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We are group of TV fanatics that search the internet daily for Live TV Streams and share these streams with each other via our efficient and super easy Android APK app. This allows members and visitors to watch HD, Reliable live TV and stream the latest movies from your Android device. With Exodus Live TV app, users can access over 1000+ channels that is 100% free. Its user-friendly navigation tab gives a wide array of options for user to comfortably switch to their favourite local or international TV channels which ranges from ALL LANGUAGES

By typing the channel number of your choice Exodus Live quickly makes the selection or you can scroll to the filter tab where each channel is placed in categories. Categories range from: News, Sports, Religion, Music, Entertainment& Kids and more. Exodus Live operates just like the cable boxes in terms of navigation but trashes them in terms of everything else!

Exodus Live TV app has the popular channels that you know and love such as: HBO, Disney, HSN, CBS, TNT, Lifetime, ESPN, Sports Max, Euro Sports 2, CNN, Fox, NBC News, KTLA, NOTV, News12, WSFA, KTVM, ABC 27 News, and many, many more (Channels Screenshots at bottom).

Share your streams too or Share app, unity is Strength… App DOWNLOAD PAGE App Download Page

Exodus Live TV is100% Ads FREE. Each member voluntary contributes to allow club to stay up to date with the demands of its members. Therefore, considering the ever mounting price on cable bills these days, the best live TV APK will save you some extra cash! Guaranteed!

Exodus Live once downloaded and installed is easy to use.  Free Live TV for Android is even made easy with Kodi Media Player! By clicking on the diamond icon at the top users can watch unlimited ad free movies on demand. Users can save their favourite channels or movies by simply clicking on the heart icon and your best live TV APK will remember these selections.

In conclusion, Exodus Live TV is one of the best products available as it adds variety with its wide array of channels, it helps you to save money and watch movies on demand with absolutely no hassle. So, why wait, click

To install the best free live TV app, please follow the steps on app download page. Click

App Download Page

Few Screenshots and reviews below

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10 Ways To Get internet live streams urls. m3u8 Url Tester m3u url extractor

10 Ways To Extract Internet Video Streams/Channels URLS

Successfully getting URLs for video streams from online require a bit of Searching, Extracting and Testing. I recommend you have the following ready:




NB: Each URL you find, you should test it before adding it to your playlist because some IPTV URL links are changed frequently! You can test video stream url with Configurator Url Tester. When you successfully get a working channel URL, you can keep playing it on Configurator Url Tester or you can create a M3U playlist for VLC streamer


There are many websites that post video stream URLs. Many of them give you a daily updated list. Below is  a few of them. You can search for more via search engine. A live stream url grabber I use is to search keyword such as ” #EXTINF:-1, Channel name” in Google search . Since live video streaming sites m3u playlist uses this format, you will definitely get more results. After you get results, its best to further sort result in terms of time. Like show all results 30 days ago. You are more likely to hit gold this way!

  • http://forum.rojadirecta.es/archive/index.php/t-184584-p-209.html?s=b3de8012142858640f666110e62e842d
  • http://www.navixtreme.com/playlist/new.plx
  • http://www.redeneobux.com/en/baixar-download-lista-de-canais-channels-canales-m3u-iptv-atualizada-xbmc-kodi-2015/
  • http://www.bestforiptv.com/
  • http://uriptv.blogspot.com/
  • kodi.altervista.org/category/iptv-playlist/
  • www.tvonlinestreams.com/
  • www.iptvm3u.com/
  • hack-sat.net/iptvlinks-channels-sport-08122015/


Facebook has many pages that are dedicated in sharing channel links. Here you can also know how long ago the list was posted. Videourl posted months ago may be broken so look for stream urls recently posted. Stream url finder online is a matter of search, so dont just stop at Facebook. Try all the other social media websites as well such as Twitter, Linkedin, Pininterest, ect. After a few hours of searching, your streaming URL TV will be up and running perfectly!

