Android Chatbot Builder for Facebook



What is a Chatbot?



A chatbot is a machine learning technology that picks up on conversational cadences, allowing it to effectively mimic human conversation & visualize to written or spoken prompts to deliver a service. Chatbot application is a new way to engage with your audience and drive conversations within Facebook Messenger.



What is Kreatebot Chatbot Builder? 




Our newest app is called Kreatebot. Kreatebot is a chatbot builder for Facebook and other platforms. It is an android app that makes it super easy for anyone to create a chatbot for their Facebook page. Kreatebot also allows users to mass message their Facebook page subscribers.

A chatbot is a machine learning technology that picks up on conversational cadences, allowing it to effectively mimic human conversation & visualize to written or spoken prompts to deliver a service. Chatbot application is a new way to engage with your audience and drive conversations within Facebook Messenger.

Kreatebot provides a platform to easily build chat robots and services for brands that want to stand out.

Whether you own a big publishing house or a small agency, you can now use Kreatebot Chatbot builder to create an AI Chatbot app that chats with people just like you. Engage your customers and make their  AIChatbot experience rich by sharing amazing content, upcoming events, and a lot more. You will be able to also automate answers to general queries, and solve your customers’ problems, without even going live.

Kreatebot is a fully integrated solution for large companies and small business owners that want to take care of their customers 24/7. It is built to your needs. No coding, no fuss. Leave the most repetitive tasks to the chatbot platform and let agents focus on other interesting things.

You can invite people to subscribe to your chatbot app. Once subscribed, send manual messages or recurring updates to all or a part of your subscribers.



How To Download Kreatebot Chatbot?


Downloading and Installing Kreatebot Chatbot Builder is quiet simple. We will provide step by step process in downloading and installing Kreatebot App.


Step 1:              Open your search engine < >


                          < >


Step 2:              Click < GET IT ON GOOGLE PLAY >

This will take you to Google Play


Step 3:              Click < Install >



Why use Kreatebot Chatbot?


If you keep reading you will discover solid reasons why using an online chatbot app such as Kreatebot for creating your chatbot is the best thing you can do to start engaging your users or subscribers.


  • This is absolutely a no brainer. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished developer, managing Facebook Messenger API isn’t a simple task and you need to always be prepared for edge cases, potential bugs, and complex algorithms. Using an android app like Kreatebot as a Chatbot Builder is as easy and simple as creating a website with an online tool like WordPress or MailChimp.
  • Nobody likes waiting. Chatbots are constantly available, they’re momentary, and they altogether enhance first response and resolution time. Which is what using Kreatebot can do for you.
  • A Kreatebot is essentially an android app that “hooks” into a page and listens to calls made by Facebook every time somebody sends a message to that page. This means that this app needs to be always available and reachable, hosted on secure servers and ready to withstand bursts in traffic. You are able to outsource such a heavy burden means saving on costs and worries and being able to focus exclusively on your core business.
  • Communicate is better and you get to expand self-service to new channels, including mobile apps, social media, and mobile messaging.
  • By customizing your experience we can integrate your API into our Chatbot to get and validate information about your customers. Kreatebot will find the answer in no time for you.
  • While making a bot starting from the earliest stage has some advantages. Specifically, you can implement it exactly as you like. Using Kreatbot is often a much better solution for having a reliable, complete and powerful chatbot – easily and quickly.
  • In addition to being much easier, using Kreatebot for building your chatbot allows you to be online and live much more quickly.
  • Since you don’t have to hire a developer or spend time coding the bot yourself, using Kreatebot is much cheaper and empowers you to produce a positive ROI a lot more easily and quickly for you or your users.
  • The final advantage of using Kreatebot chatbots builder is that you can relax and never have to worry about possible changes in the APIs, future technologies or new requirements. If you use a professional and reliable app like Kreatebot chatbots Builder you know that the team running it will always keep it up to date with the latest developments and changes before they could affect your service.

In addition to this, the developers at Kreatebot Chatbots Builder are always available for custom requirements such as integrating with specific databases or CRM or developing specific triggers and interactions. This way, you will always get the best of both worlds. A reliable, outsourced and fully-managed platform and custom developments for increasing, even more, your subscribers’ engagement on and offering even more value to your clients or users.

