No parent likes the idea of their kids gaining access to certain add-ons in Kodi. You’ll most likely want to enable “Parental Controls” to curb their viewing access. It’s difficult to fully lock some add-ons. Children are getting wiser with the use of technology as it really does not take much tinkering to bypass the restrictions of Kodi passwords regrettably. The very best option would be to lock certain add-ons with parental controls.

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With the use of Configurator for Kodi, one may simply utilize its ability to simply add several more kids’ add-ons that will supply them with more than enough to watch and be entertained. Even when you utilize super favorites you may still visit a video add-on and merely return one level then you are inside your master listing of video add-ons that will obviously show the adult ones.

Before I continue, I want to introduce you to the Exodus Live TV app. In this app, you will find over 600 channels of varying categories. The adult “XXX” section is password/pin capable to protect your child or children from accessing adult content. This app has many premium channels that come in HD quality. It is available in the “Downloads” section of our website,

Now, if you don’t want your children to be able to access certain add-ons within Kodi, you’ll probably want to enable parental controls to curb their viewing access.

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Here are the top three (3) methods of full parental control within Kodi.

Method #1 Master Lock

If you wish to create a more private and secure media player, you should use lockcodes or passwords to safeguard that source. The simplest way to achieve this in Kodi, is applying the GUI dialogs. We do this by:

First, enable the Master lock>> Configurations/System/Master lock.

We enable the Master Lock by doing the following:

*Go into settings

*On the right menu, go to “Profile Settings”

*Go to “Master User”, Then “Lock Preferences”

*Enable “Master Lock”, choose the style of password (numeric, gampad combo or full-text password)

After enabling Lock, a collection Lock button will appear within the Context Menu permitting you to definitely set it. Kodi will request for that master lock code and then provide you with the chance to create a distinctive Password. To Get Rid Of the Lock you have to recall the Master Lock code.


Securing a source means you simply provide protection in Kodi. Outdoors Kodi, the original source continues to be available and just protected, or otherwise protected through the Operating-system. In the same manner, if a person can access by hand edit the sources.xml they might remove or alter the configurations for that locked source. So, don’t feel too safe whenever you safeguard a resource in Kodi.

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Method #2 Universal Parental Control (UPC) now PinSentry

Universal Parental Control (UPC) allows you to lock videos based on their MPAA rating. Enabling this function means that, depending on your settings, you will be asked for a PIN when playing a video. You have 30 seconds to enter your PIN and/or configure any options. After 30 seconds the video will exit. UPC will need to use videos from your library and all types of add-ons.

Kodi developers don’t have to change anything and Universal Parental Control works even if metadata is disabled. Highly configurable: Set your PIN, set your watershed time, exclude add-ons as needed, exclude modes as needed. Also exclude rated video playback and much more.

Any filtering system that is not 100% secure is by definition insecure which means that when deciding what children can and can’t watch via Kodi the only guaranteed safe method is to have a responsible adult there with them.

Method #3 Lock Kodi App:  Use Parental Control in Configurator to Lock Kodi

Full parental Control is already configured for you when you install Configurator for Kodi Android. All you have to do is to activate by entering your secret pin to lock Kodi app.

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A simpler way is to create an alternate “Kids account” for the young users. You could set up either custom playlists on the kid’s profile which has a filter by age rating (having removed the default ones first). Then create different profiles on Kodi where users (Kids, Teens, Adult) need to login via password. The default profile (Kids for example) might have a non-password-login. Then add those specific folders as sources for the matching profiles. So:

“Kids”-profile would contain “Kid movies” and “Kids TV-shows”
“Teens”-profile would contain “Kid movies”, “Kids TV-shows”, “Teen movies” and “Teen TV-shows”
“Adult”-profile would contain any media of different variations.