I have included “Where:” description under each app, so that you know from which category you can find it in the Add-on Manager.

So, let’s dive in…

10. LazyTV


Where: Programs

If you just want to sit back and let your TV suggest what to watch next, I would recommend installing LazyTV.

LazyTV allows you to start watching your favorite TV show playlist and once you have finished watching a TV program, it will automatically suggest the next unwatched episode or show.

You can configure LazyTV to either produce a list of next episodes for each TV series automatically or launch a randomized playlist.

9. Dbmc (Dropbox add-on)


Where: Pictures

If you are not already using Dropbox to backup your photos from your mobile phone and other sources, maybe now it is a good time to reconsider your backup strategy.

Dropbox is a great way to backup photos from all of the phones in your household into one place.

In order to watch all your photos on the big screen in your living room, Dbmc is a useful Dropbox add-on that allows you to easily view photos from your account.

8. Trakt


Where: Programs

Trakt remembers everything that you have watched in the past. You can get statistics about your viewing habits and get recommendations on movies and TV shows you might like.

After installing Trakt, it will ask you to authorize your trakt.tv account by entering a provided PIN code from trakt.tv/pin/999 page.

Now, you can launch Trakt and it will synchronize your movie and TV show library with their database.

You can also use Trakt together with Plex and Emby media server applications if you prefer managing your media with a centralized media server app.

7. Multi Slideshow Screensaver


Where: Pictures

Would you like to have a photo screensaver similar to Apple TV on your Kodi device? With this Multi Slideshow Screensaver, you can showcase and watch your photos on the big screen.

I have set up a Multi Slideshow Screen saver so that it will randomly show photos from my library after 3 minutes of idle time.

My kids especially love this screensaver. This is also a good way to relax and take a stroll down memory lane with your old photos.

6. HDHomeRun


Where: Videos

In my opinion, HDHomeRun network-attached TV tuner is the easiest way to watch live TV streams with Kodi.

If you don’t have HDHomeRun yet, you can read this DVR guide to learn how to get started.

I would recommend getting familiar with this HDHomeRun app while waiting for the upcoming SiliconDust HDHomeRun DVR, which may be the missing piece in your Digital Video Recording system.

5. TV Guide


Where: Programs

TV Guide gives you an overview of the selected channels and tells you what’s on TV right now with a great looking EPG interface.

This TV Guide plugin is especially useful if you want to combine both streams (in.strm file format) from your TV tuner such as HDHomeRun and from online video streaming source.

You can either use your own XMLTV file that includes EPG data as a source or YouSee.tv service.

You can build an XMLTV file for free with MC2XML or if you want more detailed TV listings, you should try Schedules Direct.

4. PlayOn Browser


Where: Videos

Would you like to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant or HBO directly from the same user interface?

PlayOn Media Server (learn more) is the only way to stream over 60 premium online channels to your Raspberry Pi 2 or any other Kodi device.

You can add PlayOn as a UPnP source, but the PlayOn Browser makes it much easier for you.

The PlayOn Browser categorizes all the media in the PlayOn web interface so that you can browse the content directly with your remote control.

3. Tidal


Where: Videos

I have recently started using Tidal music streaming service and I really enjoy using it.

Tidal has superior sound quality (Flac 1411 kbps – lossless) compared to services like Spotify (96 – 320 kbps).

Tidal HiFi music streaming service costs $25.99 per month, but if you really enjoy listening to music with lossless high fidelity sound quality, it is certainly worth it.

You can also watch HD music videos (some of them are available exclusively only on Tidal).

2. YouTube


Where: Videos

YouTube needs no introduction as it is the biggest video-sharing website in the world.

This plugin has some nice features in addition to the search functionality such as quickly viewing what’s popular right now or watching live streams.

Remember to add YouTube to your home screen as well if you are frequently using it.

1. Arctic: Zephyr


Where: Skins

Arctic: Zephyr by jurialmunkey will make your Kodi user interface clean and minimalistic to improve user experience.

This is my new favorite skin.

As you may have noticed, most of the screenshots I have used in this post are using Arctic: Zephyr skin.

If you prefer a darker theme, there is also another Arctic: Zephyr modification for Emby available with a darker color scheme.

SOURCE: http://mymediaexperience.com/best-xbmc-addons-list/