We believe in client satisfaction, so we follow the high-level enterprise model which is a smart way to build your idea into an app in minimal time. Start creating bots for you and your customers using the best chatbot builder-Kreatbot now. It is available on Android phones because an android app.



How To Use Kreatebot Chatbot


Now that you really understand what chatbot is, how it can be used to generate referrals, and on two platforms where you can create unencrypted chatbots, you can create chatbots.

Creating a chat bot is so easy that everyone with at least a little technical skill and about 10 minutes is available.

Note: My statement about “building around 10 minutes” does not promise a chat that will thrill your potential customers. But it will be enough time to build and start a very simple chat. To make a full featured chatbot and deep artificial intelligence that can lead to intense conversations that require time and effort on your part. This time will not be spent building tools, but you will spend a lot of time writing content, predicting the most frequently asked questions, and so on.

Kreatebot Chatbot is really easy to set up. Let us run through!!!

You may also visit our tutorial at


Step 1:            Download and Open Kreatebot
















Step 2:           Connect your Facebook account to Kreatebot Chatbot Builder.

This step is very easy. Make sure you are logged into Facebook in the browser where you are connected to Kreatebot. Then just click the Getting Started button on the Kreatebot home page. You will be taken to a Facebook link page where you can give Kreatebot permission to view your Facebook information. You need to authorize it, and then return it to the creator of the Kreatebot chat bot, where you choose the Facebook page you want to connect to.


Click < Get Started Free >

Grant Kreatebot Access < Allow >


Step 3:           Connect to your Facebook business page.

Because chat is associated with organizations and not individuals, you will need a Facebook page for the organization you use to connect your chatbot. If you don’t have a Facebook page for the company you want to promote, you have to create one.

Click < Continue with Facebook >


Step 4:            The name of your Facebook Page will be shown

Click < Connect >


Step 5:            Click < Continue as …. >


Step 6:            Select the Page you want Kreatebot to have access to < Next >


Step 7:            Allow Kreatebot to do actions < Done >


Step 8:            Setting up is now complete < OK >


Step 9:            Click < Connect >

You now have a Kreatebot Chatbot for your Facebook Page



Kreatebot Messenger Guide


Step 1:                     Open the Facebook page in Facebook Messenger to start conversation.

Click on < Get started > (Note: If there is any previous conversation, use “Delete conversation” to clear the conversation.)


Step 2:                     On clicking < Get Started > button, chatbot will send a Welcome Message.


Step 3:                           Text a message to chatbot. If a message contains one of the keywords defined in the keywords, chatbot will send the corresponding reply message.

In app you can define three types of keyword rules:

  1. If message is: If there are any additional words other than defined keyword the automated response will not be triggered. Chatbot will recognize “Hello”, “hello” or “hello” in the same way.
  2. If message begins with the keyword
  3. If message contains the keyword

If there is more than one keyword in a message, chatbot will recognize only the first keyword and react to it.

If you want to setup multiple keywords in one rule separate the keywords with commas.


Step 4:                             If chatbot can’t recognize keywords in a message, default reply will be triggered.



Greeting Text



The first message a chat is sent to users is more important than you might think. Like our daily interactions with other people, when we interact with chatbots for the first time, we must develop a strong first impression.

The first greeting your chat answers to is the right time to set the tone for your personality. If you plan to have a funny voice chat, you should include a joke that is carefully thought out in this first message.
Make sure you agree with your chat people. When you start making jokes, make sure to maintain that sense of humor as users continue to interact with chatbots. Nobody wants to talk to a chatbot who has multiple personalities.

You need to set clear expectations. Welcoming your chat bot is the right place to expect what you can and cannot do. Without this hope, you are basically giving users a blank check and the right to demand something while waiting for the right answer. In this case, you should expect that your KI and ML chatbot capabilities compete with IBM Watson when you need it.


Setting up your Greetings for Kreatebot is really simple. Here are a few steps. You may also visit our tutorial at


Step 1:                  Click < Greeting Text >
















Step 2:                  Choose how to greet user.

