15 Aug 2017

Best Kodi Adult add-ons & Android apps

The Adult scene on Kodi has seriously grown over the last year or two. We’ve seen new playlists added to Navi-X of Adult Content and the various Adult Addons that you can install to get your porn fix.

Update: Here, I will sum up the Top 10 Best XXX Adult add-ons for Kodi in a YouTube video. https://youtu.be/pc_9TLY8Bv8

But the question we keep getting asked is “What is the best adult add-on for Kodi?” Well, we aren’t too sure how to determine which is the number one. So, we thought we would investigate and see for ourselves. We took a bunch of adult add-ons and put them to the test. Just to advise you, Kodi add-ons are very unreliable. Your favorite add-ons can stop working at some point in which its developers may face one of the several possible issues. This is why it’s important to always have a couple of viable alternatives. You should use an app called Configurator for Kodi to make your Kodi experience reliable due to steady updates. Configurator for Kodi basically saves you the headache of having to go through YouTube Videos in setting up Kodi. Configurator for Kodi does everything for you. It is available on Android and also for Windows.


Before we get to the Add-ons, lets look briefly at how to install your Kodi Add-ons without any hassle.

Let’s use Configurator for Kodi to install our Adult Add-ons

First, Let’s open Configurator for Kodi app; 

On the “Configurator” menu; Go to “Add / Remove addons”



 Search for the Add-on “Megatron”; Click to install; 



   Once installed, open your Kodi Media player app; Proceed to the “Settings”; 


On the right panel, select “Add-on”

Select “My Add-ons”; Select “Add-on Repository”; 

Select the “Megatron Repo”; Enable the “Megatron Repo”



Pressing the Escape button three times, go back to the screen that has the “Install from Repository” option.

Select the “Megatron Repo”; Select “Program Add-ons”; 


Select “Fists-O-Fury”


Select to “Install” this Program Add-on; Once installed, 


Select “Fists-O-Fury”, then “Open”


You will be taken to a page with three options, click “Install”; 

Allow the dialogue to prompt you that it is “complete”


Your Add-ons are now installed. You will receive the following message stating that you should be 18+ to use this media.



Before you begin installing third-party add-ons, you need to make sure they can be installed on your Kodi. This is why you need to enable installation from “Unknown Sources”.

  • Open Kodi and go to Settings;
  • Now select System Settings;
  • Pick Add-ons from the left-placed menu;
  • On the right, make sure that unknown sources are enabled.

Adult Addons for Kodi - Unknown Sources


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Adults Addons for Kodi: Megatron Repository

Here are our suggestions for currently working Add-ons for Kodi:




Adult Addons for Kodi -VideoDevil


VideoDevil is a highly popular adult add-on but has had its fair share of difficulties. It is currently working which is at our advantage!

VideoDevil is all about collecting videos from different adult-related streaming websites. There are over 30 sources with hundreds of available videos.

Once you get into one of the sources, this is where you’ll find sorting options. Look at the top of the screen and you’ll see items like Sorting, Categories, Pornstars, Subcategories, and Search. There are many different ways to find something interesting. Once you click on a video, you’ll be asked to pick a preferred video quality.


Adult Addons for Kodi -YouJizz


Even though it may look like you won’t find a lot of content here, that’s not the case. This has to do with this add-on’s navigation system which could benefit from some tweaking.

Once you open the YouJizz add-on, you will find a listing containing many featured videos. At the top of the screen, you’ll also find options like:

Newest – as its name says, here’s you’ll find recently uploaded videos and scenes;

Top-Rated – this section provides highly rated videos;

Random Videos – if you don’t know what to watch, you can use this option to see a bunch of different videos;

Search – instead of providing different categories, this add-on comes with a search tool. Simply enter a term and hit Enter;

Home – At any moment, you can return to the add-ons home screen by clicking on this folder.

The good news about YouJizz is that it brings lots of videos where many of them come in HD video quality. You won’t have any non-working links as well.


