If you are a noobs, setting up Kodi from scratch will take vast amount of time and research with lots of frustration at times. For this reason, many Kodi new users seek out fully-loaded custom builds  and simply adjust these builds to their liking.To install these custom builds, users will need to use a setup wizard. Today, I will look at the top or best Kodi wizards for complete custom setup

1. Configurator for Kodi



Configurator for Kodi is without a doubt the best Kodi wizard for delivering a full custom build. This is a unique wizard because user dont have to open Kodi at all. User only have to install Configurator android or windows and then click the “Kodi setup”  button and that’s it! “Configurator for Kodi” takes out the stress in installing a build that the other wizards may have. No need to enter wizard source or repository url. Neither does users have to crash Kodi after setup. Configurator for Kodi is the easiest one-click setup wizard for Kodi with bonus IPTV features. Get Configurator now on Google Play!

2. Ares Wizard

With the latest builds, add-ons, maintenance tools and other things, Ares Wizard is a one stop shop for any Kodi beginner or enthusiast. Hey guys this wizard gives you the choice to install not one, not two, but over different popular kodi custom builds. in addition to that it gives you the choice what popular addons and repos to have plus a maintenance tool for deleting cache and deleting packages

3. Community Portal

The add-on formally known as the Total Installer is now known as the Community Portal. It does exactly the same as Total Installer; the only change is the name. Community Portal is an add-on that allows you to search for and install any Kodi add-on. Whenever a new add-on is released the devs add it and try to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

4. Kodimaster

Tutorials, tips, reviews of addons, and a whole lot more. Oh, and not forgetting to mention pre-made custom builds that you can download and install, and have a working system with all the bells and whistles in no time at all.

5. Kodiland 

Install Kodi Land wizard and enjoy all the best builds in xbmc or kodi. The beast build, SilenceROM build, family build, etc.