Click the < { . } > that is below your greeting


Step 3:                  Add a Greeting text


Step 4:                  Click < Save >


When Users visit the page and wants to send a message, the greeting test will appear as below:



Welcome Message



Did you know that greetings can also affect the success of your business? Of course, sales, marketing or customer service plays the most important role in your growth. But how you establish a relationship with a potential customer or new client affects the likelihood of him buying from you. And it’s your job to make sure that happens.

You need to welcome new leaders, make them feel valued, and build trust in you. It’s also your job to convince them to become more involved with your business.

This will give you a solid foundation for building long-term relationships and ultimately for more income.


What is a Welcome Message? When using Kreatebot Chatbot Builder, it is important to use a well written Welcome message.  A welcome message is a short message that you send to new users, customers to your e-mail list, or visitors to your website to greet, join and connect with you. The chat welcome message may be the first interaction that someone receives from a brand. At least they have the opportunity to search for the company’s website via email, and decide to register based on the results of the investigation. With chatbot you can see messages on the website immediately after landing. Whatever you say, it will make a first impression on you and your brand personality. As a result, you will know who you are responding to, what customers expect from a brand.


Kreatebot Chatbot Builder for Facebook is also simple when setting up. Let us run through. You may also visit our tutorial at


Step 1:                  Click < Welcome Message >


Step 2:                  Enter your text (Welcome Message)

You are able to enter Text, Add image, Card, Audio, Video or File


Step 3:                  Enable the Message

Click < Enabled >


Step 4:                  Click < Publish >


When customers Click on Get Started, they will receive the welcome message:




Default Reply



Those of you who have written chatbots may have experienced various error messages, such as: B. “Sorry, I don’t understand your question,” which was answered by chatbot. You might even have experienced that the self-developed chat bot accepts very random questions from users who clearly only test the limits of chatbots. These irrelevant requirements are called conversation differences that cannot be prevented.

In general, chatbot functions to resolve specific use cases or provide value. Because it is clearly unable to answer all questions. So if a chatbot sends an error message (also known as default backup or reply), this basically shows that it can’t process the request and associate it with the appropriate intent. Given how new this technology is and how fast AI will develop, this is definitely not a bot closing criterion. If you can handle users in such situations, there is a high chance that communication will provide a positive user experience. On the other hand, there is also a risk that user experience will be affected by sending error messages that are considered bad. One of the main tasks of the chat bot is to keep the user in communication without, in the worst case, leading him to a dead end.

You may visit our tutorial at


Step 1:                  Click < Default Reply >


Step 2:                  Enter your text (Default Reply)

You are able to enter Text, Add image, Card, Audio, Video or File


Step 3:                  Change the time to Once in 24hr” or Always”


“OFF” means that the Kreatebot will not send out the Default message.

“ONCE IN 24HR” means it will be sent per user per 24 hours.

“ALWAYS” means that the bot will send message whenever a user sends a message the bot does not understand.


Step 4:                  Click < Publish >


When a Customer sends a message that the bot does not recognize, it will look as below:



Keyword Reply



The keyword-based keyword function works like an old-fashioned search engine: the client enters words or phrases, and the bot compares the word or phrase with the response that was previously loaded. For example, if a customer enters “book a hotel room,” the bot can return a link to the article in the Help Center to reserve a hotel room, but only if the entry has already been loaded. This has the advantage that you can greatly control the automatic sending of your brand messages. Bots never respond to content that has not been manually loaded into the system.

Keyword-based chat is limited by manual settings. If no response is programmed for them, the bot does not recognize misspelled words or jargon. There are some with small machine training that will help, but some we have seen work as well as you would expect. Apart from that, they only apply in their own context. Ask for a chat room, book a hotel room, bookstore, and he might return the hotel book. The majority of the market consists of keyword-based bots.

For our tutorial assistance, you may visit



Step 1:                  Click < Keyword Reply >


Step 2:                  Click < + New Keyword >

















Step 3:                  < Select Keyword Type >

< Select >


Step 4:                  Enter Keywords (Separated by commas)


Step 5:                  Click < Create Keyword >


Step 6:                  Click < Active >


Step 7:                  Click < Click to set/View message >

Set message to reply

You are able to enter Text, Add image, Card, Audio, Video or File


Step 8:                  Click < Publish >



When Customers send a message related to the keyword, they will see the message.



