Streaming Optimizations

Hi, sure to optimise your Kodi streaming automatically ,  I recommend using the Configurator for Kodi app. You can find it in download section above. Continue reading if you want to do it manually!

This is one of my favorite Kodi advanced settings for streaming content stored on network storage.  Copy the following to advancesettings.xml in Kodi userdata folder

   <buffermode>1</buffermode> <!-- Default is 1 -->
   <cachemembuffersize>52428800</cachemembuffersize> <!-- Default is 20971520 bytes or 20 MB -->
   <readbufferfactor>2.0</readbufferfactor> <!-- Default is 1.0 -->

Using Easy Advanced Settings

I  you haven’t got this installed from the zip already but have Xunity or Super Repo – you can find it there under both program video addons. Install guide here (link)

Now we will change a few things ;

  • Click Edit Settings
  • Click Network settings
  • Click Network

NOTE: some options have numeric options for you to click and change the number others have DISABLED in already – you must delete the ‘disabled’ word first before adding your setting.

  • Click curlclienttimeout – Key in 10 (if you have slow internet use 20)
  • Click done
  • Click curlowspeedtime – Key 10 (if you have slow internet use 20)
  • Click done
  • Click buffermode – Key in 2
  • Click done
  • Click readbufferfactor – Key in 5
  • Click done

IMPORTANT I haven’t shown the cachemembuffersize in the image to avoid people just copying it blindly you MUST check your free memory with Kodi loaded. Once you have that number you can calculate as follows;

  • 100MB /3 = 33 MB  – put YOUR free memory into this equation
  • x 1024 = 33,792 KB
  • x 1024 = 34,603,008 Bytes

We write the final number in the file without any commas, thus 34603008 – or what yours works out to be! It is important you make this calculation.

  • Click cachemembuffersize
  • Delete the word  “DISABLED”
  • Key in your “Bytes” from above – no commas
  • Click done

If you just stick some random numbers in there that exceed your device free memory, Kodi could hang, freeze or just crash and kick you out to android/windows/linux screen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Now back out 3 times to this screen

  • Click Write XML File


That’s it for the VoD modifications, this should ease or if you’re lucky eliminate any buffering problems. If your movie buffers you can pause for short time, you’ll see the grey line extending from the blue video line to show how much is buffered.