Adding a custom Kodi splash screen is easy, but I, too, needed a resource to locate the root file. These instructions are for a Windows machine, but should apply to most Kodi installs on most machines.

What’s the Kodi splash screen? It’s the opening intro you may or may not see for a long time based on the speed of your machine.

  1. Grab yourself a high-resolution custom flash screen for Kodi. The one I used can be found on XBMC’s wiki here.
    Add Custom XBMC Splash Screen
  2. Make sure you have “show hidden files” enabled in your O/S
  3. Navigate to the below folder on your Windows machine (Update: Note that in the paths below the “XBMC” directory in the roaming folder will now be “Kodi.”):
    C: = your drive letter
    Trevor = your user name
  4. Here you will see your existing splash image file labeled “Splash.png.” Change this to anything including “Splash2.png.”
  5. Rename the file you downloaded and want as your custom Kodi splash screen image to “Splash.png.” Yes, you need the .png file extension.
  6. Place “Splash.png” in the media folder.

That’s it. You’ve just added a custom Kodi Splash Screen to your Windows machine.