Message Subscribers



Messages can be sent to your users as long as they are active directly on your mobile application. They are an important component of a comprehensive cellular messaging strategy that includes other types of messages, such as push notifications, cell wallet messages, email and SMS.

Typically, the Operations Support team sends a message to return the user to the main product. In-App Messages, Push Notifications – Almost all forms of outbound communication have the same destination.

In order to receive a broadcast first send any text to the chatbot in Facebook messenger to add you as a subscriber of the chatbot.

You may visit


Step 1:                  Click < Message Subscribers >


Step 2:                     Then click on <+New Broadcast >


Step 3:                    Insert messages and click on < Go Next > button.


Step 4:                    If you select < Start sending now >, the broadcast will be sent immediately to all the subscribers who has sent a message to the Chatbot.


Step 5:                    You can also target the broadcast. Click on < Targeting > and select the filter criteria. You can add multiple filter criteria.


Step 6:                    For e.g. Click on Gender in targeting then select one of the operators (is, has any value, is unknown)


Step 7:                    Select < is > operator then enter gender in textbox.


Step 8:                    You can also schedule broadcast for later.

Select < Schedule for later > in schedule broadcast and then enter scheduled date and time.


Step 9:                    You can configure notification settings. Regular push will display a notification on subscriber’s phone with a notification sound. Silent push will only display a notification on subscriber’s phone without any sound. Silent will not display any notification.

Click on < Send Now > to schedule the broadcast.


Step 10:                On Broadcast screen under < Scheduled > you can see scheduled broadcasts. Under < History > you can see the previous sent broadcasts.

Create Menu




Advance Features

Advanced Feature in Kreatebot Chatbot Facebook Builder comprises of two (2) sections: Sequences and Rules (Beta).




Step 1:                Click < Advanced Features > then click on < Sequences >.


Step 2:                Click on <+New Sequences >


Step 3:                Enter < Sequence name >.


Step 4:                Click on the newly created sequence.


Step 5:                Click on <+ Message > then click on < Create new reply >.


Step 6:                Click on < immediately > then you can schedule sequence to send either immediately or later. You can also configure send between time by clicking on < Any time > and selecting < Send between >. You can choose on which days sequence should be sent by clicking on < Select days >.

Then click on < Save/Update Schedule >.


Step 7:                You can create multiple messages in sequence.


Step 8:                To trigger sequence you will need to create a keyword and add action to that keyword. To add action click on < 1 action >.


Step 9:                Click on < Subscribe to Sequence >


Step 10:                Enter name of sequence. Then click on < Click to set/View message > to create reply message.


Step 11:                Enter reply message and click on < Publish >.


Step 12:                To subscribe to the sequence open Facebook messenger and text the keyword for which the sequence is configured. As per the configured sequence settings the sequence messages will be sent to the subscriber.




Rules (Beta)




Support Us


Rate Our App

When I talk to customers, I often hear calls to collect customer feedback and get the right ratings for their services. There are several appraisal bot templates, but I will show you how to use Kreatebot to create a “Our Service Value” bot. Kreatebot Chatbot allows users to rate the app out of 5, with 5 being the highest.

We encourage you to give Kreatebot a 5 star ratings!!


Step 1:                Click < Support Us >


Step 2:                < Rate App > This will take you to Google Play Store


Step 3:                Click < Write review >

< Post >



Share Our App


Step 1:                Click < Support Us >


Step 2:                < Share App > This will take you to Google Play Store


Step 3:                Share app on selected App




Deleting Kreatebot from Facebook Page









10 Best Chatbot Builders in 2019



In the age of personalized marketing, chatbots emerge as one of the few channels that can offer a genuine one-to-one experience between brands and users.

But as with any modern competitive advantage, chatbots have become over-saturated, reducing their effectiveness considerably. Anecdotally, where we previously had open rates of 50%+ from our chatbots, we’re now lucky if we can get 5-10%.



