HD free movies and Tv shows with oneHD android apk

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Hey guys, here again is another great apk for you to watch unlimited movies and tv series. This app is called onehd.  

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It has an easy to use interface and smooth transitions. But most of all, it is moderately ads so you can move between menu easy and at least enjoy your movie. 

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Please download onehd Apk HERE and install it on your android device and you are all set. 

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TeaTV is a great app for movies and t.v. shows. After a review, I think it is much better than Kodi with the ease of use. It’s lifespan may not be long but while it last. It’s doing great. It has moderate ads which is a good news for ads haters but with modern ads blocker, this is neither here nor there.  Interface is super smooth and it provides enough content on a video for one to read and decide.  

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Playing Games On Kodi Media Player

You most likely know Kodi has numerous uses. It is a media center application that you can view movies, IPTV, and you may even play music on Kodi using the proper configuration. However, you will find also Kodi gaming addons will bring games for Kodi whether it’s by means of streams using their company players, executables that reside on your device or perhaps some multiplayer games “native” to Kodi. Kodi gaming addons enable you to definitely expand the options of the media center and transform it into a true entertainment center. I recommend you including gaming among the possible activities you could do with Kodi. Game addon brings the most popular mobile game for your Kodi. Probably the most fundamental Kodi gaming addons, 2048 enables you to enjoy around the giant screen the excitement this puzzle game needs to offer. The goal of the overall game is squashing tiles together, so ultimately their amounts equal to 2048 -and beyond-. It doesn’t seem that interesting when described, however it could possibly get addictive pretty fast, and so i suggest trying it out. After install, games addons are like a program rather than a relevant video addon.

Some of the best games on Kodi includes: Word Find Puzzles,Connect 4, Tank Warfare, Steam, Machinima, IGN, Advanced Launcher, Twitch.tv,

ROM Collection Browser Kodi addon will find several choices to game in your device.  Kodi gaming addons that does not only allow you to spend a while striking tanks or shedding tokens, but additionally bring the finest news and livestreams in the gaming world. These addons help make your device far more complete entertainment hub, for you personally and then any site visitors you may have. For additional comfort and functionality, you may want a tool like the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, that can bring a gamepad, as well as supports Android games natively, or possibly a radio remote to become your keyboard for some games. With creativeness and proper research you’ll certainly develop a setup you discover helpful and delightful simultaneously, to look at your articles as well as play your games around the giant screen.


Easily configure your Kodi with Configurator Android or Configurator Windows. After your Kodi is fully setup to it’s optimal settings with best addons in all categories, you will then go to installer and search the games that matches your interest. Configurator for Kodi is the best, super fast and comprehensive PREMIUM setup wizard for Kodi.

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Full parental control for Kodi and other streaming apps

No parent likes the idea of their kids gaining access to certain add-ons in Kodi. You’ll most likely want to enable “Parental Controls” to curb their viewing access. It’s difficult to fully lock some add-ons. Children are getting wiser with the use of technology as it really does not take much tinkering to bypass the restrictions of Kodi passwords regrettably. The very best option would be to lock certain add-ons with parental controls.

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With the use of Configurator for Kodi, one may simply utilize its ability to simply add several more kids’ add-ons that will supply them with more than enough to watch and be entertained. Even when you utilize super favorites you may still visit a video add-on and merely return one level then you are inside your master listing of video add-ons that will obviously show the adult ones.

Before I continue, I want to introduce you to the Exodus Live TV app. In this app, you will find over 600 channels of varying categories. The adult “XXX” section is password/pin capable to protect your child or children from accessing adult content. This app has many premium channels that come in HD quality. It is available in the “Downloads” section of our website, www.kodiconfig.com.

Now, if you don’t want your children to be able to access certain add-ons within Kodi, you’ll probably want to enable parental controls to curb their viewing access.

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Here are the top three (3) methods of full parental control within Kodi.

Method #1 Master Lock

If you wish to create a more private and secure media player, you should use lockcodes or passwords to safeguard that source. The simplest way to achieve this in Kodi, is applying the GUI dialogs. We do this by:

First, enable the Master lock>> Configurations/System/Master lock.