  • https://www.facebook.com/iptvsatlinks
  • https://www.facebook.com/Iptv-links-542457635857746/?fref=nf
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/Iptv.m3u.Sharing/?fref=nf
  • https://www.facebook.com/sportsimpletv/?fref=nf
  • https://www.facebook.com/diavolettobeatsofficial/?fref=nf  [the_ad id=”19542″]


Many iptv list maker uses Pastebin to host their list. How to get videostream link from website is probably much easier with a Pastebin search. To get stream url list, simply go to Pastebin and enter search terms like:


After you enter search term, make sure to click “sort by” and select date to get the most recent posts.


How to find streaming video’s url from online video website requires a little more effort. First, you locate/search websites that stream channels and use url helper or url sniffer software to capture their video stream URL. Above are my recommended videostream URL extraction tools but there are many more tools out there. Most of these tools work similarly. First you play the stream, then you click sniff in the extraction tool, then you copy videourl. You can also do this for live stream radio url


KODI is a rich source for Live streaming url tv. There are many add-ons that you can add to Kodi that will give you a countless of Live TV channels. Because of this, you can easily extract the URL from these channels. First, simply play a live channel, then open your URL extraction/url sniffer tool, then sniff and copy that channel videostream to your playlist. Test video stream url of course with Configurator URL stream tester.  Check out my YouTube videos on “How to setup Kodi” and Live TV add-ons.


There are many free android and iOS apps that play Live TV channels. A simple search in Play/APP Store of “IPTV” or “Live TV” will give many results. To extract streams urls from apps, you first need to either:

  • Share your PC internet with your Android/iOS device. The device that you are running the extraction tool on must be the device that the internet is leaving from to feed the streaming app
  • Run an android emulator on your PC and install the  IPTV apps. This way, both internet feeds to the extraction tool and the streaming app will be coming from the same network adapter.

Once you are set, you simply turn on your sniffer tool, then play a live channels then copy stream URL to your playlist.

Once you have gotten the video stream URL, you can add it to Configurator TV and enjoy others channels FREE


Google play has lots of free mobile TV apps. While these are completely congested with ads, you can extract these channels and add them to an ads free platform. See tutorial below

METHOD #8: GET CHANNELS FROM Configurator URL tester

Lots of people uses Configurator URL tester to test their vlc stream links or stream url list . Working videostream are added to database for other testers as well. You can check out Configurator videourl tester to get a few working TV URL streams. Configurator not only test video stream url but also acts as a vlc player url stream and consist of a full tutorial section covering topics like ” how to find streaming video’s url from online video website” , “live stream url grabber” , “url sniffer/url helper” , “vlc streamer” , “live stream radio url” among many more. If you seriously want to know how to get url of any video or how to get video link from website, then i fully recommend you start from here. Stream url finder online is just a matter of search, url sniffing and technique and even non-computer savvy users can be successful at. How to find url of any video just involves 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to live video streaming sites or apps
  2. Get stream url or Sniff video streaming url
  3. Test video stream url with Configurator streaming url tv tester

This section as a security password. Please contact us via live chat for security password!


As the greatest search engine giant, Google has almost anything a user desires and the same applies to getting IPTV links. Here I will show you the easy way to achieve same. I have made reference of this method on how to get video url from website  above but here i will go in dept. Click to play video below and follow me on our “how to get stream url” journey!


With thousands of premium IPTV providers, you can easily request test accounts and extract their URL streams to compose your own database. Learn more below

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NB: To test any of these videostream urls in comments, please download the Configurator vlc streamer tester !

[pastebin id="zu5TyWd3"]
[pastebin id="eHnwKZE6"]
[pastebin id="BK2PweDd"]

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Best Alternatives to Cable TV

Cable TV prices are through the roof, and because of this, more and more people are looking at “Cutting the Cord” — we’re all looking for alternatives to cable TV.

