I have spent many days accessing different Kodi complete setup and have realized that all builds have their unique pros and cons.  I therefore decided to use rating statistic from the Configurator for Kodi wizard to determine the best Kodi build. However, I personally think that one can install any Kodi custom setup and simple tune it to their style. Let’s get to the action:

9th — SPINTZ TV        Rating: 5.7/10      Rate Count: 537


On first glance, the SpinzTV build has a skin with a clean font, customized background images, and comes installed with all of the best Kodi add-ons: Genesis, Pheonix, cCloud, Channel Pear, SportsDevil, Robinhood, Turk, USTVNow, and the list goes on and on. Lots of builds try to use tacky colour schemes and hard to read font, but I prefer a clean chrome look with a modern font for easy reading and navigation.What sets the SpinzTV build apart from others are three things: smart submenus, the extensive use of Super Favourites, and multiple live TV guides fully configured with live TV channels. Location: Configurator for Kodi wizard

8TH — SchisM TV       Rating: 6/10      Rate count: 302


SchisM TV is a sleek, light and responsive build, powered by the beautiful Zephyr skin. The aim of the build is to offer a complete and easy Kodi experience without compromising usability and responsiveness, keeping the file size minimal in order to run smoothly on any device. Library is linked to several addons for Movies and TvShows so you can add your own watchlist easily, addons supported by this functions are Genesis, Salts, 1Channel and Mutts Nuts. Location: Configurator for Kodi wizard

7TH — LADY BUILD       Rating: 6.3/10           Rate Count: 114


LADY: Female friendly. Fashion, Home, Family, Cooking and of course great entertainment all the Movies and TV shows that Kodi has to offer. It’s the build you would make for dear old Mom, great for the wife, daughter any special lady a deserving gift. Something special,for the ladies a celebration of women. Location: Configurator for Kodi wizard

6TH —- DAPULSE                Rating: 6.5/10             Rating: 199


The next build release by DaButcher is called DaPulse. This is a ground breaking build with a skin that has moving menu bars. DaPulse has options to turn animation on or off, glow bars, custom colors in text and menu bars. The layout of menu and sub menu is to make it as easy as possible for users to find and use their favorite addons. Many sub menus take you inside the addon to the correct path for the category your using. I have also included links to my YOUTUBE video help and kodi breaking news. I will post the many features of this build in thread with pics and videos. Much thx goes to OpenELEQ for his amazing help to get this skin working correct. This is a new day in Builds it is the dawn of PULSE. Location: Configurator for Kodi wizard

5TH —- THE BLACKBOX         Rating: 6.6/10               Rate Count: 740


The BlackBox is a very complete family build which comes with a full working iptv stalker rip (clone), TV Shows, Live TV, Movies, Sports and Live sports, Music, Documentaries and an extended Kids section. They also included a Christmas category with a ton of Christmas movies! Location: Configurator for Kodi wizard

4TH —- EVOLUTION                      Rating: 7/10                         Rate Count: 201


Evolution uses the Arctic Zephyr skin which is a refreshing change from the superb Aeon Nox based builds coming out. Evolution is a family orientated build with all the top add-ons installed. custom made not only all backgrounds but also the icons as well to great effect. There are 15 items on the Home Screen, sub menus are a major feature of this build. Another great feature of this build is the widgets. Highlight a Home screen shortcut like in the example below and it will show you the latest movies or TV shows with a short synopsis..  Location: Configurator for Kodi wizard

3RD — ANDYS                                Rating: 7.4/10                          Rate Count: 257



A great build that leaves nothing to be desired. All the goodies are here. Multiple image backgrounds on menus. Where possible addons have been setup to automatically play sources. Library integration has been setup with 1Channel, Genesis, iStream, MuchMoviesHD, YifyHD. Just select the movie/tvshow you like and use the Add to Library or Subscribe option. Shows next episode date for TV Shows in Library.A couple of movies and tv shows have already been added to the build just to get you a feel of things.Movie fanart displayed as screensaver. Added my own ‘SEASONAL’ & ‘BRITISH SITCOMS’ section under the ‘PLAYLISTS’ menu. Location: Configurator for Kodi wizard

2ND — THE BEAST             Rating: 7.9/10                Rate Count: 1230


The Beast is different than most builds. It has a section for each gender and direct links to the streams you want without going though the Add-on to get that single stream. It was also the time a 3pm section had been added to a build solely for football, which is a great feature! The build is always up to date with the latest and greatest Add-ons. The build is a bit heavy but will worth your time! Location: Configurator for Kodi wizard

1ST —- Konfigurata              Rating: 9.4/10                         Rate Count: 5867


Best build ever! Only build to have a live TV list regularly maintained by author. This build has all that is needed to ensure full entertainment. Konfigurata is always kept update and very popular among none tech Kodi users. This is a fully loaded, lightweight, beautiful custom setup and is suitable for the family. Location: Configurator for Kodi wizard