21 Jan 2016

Kodi audio but no video! Best fix

If you have a problem where you can hear the audio but there’s no video this could be one of two problems…

1) XBMC has the ability to switch back and forth from the video playback screen to the XBMC user interface. In theory when you click to on an item to play the screen should automatically switch to the video playback screen but there are occasions when this doesn’t happen – it’s very rare and this is usually down to sloppy coding from the addon developer. The fix is very simple, just press the tab key on your keyboard and it will switch to back to fullscreen. If you’re not using a traditional keyboard you can go to the video menu and press left, this will bring up a hidden menu and you can choose to go fullscreen from there, depending on the skin you’re using there may even be a fullscreen button on the XBMC homepage.

2) As of Gotham there are new settings relating to video decoding in the system settings. Some android units have encountered problems with playback and these settings can need tweaking, to do so go to system>video and down at the bottom click on the section that says “standard” until it changes to Expert. You will now see extra settings relating to software/hardware decoding and you may have to play around with these until you find a fix. Below is a very useful video explaining how to apply the fix:

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