So if you’re trying to figure out just how to cut the cord and how to get free cable TV, you’re going to want to read this list of the 8 best apps for cutting the cord. There are a lot of options out there to stream your favorite shows. It is the least bit overwhelming as you are given options of testing what they offer before committing to it. They all offer free trials with no contracts. There is no risk to try them out. Don’t overthink it at all! When it’s time to ditch the Cable TV providers, there’s no denying it.  Try cutting the cord. If you discover it isn’t for you, you can always revert to your old ways.



Image result for configurator for kodi Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is a great app for many different reasons. Using different plugins allows you to view live Cable TV, including sports, albeit in lower quality than one would like. There are also tons of movie plugins that allow you to view the latest movies, and tons of TV plugins that allow you to watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows for free. Sure, it’s one of those gray area apps, but if you don’t have the cash to fork up for Netflix or Hulu Plus, and want live Cable TV, movies and backlogs of your favorite shows, Kodi is a must have. It’s available for Windows, iOS and Android, and there are installation instructions on Kodi’s official site

Exodus Live TV

Image result for exodus live tv

Exodus Live is the new, efficient and super easy Android APK app which allows users to watch Cable TV and stream the latest movies from your Android device. With Exodus Live TV, users can access over four hundred channels that are 100% free. Its user-friendly navigation tab gives a wide array of options for user to comfortably switch to their favorite local or international Cable TV channels which ranges from the UK, Caribbean and the US (including interstate channels). Configurator TV has the popular channels that you know and love such as: HBO, Disney, HSN, CBS, TNT, Lifetime, ESPN, Sports Max, Euro Sports 2, CNN, Fox, NBC News, KTLA, NOTV, News12, WSFA, KTVM, ABC 27 News, and many, many more.


Image result for netflix

Since Netflix posts entire seasons all at once, it’s a great place for binge-watching. You’ll just have to wait until a season ends to even get started. But hey, no commercials. Accessing the service shouldn’t be a problem either. You probably have 10 devices in your house right now that came preloaded with the Netflix app. This is a great option for cutting out the Cable TV Provider.


Image result for hulu

Hulu has the FREE option as well as the $8 per month. While Hulu’s free version allows viewers instant access to a limited number of Cable TV episodes through a web browser, Hulu Plus steps it up a notch. For $8 per month, you can access currently airing shows as well as many past seasons, and you can watch either online or on a variety of mobile and set top devices. The catch? You have to sit through repetitive commercials. Lots of them—even with the paid version. On the upside, it’s way better than your regular Cable TV provider.

Youtube/ Youtube TV

Image result for Youtube vs youtube tv

YouTube is well known for distributing viral content like Auto-Tune the News and Evolution of Dance. But it’s also a great place to get an education. In the span of a few minutes, you can learn everything from how to put on eyeliner to how to build a bookshelf. YouTube TV is hoping to re-shape the cord-cutting movement. From the looks of things, it has good reason to believe that can happen. After all, YouTube was the biggest name in video streaming long before Hulu, Netflix and Amazon ever thought to get into the video-on-demand game. The service is essentially a cable replacement, offering live Cable TV to your phone, tablet and television without a costly cable subscription and contract from those Cable providers. It’s a deal that feels too good to be true for those of us bombarded by cable box rental fees, hidden charges and ever-higher cable tv bills. And while it has some negatives out there – like being available in just 83 cities across the US – it could one day put cable providers in their place.

TV Channels Online

Image result for tv channels apps

Viewers are able to watch recently aired episodes online for a limited amount of time. They are able to download network apps to a smart TV or a smart phone. The CW Channel is one such that allows viewers to watch their current season shows for FREE. You don’t even need a cable TV login from your cable provider. This makes it a good cable TV option. It works on all major streaming devices, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android, and iOS.