Top 10 Best Chatbot Builders:

#1           Kreatebot

#2           Chatfuel

#3           Leadformly

#4           Flow XO

#5           Botsify

#6           ChatterOn

#7           Sequel

#8           Pandorabots

#9          TARS



#1  Kreatebot

Kreatebot is the creator of Chatbot for Facebook and other platforms. This is an Android application that allows anyone to easily make a chat to their Facebook page. With Kreatebot, users can also bulk send messages to their Facebook pages. Kreatebot Chatbot is only $4.99/monthly!!!

Chatbot is a machine learning technology that increases the speed of conversation and allows you to effectively mimic human conversations and visualize written or verbal requests to provide services. The Chatbot application is a new way to communicate with your audience and have conversations on Facebook Messenger.
Kreatebot provides a platform to easily create chat robots and services for brands who want to differentiate themselves.



#2 Chatfuel

Chatfuel is a messenger bot for Facebook Messenger that makes it easy to make bots. You don’t need any programming skills to use Chatfuel, and the free version of the platform gives you access to almost all features for up to 5,000 customers, even though users see the Chatfuel brand in their bot.

Getting started with Chatfuel is not as easy as some messenger messenger makers that we will discuss in this article, but managing and reusing messages is easier than most – something that you will appreciate late.



#3 Leadformly

Leadformly is not a producer of Chatbot – why do we mention it here?

We use it in Venture Harbor to divide users into different buckets before chatbots appear. After several years of testing landing page chatbots, we started using the use of speaking forms for leading genres, because they did not suffer from chats that were used too often, experience, and were more integrated into landing pages.


#4 Flow XO

Flow XO is a complete solution for creating, hosting, and using chatbots on the platform. So you are not limited to Facebook Messenger. You can also create a Chatbot widget for your website or integrate it into the appropriate third-party platform. Users can also share their bots with other users.



#5 Botsify

Botsify is an easy builder that allows you make bots for website or Facebook Messenger simply. It also has great integration features you won’t really find with competitive builders. For example, you can integrate with Shopify, WordPress and Alexa; create conversion forms in your bot or allow human staff to take over the conversation. You can get started with Botsify for free or sign up to a paid plan, which start from $10/month.


#6 ChatterOn

ChatterOn wants to be the fastest bot maker in the business and promises to make bots in less than five minutes. It starts with more than 20 pre-made bots that you can choose from and adjust to your simple constructor. Alter and machine learning from ChatterOn is quite solid and supports a variety of content, including carousels, buttons, photos, gifs, and videos.



#7 Sequel

Sequel also launches you with chatbot templates that you can customize using the drag-and-drop editor. Sequels really aim to create chatbots that interact with conversation-level users and contain two basic elements: Sequel’s natural language processing technology for conversation and interactive content.



#8 Pandorabots

Pandora bot is a great platform for building and experimenting, but it requires good programming skills. This gives you a large amount of flexibility so you can basically build what you want (or have skills).

This is definitely not for beginners, but a solid surface that speeds up the development process for experienced bot engineers.




TARS is a drag-and-drop bot constructor that allows you to create a bonus messenger or chat interface for your website. It’s very easy to use, even without programming or development skills, and there are several templates that you can use for editing and customization. TARS focuses on creating bots that generate leads and provide ROI for your marketing efforts – something that is ignored by some bot manufacturers.

The biggest problem with TARS is that there is no free version and it is much more expensive than the other builders on this list.




With, developers can create bots that understand human commands, comments, and questions. This is clearly intended for advanced and experienced bot builders who are trying to make bots with the best understanding of the intended use of their users. Not that always fixes errors, but tries to improve your own understanding and you can add your own training data to improve your results.



Kreatebot’s Ratings


ChatBot provides the best bot platform to design, create and use chatbots to chat with customers and provide information to users. With support for the one-click integration process with Facebook Messenger and many other services, you can launch a powerful and smart bot in no time. ChatBot enables the use of entities, creating conversation scenarios, and using natural learning and machine learning to develop human-like experiences for clients.

Kreatebot Chatbot has majority of its ratings as a 5 star rating. Like everything that is human-made, Kreatbot was given negative reviews. 75% of which are positive reviews and 25% of negative reviews. The chatbot has over 1k downloads.






This user will need to remove Kreatebot app from their Page Settings and enable again.



Update the app and try again.



Please go into your Page Settings to remove your page from the Kreatebot.