Adult Addons for Kodi -Empflix


The Empflix add-on offers approximately 70 different video categories on its homepage. You may choose one of the categories available. This will take you to a number of movies.

Once you have found your choice movie, you click to view this. This adult add-on offers a simplistic style that should be easy to navigate.

Empflix will offer you less headaches by having working links. This is an added as we all know that these things can become quite unstable. The movies available are offered in great video qualities which is also quite appealing.

The only thing that’s missing here is that there is no search option. Instead, you will need to browse on your own.


Adult Addons for Kodi -Hotgoo

The HotGoo adult add-on is quite similar to Empflix. You’ll get to see a large selection of different categories on the home page. Then, you’ll see a list of videos. The only thing that’s better here is that you’ll find 76 categories at the moment, which contain more specific types of content. Other than that, this adult addon is close to identical to Empflix.


Adult Addons for Kodi - JustForHim


JustForHim is a familiar name to long-term Kodi users. This was once the most popular Kodi adult addon – and it seems like it might regain its old glory.

Within the home screen, you will see around 40 available categories. Next to each category, there’s a number indicating how many clips that category contains. As we can tell right now, there are tens of thousands of adult videos ready to be streamed in an instant. What’s also great is that you won’t find non-working links.

Another interesting point is that you can use the JustForHim add-on to find full-length adult movies. This isn’t something you can often find in other add-ons on this list.


Adult Addons for Kodi -Largecamtube


The LargeCam Tube is an adult  add-on that utilizes cam videos. If this peaks your interest, check out what this add-on has to offer.

The home screen of this add-on is filled with several hundred different categories. Some of those are incredibly specific, making us sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Once you click on any of those categories, you’ll see a list of available movies.

From our investigation, you may encounter just a minute amount of non-working links in this add-on. But that is in no comparison to the majority of working links that will be sure to satisfy your craving.


The XXX-O-DUS is a fairly new adult add-on. The name XXX-O-Dus is a play on one of the most popular movie and TV addons for Kodi, the Exodus addon. This one has everything you can think of and will allow to keep track of the content you watch. If you enjoy adult material, this addon is essential. It aggregates videos from many different and popular adult sites. The search feature is nice, and everything plays quickly.

Adult Addons for Kodi -XXX-O-Dus


Adult Hideout

This adult add-on brings numerous different adult websites to a single place. Some of the supported websites are YouPorn, Redtube, and Pornhub. This is substantially satisfying.

Don’t think of Adult Hideout as a collection of adult websites. This isn’t just a repository of videos collected from all over the Web. Instead, this add-on brings different kinds of sorting and filtering so you can quickly find something interesting.

Adult Addons for Kodi -Adult Hideout


Now you may come across several of the following add-ons…

If you use the Fists-O-Fury to install adult add-ons for Kodi, you will end up with a number of different options. However, not every add-on here works. This is why we tested them to save you some time. All of the above-mentioned add-ons work without any issues. Still, there are those that seem problematic. These are:

Ultimate Whitecream;

You may still try them because developers tend to hit snags every now and then. So by the time you read this, they may have fixed their issues. Please, still give them some support.


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Kodi Capable Devices

We want to make sure you’re using Kodi the best way possible. That’s why we’d like to remind you that you can install Kodi on different devices and platforms. Just imagine using one of the add-ons on this list on a large-screen TV.

  • Desktop platforms: Install Kodi on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chromebooks;
  • Mobile platforms: Install Kodi on Android and iOS;
  • Other devices: You can port Kodi to Smart TVs, Apple TV, Razer Forge TV, Firestick, Nvidia Shield TV, Xbox, and Roku.


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Finding fully working adult addons for Kodi has been exceedingly hard during the last couple of months. This is the reason why we wanted to bring an up-to-date list of tested adult-oriented addons, for your enjoyment. We hope you found this article to be helpful.

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