Amazon Prime Video

Image result for amazon prime videos

For vast libraries of movies and TV content prior to the current season, I recommend getting the 30-day free trial to Amazon Prime. Another big reason to get Amazon Prime is the option of adding Showtime and Starz with your subscription. For just $8.99 per month, you have every cable TV show and movie offered by Starz and Showtime just as if you had the network with a cable provider. Not only do you have access to stream over 40,000 hit movies and TV shows, but you get free music, books, and unlimited photo storage as well. Over the last few years, it’s built up its catalog and offers some great exclusive shows, like “Transparent,” “Red Oaks,” and the forthcoming “The Man in the High Castle.” And only members of Amazon Prime can stream these shows.

Sling TV

Image result for sling tv

Watch shows live (Like with cable or satellite) over the internet, and add a different lineup of networks for an additional fee. Sling TV, a service from the satellite provider Dish, gives you live, streaming TV for $20 per month. The base package comes with 23 channels, including ESPN, AMC and TBS, but doesn’t have networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. It’s essentially cable TV without the contract or the massive bill. Sling also added a second base package that swaps out the Disney Owned stations for FOX owned stations including FS1. This package also allows the ability for multiple streams. There are also add-on channels packs and premium channels like HBO and Cinemax. Check out my Sling TV Review for more details.


Cutting the cord won’t leave you traumatized. I don’t miss my bills at all. I am quite content with all the shows I can pick, choose and refuse from. The minor payments I make to keep connected to these services don’t hurt me as much as my old bill used to. I am enjoying my “cord-free” life.


You may gain Technical Support through our Online Chat. Our representatives are ready and willing to answer your questions.

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Cutting the Cords-Firing your Cable Companies

Gm ?! Are you tired of Cable TV? The high cost, the limited choices?
I will give you 5 easy steps to get Cable TV for FREE?. Yes you heard right…. Free news, sports,  music, religious channels etc. wow?
Step1: You need an android device. You can use your phone or tablet but an android tv box($35 On ebay) or smart tv improves the experience
Step2: Go to Google Play Store on your android device and search “Kodi”
Step3: Scroll down and click and install the app “Configurator for Kodi” on your android device
Step4: Open app, Click TV and enjoy. You can also search and filter channels to your desire
Step5: Forward this message to friends so they can save too and send me a ??. ?


Nowadays, we’re all searching for methods to save cash and place it towards the big cable companies. “Cutting the cord” achieves these two tasks. Therefore we combined a couple of affordable home entertainment components (FireStick, Multimedia Projector, and HD Antenna) to create a great, affordable home entertainment system. How To Setup a Multimedia Projector Home Entertainment Multimedia Projector Home Entertainment System Snag a pleasant small multimedia projector for Movies and FireTV home entertainment on a tight budget Have an HD Antenna and receive free HD local channels with the air! Combine your FireStick having a multimedia projector to obtain a super-compact HD media center. Give a Bluetooth controller for many gaming, use a nice-searching shelf in your wall for the projector and Fire Stick – and you’re done. It can be done all for approximately $85 (without projector, or around $300 such as the projector). This happens to be a good little multimedia projector home entertainment / “media center”. It’s way below the price of something similar to the The new sony VPL Projector ($27,999). See steps to make this little giant of the media center below – without emptying your wallet. The good thing about the Small Multimedia Projector Nowadays, a small multimedia projector can be purchased for $200 or fewer. I purchased one a couple of years back for around $250 refurbished. It’s a Brookstone Small Projector. It’s offered me well and remains my go-to show mechanism in my media center. PLUS – it really works perfectly with FireTV. It also has usb port spot to provide capacity to the FireStick, getting rid of another cord that should be run in the power strip towards the media center. The image quality of the projector is a trade. The images below don’t get it done justice – it appears better personally. I clicked these pics with my HD Universe camera: The multimedia projector screensize proven during these photos is roughly 4 ft high by 8 ft wide, or about 9 ft diagonally. The projector is roughly 13 ft from the wall it’s projecting onto, creating in regards to a 108? screen. (“Roughly” means I did not possess a tape-measure handy – Can get exact dimensions and publish them). Multimedia Projector Sample Image 1 Multimedia Projector Sample 1 Sample image #2 for Multimedia Projector display Small Projector with FireStick Multimedia Projector Sample Display photo Over 100? Forecasted Display Size (Diagonal) Multimedia Projector sample screenshot Multimedia Projector Sample 4 Ultimate Cord-Cutter’s Multimedia Projector Guide for 2016 (on a tight budget!): Obtain a Fire TV Stick ($39 new, $34 refurbished) and employ Kodi for TV & Movies Make use of an HD antenna ($25 new,$19 refurbished) for the local & sport shows * To make use of an HD antenna, you’ll need a TV/monitor that may pay a regular coax cable (common “TV cable”). OR you can aquire a digital ripper tools box that outputs an HDMI signal (to be used having a monitor that just accepts HDMI, for instance). Also you will want an increased HD antenna ($36 new) that features a 50 mile range. Setup Plex for enjoying your media library (movies/TV on the hard disk). Pair a Bluetooth controller together with your FireTV for enjoying emulators and Amazon . com games. Connect your FireStick to some small multimedia projector such as the Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile. * Don’t allow the name fool you. This common “pocket projector” packs some serious punch. Use a nice multimedia projector shelf to secure your components Total Price of apparatus: Around $83 USD ($34 for FireStick $19 for HD Antenna $30 for Bluetooth Controller) $200 for Multimedia Projector (Optional) Total Monthly Cost: $ Services Provided: TV, Movies, Sports, Local Channels, Stream Your Media Library, Emulated Games and Amazon . com Games. Overkill & Other Add-Ons towards the Budget Media Center 4K Digital Multimedia Projector such as this The new sony or this JVC. New FireTV (plays 4K video!) Unbelievably-high-power HD Antenna

