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10 Best Kodi Adult Addons

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The Adult scene on Kodi has seriously grown over the last year or two, we’ve seen new playlists added to Navi-X of adult content and the various adult repositories that you can install to get your porn fix.

Update:: Here I will sum up the top 10 best xxx porn addons for kodi in a Youtube video.

But the question we keep getting asked is ‘What is the best adult add-on for Kodi?’ ….we aren’t too sure how you determine what the number one is but we thought we would investigate and see for ourselves. We took a bunch of adult add-ons and put they through the test. Just to advice you, Kodi addons are very unreliable. You should use an app called Configurator for Kodi to make your Kodi experience reliable due to steady updates

1. Ultimate Whitecream

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With it’s fast array of content you can guarantee to find everything ‘Adult’ all in this one add-on.

So if we look in the ‘scenes’ section, you can see below it has tones of content purely related to individual scenes.


The same applies to the other 2 sections you get, whether it’s full movies your after or some Hentai, Ultimate Whitecream has it all.

On to the quality of the feeds you get, many of these are in pure 1080p and also seen a few at 4k, of course you would need a 4k box and TV to get the pure resolution. There are no cams and the lowest resolution you will enjoy is 540p but like I mentioned most of the content is 1080p or 720p.

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2. Adult Only Hub AddOn on your Kodi device

Adult Only Hub is another top add-on from the Entertainment Repo stable as you can see by the title its a strictly over 18 add-on . This add-on has been around for years  since i joined the KodiCommunity it is linked to the best Adult scene release websites. Content from sites such as Adult Bay, Naughty Blog and Naked XXX.


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Due to the nature of this add-on will not post any photos from the sections within the add-on

This is easily the best Adult Entertainment Add-on in Kodi.

Screenshot 2015-10-27 12.38.41

Adult Only Hub so is always the fastest in getting all the new Adult movie and DVD releases and is packed with content.


    3. Jav Stream Addon                                      4. Wood Rocket Addon                                   5. Likuoo Addon


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6. Cherry Pie                                              7. Ultimate White Cream                                       8. Erotik

9.                                           10. YouJizz                                              11. Tube8

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