We enable the Master Lock by doing the following:

*Go into settings

*On the right menu, go to “Profile Settings”

*Go to “Master User”, Then “Lock Preferences”

*Enable “Master Lock”, choose the style of password (numeric, gampad combo or full-text password)

After enabling Lock, a collection Lock button will appear within the Context Menu permitting you to definitely set it. Kodi will request for that master lock code and then provide you with the chance to create a distinctive Password. To Get Rid Of the Lock you have to recall the Master Lock code.


Securing a source means you simply provide protection in Kodi. Outdoors Kodi, the original source continues to be available and just protected, or otherwise protected through the Operating-system. In the same manner, if a person can access by hand edit the sources.xml they might remove or alter the configurations for that locked source. So, don’t feel too safe whenever you safeguard a resource in Kodi.

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Method #2 Universal Parental Control (UPC) now PinSentry

Universal Parental Control (UPC) allows you to lock videos based on their MPAA rating. Enabling this function means that, depending on your settings, you will be asked for a PIN when playing a video. You have 30 seconds to enter your PIN and/or configure any options. After 30 seconds the video will exit. UPC will need to use videos from your library and all types of add-ons.

Kodi developers don’t have to change anything and Universal Parental Control works even if metadata is disabled. Highly configurable: Set your PIN, set your watershed time, exclude add-ons as needed, exclude modes as needed. Also exclude rated video playback and much more.

Any filtering system that is not 100% secure is by definition insecure which means that when deciding what children can and can’t watch via Kodi the only guaranteed safe method is to have a responsible adult there with them.

Method #3 Lock Kodi App:  Use Parental Control in Configurator to Lock Kodi

Full parental Control is already configured for you when you install Configurator for Kodi Android. All you have to do is to activate by entering your secret pin to lock Kodi app.

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A simpler way is to create an alternate “Kids account” for the young users. You could set up either custom playlists on the kid’s profile which has a filter by age rating (having removed the default ones first). Then create different profiles on Kodi where users (Kids, Teens, Adult) need to login via password. The default profile (Kids for example) might have a non-password-login. Then add those specific folders as sources for the matching profiles. So:

“Kids”-profile would contain “Kid movies” and “Kids TV-shows”
“Teens”-profile would contain “Kid movies”, “Kids TV-shows”, “Teen movies” and “Teen TV-shows”
“Adult”-profile would contain any media of different variations.





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Parental Control addons Kodi

If you don’t want your children to be able to access certain add-ons within Kodi, you’ll probably want to enable parental controls to curb their viewing access.

Here is the top 3 methods of full parental control within kodi

1. Universal Parental Control


Universal Parental Control is built to work with videos played from your Kodi library and ALL addons. Addon developers do not need to change anything and Universal PC works even if metadata is disabled. Highly configurable: Set your PIN, set your watershed time, exclude addons if required, exclude modes if required.

2. Locking

If you want to make a source more private, you can use lockcodes or passwords to protect that source. The easiest way to accomplish this in Kodi, is using the GUI dialogs. First, enable the Master Lock in Settings/System/Master lock. After enabling the Master Lock, a Set Lock button will pop up in the Context Menu allowing you to set a lock on specific sources. Kodi will ask for the master lock codeand then give you the opportunity to set a unique Password on that specific share. To Remove the Lock you need to remember the Master Lock code.

Locking a source means you only give it protection in Kodi. Outside Kodi the source is still available and only protected, or not protected at all, by the Operating System. In the same way, if someone has access to manually edit the sources.xml he or she can remove or change the settings for the locked source. So, don’t feel too safe when you protect a source in Kodi.

3. XBMC Parental Controls

In XBMC, go to Programs -> Parental Controls. The first time you will need to choose a code. Once you are in, you can select the video addons you wish to protect and the ratings you will allow. At that point, you can browse your video addons and it will block restricted content. Restricted content will be placed under a sub-menu that you need to enter your code to access.

Download the zip file from

and place it in a location you can browse to from Xbox Media Center. In XBMC, go to System -> Settings -> Addons -> Install from zip file. Browse to the zip file you downloaded and install it.


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