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Streaming on the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation. It is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms but is especially popular with many Android-users. It allows users to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music, podcasts, and videos from the Internet, as well as all common digital media files from local and network storage media.

Through the use of Kodi media streaming devices, one is able to access a wide array of media from their Amazon Fire TV as well as their Amazon Firestick. Amazon Fire TV is a digital media player. The player is a small network appliance entertainment device that streams digital audio/video content to a high-definition television from the home (internet) network. By convention, Amazon Fire TV refers to the set-top box and Amazon Firestick TV refers to the plugin stick.

Apps are accessible from these Kodi streaming devices. One such excellent and convenient app is the Exodus Live App. Exodus Live is the new, efficient and super easy Android app which allows users to watch live TV and stream the latest movies from their Android device. With Exodus Live TV, users can access over six hundred (600) channels that are 100% free. Its user-friendly navigation tab gives a wide array of options for users to comfortably switch to their favourite local or international TV channels which ranges from the UK, Caribbean and the US (including interstate channels).

All android devices that have Kodi need the Configurator for Kodi. Configurator for Kodi is a wizard that sets up your Kodi and acts as a maintenance tool. It sets up your Kodi android easily and in just one (1) click. It fully manages your Kodi media player on any Android Kodi streaming device. Configurator is the most all-inclusive setup tool for Kodi.

Now, we are going to look at how to get these awesome apps onto our Amazing Amazon Firestick without much headache or hassle. One of the easiest method ever to install Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick is to sideload it onto the device. No computer is needed to complete this procedure. Your Firetv device will be a super awesome Kodi Streaming Device once these must-have apps are installed.


Please make sure that in your settings, you have turned “ON” the option to install “Apps from Unknown Sources”


Allowing installation of third-party apps can be a sizable security risk, as Amazon has stated.

The steps to turn this feature on are:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the option “System”
  3. Then “Developer Options”
  4. Finally, select “Apps from Unknown Sources” and turn it “On”.
  5. You should then be able to install your apps with ease.

From here, we are going to install the app, “File ES Explorer” from the AppStore.

Step 1: Now let’s get ES File Explorer from the Store / Search / ES File Explorer

Step 2: Select the app in order to download and install it.

