Re-seller Mode Explained

About re-seller mode?

A re-seller is a person/business that will sell this TV app as their own for a profit. When re-seller mode is enabled, the following changes will take effect immediately

  • App logo (splash screen) will change to yours
  • App name and branding will change to yours
  • Your contact information will be displayed to your users for technical support queries
  • Default In-app Payment info and function will be removed
  • Notifications will be removed

In short, once you enable re-seller mode, the app will become yours.

Very important: You should activate a device before you enable re-seller mode. You cannot re-sell the software as a stand alone. You must re-sell the app on a device. Re-seller feature is geared towards persons that sell android TV devices


Registering and Enabling Re-seller Mode

  • Open app side menu and click on re-seller mode


  • Now click on register. You can register from any device. We recommend registering from an android tablet or mobile phone instead for easier completion of the registration form. You only need to register once (Only first time re-sellers need to register). After registration, you will be presented with a PIN.


  • Now complete the registration form. Only your email, logo url and company name fields are mandatory. All information you put here will be made public to your users only for technical support. Click register button at bottom once form is completed

    • Your logo must be hosted on a server and the direct url be placed in app in the logo url field. If you dont have a server, you can use free images from Google as your logo or click HERE to upload logo to a free server and get logo url. Below is the Free images url from Google guide
      • Search Google for related logo. eg tv logo
      • Browse until you find an appropriate logo (double check to avoid copyright issues)
      • Click to view that logo then right click (press and hold in android)
      • From the options, select “copy image address” (Open image in new tab in android)
      • Now paste that direct url in registration form.
        • In android you will have to go to new tab for image just opened and copy the url section then paste in registration form

  • After clicking register button you will get your re-seller PIN. This pin will also be sent to your email provided. You can enable re-seller mode on unlimited devices with this same pin. To disable re-seller mode, you also have to enter this PIN so keep it SAFE!

  • Final step: Go back to re-seller mode from side menu and click enable then enter YOUR PIN. Changes normally take effect immediately but sometimes you may have to restart app.

  • Check for success! You should be able to observer these immediate changes

That’s it. Contact our support with any queries regarding re-seller options by mentioning re-seller in subject. Happy hunting…