I thought I would make a post to show all the live TV add-ons for people that visit the site. I have a lot of single posts which you can view but rather than making you trawl through my site to find the add-ons I thought it would be better to put them all on one page to make it easier for you.

I know the title says best addons for Kodi and I know that is subjective, but although they may not be the best to you, to some they will be. It is also not a comprehensive list, there are more, many more. This will be an ongoing list; when I find more I will add them so bookmark the page and come back at a later date.

STREAMLIVE – This is a paid add-on. It’s the best paid service you will get and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. It has lots of live TV channels in HD as well as all the sports channels you could need.

BBC iPlayer – All the BBC channels live. This does require you to be in the UK or have a UK VPN.

BBTS – You may have used the IPTV list from BBTS in the past. He now has an add-on with various sports and international channels.

cCloudTV – This add-on has a huge list of channels from around the world. Definitely something you will be able to get a lot of favourites from to add to your favourite TV guide add-on

Channel PEAR – A new add-on for Kodi (June 2015) but looks very nice. Has some great streams and is something you should check out.

Chicago List – Lots of Spanish live TV channels

Daffys IPTV & VOD – A relatively new IPTV add-on but looks like a good one, definitely something worth trying.

DexterTV – At the time of writing this is the best IPTV/Live TV add-on available. A must have add-on

DIJ Entertainments – This add-on has definitely improved since I last tried it. It currently has very good SD links to Sky Sports & Sky Movies. It also has links to a variety of other content including: Fitness Videos, WWE Videos, CCTV Cameras, Movie Boxsets, TV Shows, Kids Movies, HD & SD UK TV and more. This really is a great little add-on to have in your collection.

Dutch Cloud TV – Whilst this add-on is geared towards Dutch users with lots of Dutch speaking content there are also links to other live TV channles from U.S., Italy and Spain. You might find a few surprises in there if you take some time to check all the channels.

F.T.V – Loads of channels for your viewing pleasure. Lot’s of UK channels which aren’t geo-targeted so you can watch them without a VPN.

.F.U.B.A.R. – This is a great add-on. Lots of choice in the IPTV section to watch lots of live channels (Svenska TV Kanaler)

FreeTuga – This add-on has a wealth of live channels from Spain and Portugal amongst others. Also offers live sports.

Halow Live – This is a great little add-on and the dev is always on top of things making sure the streams are working and adding new streams as he finds them. It has lots of sport as well as channels from many different countries.

IsraeLIVE – This add-on has lots of UK, US & Israeli TV channels as well as others from around the world.

iStream – A very popular add-on. Launch it and select the Live TV link and you can spend your day surfing through all the channels it has available. Lots of terrestrial & satellite channels available. Sport channels too.

ITV – All the ITV channels live. Requires UK VPN/Proxy

Lihat IPTV – A great add-on with lots of channels to choose from.

Navi-X – One of the oldest and most well known add-ons this has too much stuff to list. But rather than having a link in the add-on that goes directly to live TV you can search for the channel you are wanting to watch.

Operation Robocop – A nice IPTV add-on with a huge selection of channels to choose from

Phoenix – Woody is no longer on here but Staael updates his live channels all the time and always has a good stream if you like watching your football, One242415 has lots of international live streams and Crusader88 has more international channels than you can shake a stick at. Plus there’s loads of other stuff there too.

Renegades TV – This add-on allows you to use an EPG to which you can link preset add-ons. This is regularly updated and well worth looking at.

SportsDevil – Doesn’t need any introduction. It’s sports channels.

Stream Engine – An add-on with links to live Sports channels and other stuff too.

UK Turks Live Streams – An add-on with plenty of live UK Sports and TV channels.

UK TV Sports HD Playlist on Navi-X – This playlist has lots of good quality sports streams as well as other channels. Definitely worth cecking out.

VDubT25 – You must have seen a VDub tutorial on YouTube. If you have used Kodi for any length of time you will have heard the guy, he’s great, he gives out tutorials to help make it easier for you to get great add-ons. He has his own add-on and he updates this regularly. Well worth adding to your collection.

Zem TV – Lots of Pakistan and India live TV.

Check out my other Kodi posts; you’ll find plenty to improve your Kodi experience

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Source: https://seo-michael.co.uk/best-live-tv-add-ons-for-xbmc-kodi/