Step 3: Once installed, Launch ES File Explorer and press back to exit the tutorial

Step 4: On your left hand side column click on Add and enter this address in the popup http:\\kodi.tv\download Click “next” and name it Kodi and select “Add”

Step 5: Now let’s look for that link we just created, again press left and scroll down until you see Kodi and click it

Step 6: Now you’re in the Kodi download section, here we want to select the Android version ARM, select and click to download

Step 7: Once downloaded click Open File and select Install and Install again.

Step 8: Basically you are done.


One thing with this method is that you will always get the latest version of Kodi from the developers. While this may not be such a bad thing, but we all know that for the Fire stick, Kodi 14.2 works best.


Ok, so we have been through the first method of turning your Amazon Fire TV Stick into a Kodi Streaming Device. Let us now go on to my way of installing Kodi 14.2 onto your Kodi devices for TV.


Step 1: Launch ES File Explorer and on your left hand side column click on Add and enter this address in the popup http:\\spartanpixel.net\repo press next and name it Kodi 14.2 and press Add

Step 2: Now let’s look for that link we just created, again press left and scroll down until you see Kodi 14.2 and click it

Step 3: Now you’re in the Beast site, here we want to select the Android APK 14.2, select and click to download

Step 4: Once downloaded click Open File and select Install and Install again.

Step 5: And voila! You have now installed Kodi 14.2 onto your amazing Firestick.


Once your Kodi has been installed, you’ll go through a simple setup where you tell Kodi what language to use, what time zone you’re in and what its name should be for network shares. Once you have it set up and running you can do a few things to make it work better for you and be able to do more with Kodi. Now, this is where you will need the Configurator for Kodi, which we will look at a little later on.

Now here’s a third way to install your apps to Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Another easy way to install Kodi on Fire Stick is using FireDL. Though the method is easy, it takes a little time in downloading the Kodi APK onto your Kodi device. If the above method did not work out well for you, follow the steps below to install Kodi using FireDL onto your Fire TV Device.

What is FireDL you ask?

FireDL is an Android App you install from the Google Play Store just like any other app. It is a search engine to install apps, documents, and zip files to your Android box. The perk is that apps are installed via 5 digit codes, so you don’t have to enter in full HTML links or search the web for updated APK files. Simply download the app with our 4-step guide below, launch it, and enter in one of the FireDL Codes from our list to download and install that app.

Using FireDL removes the need to manually download APK files and sideload them on to your device with third party hardware or software.

Similar to other methods, this method too requires you to enable installation from “Unknown sources.”

STEP 1: Search FireDL on your Fire Stick in your Amazon AppStore.

STEP 2: Install FireDL and Open it.

STEP 3: Type 600003 at the top blank space. These numbers are the FireDl code for the Kodi Media Player app.

STEP 4: The above code will automatically convert to the Kodi APK URL and download will start without any further actions from your side.

STEP 5: Once the download completes, you will see the Installation screen. Just click on “Install” and Kodi will be installed on your Fire Stick.


This method of using FireDL to install your apps is quite quick, efficient and easy to do. This method can be employed to install Configurator for Kodi as well as Exodus Live TV apps. Two apps that are a must have on your android devices.

Once you have FireDL installed, all you need are the App Codes that are to be inputted in order to download and install the Configurator for Kodi App and the Exodus Live TV app.

The following are the app codes that may be used to install an app onto your Fire TV Device:

723705 – Configurator for Kodi

69003 – ES Explorer 4.1.6

295839 – Exodus Live TV

600001 – Kodi 16.1

600003 – Kodi 17.3 32bit

600004 – Kodi 17.3 64bit

Make sure to enjoy your Kodi streaming device! The Amazon Fire TV Stick is great for streaming Live TV Channels from apps such as the Exodus Live TV app. It features premium channels such as the well popular network channels like HBO or ESPN. This awesome app will make your Fire TV device an awesome way to enjoy excellent media of all different categories.



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