Downloading media from Kodi comes in handy if you are ever going to be on an airplane or without internet service and want to enjoy some movies or TV shows for the trip. One of the most popular Kodi movies and TV shows addon is Genesis. I will walk you through how to download videos from Kodi genesis plugin

  • Open Kodi 
  • Select VIDEO > Add-Ons
  • Highlight (but don’t select) Genesis
  • Open the Context Menu (“C”)
  • Select Add-On Settings
  • Under Playback, turn off Auto-Play
  • While you are still in PlayBack, select Host Selection and change to Directory
  • Select Downloads and choose your download locations
  • Select OK
  • Find something you want to download
  • Select your movie or TV show as if you were going to watch it
  • When all of the sources open, Highlight (do not click enter)
  • Open the Context Menu (“C”) & select Download Video
  • You will now see a screen asking you to confirm the download.

All content is then available via Genesis > My Genesis or in the download folder you specified earlier.

And that’s it! You can also use this method with other video addons and enjoy movies wherever you are both with internet access and without.