03 Nov 2018

Send YouTube Video To WhatsApp Status Directly with WhatsBox

Almost everyone knows about the popular instant messaging app “WhatsApp” which has over 1 billion downloads. You get to post your status with a 24hours duration for both video and images. For the video, you just have to post a video of 30 seconds time frame. WhatsApp also allows you to view the status of other people except you are blocked from seeing such.

There have been however, many tools that one can make your use of WhatsApp easy and enjoyable. The Whatsbox! If you are using WhatsApp and you do not have this app, you are really missing out in a great deal of fun and ease of use.

Many a times you would love to spice things up by posting a video on your status. Most of these videos which might come from various sources, say YouTube, Instagram, twitter and other platforms. The Whatsbox is able to post videos directly from YouTube without you having to worry about downloading these videos first. The steps to do this is going to be simplified below.

First thing you ever need to do is downloading the app which is available on PlayStore. Under the social category by droid smart of course, it is free.

if you have done so, or you have the app already, the next thing to do is select the power tools or power features options

scroll down through the many options and the choose the ‘YouTube to status’ it opens a pop up box that allows you to paste a link for the video.

This time, go to the YouTube video that you want to post on your status and then copy the link from the address bar (if you are using a browser).

But if you are using the YouTube app, at the bottom of the app by the right end, tap on the drop down icon and choose share, then tap on the copy link option.

Go back to your Whatsbox app and paste the link of the video. Then tap on the send to status button. You don’t have to worry about lengthy videos because the app helps to trim videos that are more than 30 seconds (this takes a very short timing) after you must have tapped on ‘trim and share to WhatsApp’.

Then choose my status on your WhatsApp and then upload your videos. AS EASY AS THAT!!!

The Whatsbox has a lot of other interesting features such as:

Easily copying your friend’s statuses and setting them as yours, this really solves the problems of looking for apps that can download the status of your friends.

Advanced settings like the ‘hide my bluetick’, have more than one WhatsApp account on one phone.

Chat with other people without having to save their contacts.

It has an added feature that lets you see who views your profile pictures.

Secure your WhatsApp from spies and also join chat groups.

The steps for using this app is very easy, be sure to download one for yourself free on google play.