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16 Nov 2017

Exodus Live APK

Exodus Live  is the new, efficient and super easy Android APK app which allow users to watch live TV and stream the latest movies from your Android device. With Exodus Live TV, users can access over four hundred channels that is 100% free. Its user-friendly navigation tab gives a wide array of options for user […]

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18 Aug 2017

10 Ways To Get Internet Video Streams/Channels URLS

10 Ways To Extract Internet Video Streams/Channels URLS Author’s pick: Get 600+ HD, Reliable Live TV/Cable Channels FREE with this APP. Learn More! Successfully getting URLs for video streams from online require a bit of Searching, Extracting and Testing. I recommend you have the following ready:   Url extraction/sniffing tools                     […]

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16 Aug 2017

Best Alternatives to Cable TV

Cable TV prices are through the roof, and because of this, more and more people are looking at “Cutting the Cord” — we’re all looking for alternatives to cable TV. So if you’re trying to figure out just how to cut the cord and how to get free cable TV, you’re going to want to […]

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15 Aug 2017

Best Kodi Adult add-ons & Android apps

The Adult scene on Kodi has seriously grown over the last year or two. We’ve seen new playlists added to Navi-X of Adult Content and the various Adult Addons that you can install to get your porn fix. Update: Here, I will sum up the Top 10 Best XXX Adult add-ons for Kodi in a […]

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05 Aug 2017

Cutting the Cords-Firing your Cable Companies

Gm ?! Are you tired of Cable TV? The high cost, the limited choices? I will give you 5 easy steps to get Cable TV for FREE?. Yes you heard right…. Free news, sports,  music, religious channels etc. wow? Step1: You need an android device. You can use your phone or tablet but an android […]

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