were its colors -which are very bright, and sometimes don’t let you see the letters clearly-, and the fact you have to press each letter individually, instead of dragging. This being said, you should check out this free Kodi gaming addon and see if you like it. You can grab Word Find Puzzles Kodi addon from the SuperRepo plugin repository as well.

Connect 4

Best Kodi Games Connect 4Sometimes you and your friend or partner will not agree on what to watch on your HTPC. If this is the situation, or you are simply bored and want to play something, then Connect 4 is for you. This is, in my opinion, one of the best Kodi gaming addons, not because it boasts amazing graphics or fluid gameplay, but because it is a classic game that can be played by two people in a turn-based way, and this gives this game social points that make it a good addition to your HTPC. SuperRepo plugin repository lets you install this addon easily.

Tank Warfare

Kodi addons for gamers Tank WarfareOne of the most interesting Kodi gaming addons I saw in this review, the Tank Warfare addon brings one of the best Kodi games to your HTPC. The graphics are fairly simple but effective; the aim of the game is to move your tank on the bottom of the screen, and shoot the vehicles that appear free-floating above. There are set numbers of vehicles to destroy in order to advance to the next level. Because of the nature of this game, it is fairly obvious that it is best controlled with a device such as a mouse or air mouse. This addon comes within SuperRepo as well.


Play games on Kodi SteamSuperRepo brings us some amazing Kodi gaming addons. This one in particular will only work if Steam is installed on your device. This addon simply acts as a bridge between Kodi and the Steam app, launching the latter in BPM (Big Picture Mode). Steam BPM is a beautiful way to play games on Kodi; simply launch your favorite game and you can check achievements or even chat with your friends, and all of this can be done in the big screen. Once you’re done using the Steam Kodi addon, you can simply close it, and Kodi will automatically start again for you.


Kodi games MachinimaSuppose you’re not in the mood for playing, but you’d rather watch the trailers and gameplay videos from your favorite games. What you’re looking for is, then, a Kodi addon for gamers, with content from the gaming world, delivered directly to your HTPC. This is exactly what Machinima does; transforming your HTPC into a source for content related to the latest games, including news and livestreams. You can download this addon to spice up your HTPC from the SuperRepo addon repository or via the Fusion Installer.


Top Kodi gaming addons IGNThe Fusion Installer brings us this Kodi addon for gamers, with news and walkthroughs from one of the most well-known outlets for gaming-related news. This addon doesn’t have content related to games for Kodi, as other Kodi gaming addons; however, it surely brings you reviews and other interesting videos that will allow you to get an idea about games even before you buy them or get your hands on them. This addon is powered by the YouTube addon, so be sure to read our guide to install YouTube on Kodi if you don’t yet have it on your HTPC.

Advanced Launcher

Best games for Kodi Advanced LauncherThis addon from the Angelscry Repository is not like the other Kodi gaming addons; instead, it lets you start any application on your device from within Kodi. It is a useful application that lets you select games without even closing Kodi. You can set command line parameters and device compatibility for any games you are configuring, and once you’re done, you simply click the icon for whatever application you want to run, from the Advanced Launcher. A convenient way to set up your HTPC, which will appeal to any gamers who want to add comfort to their entertainment center.

Kodi gamers addons Twitch TVYou can install addon from the official XBMC/Kodi addon repository. This is one of few Kodi gaming addons that bring all the streams you can watch in Twitch directly to your TV screen. Once you get into the addon, you will see it’s organized by categories like featured streams, games, and others. If you click on games, you can look for a stream of the games that best interest you; the addon guides you through its menus with the artwork from the games, or stills from the streams, depending on what menu you are browsing at the moment.

ROM Collection Browser

Kodi retroplayer ROM Collection BrowserThe official XBMC/Kodi addon repository also brings us this addon, that is specifically engineered to work with your already existing ROMs and emulators. Playing old games from any game console, as if they were thebest Kodi games is easy now with this Kodi retroplayer. With a little configuration and investment of time, you get a beautiful menu, complete with artwork and -if you put some effort into it- video previews for all the games you configure for it, enabling Kodi ROM access for all your emulator games. ROM Collection Browser is best used if you can connect a game controller to your HTPC, to enjoy the games the way they were meant to be played.

As you can see, there are many options to game on your HTPC, with Kodi gaming addons that not only let you spend some time hitting tanks or dropping tokens, but also bring you the best news and livestreams from the gaming world. These addons make your HTPC a more complete entertainment hub, for you and any visitors you might have. For added comfort and functionality, you might consider getting a device such as the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, which brings a gamepad, and also supports Android games natively, or perhaps a wireless HTPC remote to act as your keyboardfor some games. With creativity and proper research you will surely come up with a setup you find useful and beautiful at the same time, to watch your content and also play your games on the big screen.