Gm ?! Are you tired of Cable TV? The high cost, the limited choices?
I will give you 5 easy steps to get Cable TV for FREE?. Yes you heard right…. Free news, sports,  music, religious channels etc. wow?
Step1: You need an android device. You can use your phone or tablet but an android tv box($35 On ebay) or smart tv improves the experience
Step2: Go to Google Play Store on your android device and search “Kodi”
Step3: Scroll down and click and install the app “Configurator for Kodi” on your android device
Step4: Open app, Click TV and enjoy. You can also search and filter channels to your desire
Step5: Forward this message to friends so they can save too and send me a ??. ?


Nowadays, we’re all searching for methods to save cash and place it towards the big cable companies. “Cutting the cord” achieves these two tasks. Therefore we combined a couple of affordable home entertainment components (FireStick, Multimedia Projector, and HD Antenna) to create a great, affordable home entertainment system. How To Setup a Multimedia Projector Home Entertainment Multimedia Projector Home Entertainment System Snag a pleasant small multimedia projector for Movies and FireTV home entertainment on a tight budget Have an HD Antenna and receive free HD local channels with the air! Combine your FireStick having a multimedia projector to obtain a super-compact HD media center. Give a Bluetooth controller for many gaming, use a nice-searching shelf in your wall for the projector and Fire Stick – and you’re done. It can be done all for approximately $85 (without projector, or around $300 such as the projector). This happens to be a good little multimedia projector home entertainment / “media center”. It’s way below the price of something similar to the The new sony VPL Projector ($27,999). See steps to make this little giant of the media center below – without emptying your wallet. The good thing about the Small Multimedia Projector Nowadays, a small multimedia projector can be purchased for $200 or fewer. I purchased one a couple of years back for around $250 refurbished. It’s a Brookstone Small Projector. It’s offered me well and remains my go-to show mechanism in my media center. PLUS – it really works perfectly with FireTV. It also has usb port spot to provide capacity to the FireStick, getting rid of another cord that should be run in the power strip towards the media center. The image quality of the projector is a trade. The images below don’t get it done justice – it appears better personally. I clicked these pics with my HD Universe camera: The multimedia projector screensize proven during these photos is roughly 4 ft high by 8 ft wide, or about 9 ft diagonally. The projector is roughly 13 ft from the wall it’s projecting onto, creating in regards to a 108? screen. (“Roughly” means I did not possess a tape-measure handy – Can get exact dimensions and publish them). Multimedia Projector Sample Image 1 Multimedia Projector Sample 1 Sample image #2 for Multimedia Projector display Small Projector with FireStick Multimedia Projector Sample Display photo Over 100? Forecasted Display Size (Diagonal) Multimedia Projector sample screenshot Multimedia Projector Sample 4 Ultimate Cord-Cutter’s Multimedia Projector Guide for 2016 (on a tight budget!): Obtain a Fire TV Stick ($39 new, $34 refurbished) and employ Kodi for TV & Movies Make use of an HD antenna ($25 new,$19 refurbished) for the local & sport shows * To make use of an HD antenna, you’ll need a TV/monitor that may pay a regular coax cable (common “TV cable”). OR you can aquire a digital ripper tools box that outputs an HDMI signal (to be used having a monitor that just accepts HDMI, for instance). Also you will want an increased HD antenna ($36 new) that features a 50 mile range. Setup Plex for enjoying your media library (movies/TV on the hard disk). Pair a Bluetooth controller together with your FireTV for enjoying emulators and Amazon . com games. Connect your FireStick to some small multimedia projector such as the Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile. * Don’t allow the name fool you. This common “pocket projector” packs some serious punch. Use a nice multimedia projector shelf to secure your components Total Price of apparatus: Around $83 USD ($34 for FireStick $19 for HD Antenna $30 for Bluetooth Controller) $200 for Multimedia Projector (Optional) Total Monthly Cost: $ Services Provided: TV, Movies, Sports, Local Channels, Stream Your Media Library, Emulated Games and Amazon . com Games. Overkill & Other Add-Ons towards the Budget Media Center 4K Digital Multimedia Projector such as this The new sony or this JVC. New FireTV (plays 4K video!) Unbelievably-high-power HD Antenna