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3 Best Kodi Parental Control Methods

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3 top methods to fully protect your kids on Kodi

Should you not like your children to have the ability to entry certain add-ons within Kodi, you’ll most likely wish to enable parental controls to curb their viewing access. It’s difficult to fully lock some addons, children are getting wiser and wiser with technology also it really does not take much tinkering to bypass the restrictions of Kodi passwords regrettably. The very best option would be to lock certain addons with parental controls. There is however not just a method of hiding them – even when you utilize super favourites you may still visit a video addon and merely return one level then you are inside your master listing of video addons that will obviously show the adult ones

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Method #1 ,2 and 3 Video tutorial


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Method #1 Master Lock

If you wish to create a source more private, you should use lockcodes or passwords to safeguard that source. The simplest way to achieve this in Kodi, is applying the GUI dialogs. First, enable the Master lock>> Configurations/System/Master lock. After enabling Lock, a collection Lock button will appear within the Context Menu permitting you to definitely set. Kodi will request for that master lock code and then provide you with the chance to create a distinctive Password. To Get Rid Of the Lock you have to recall the Master Lock code. Securing a source means you simply provide protection in Kodi. Outdoors Kodi the original source continues to be available and just protected, or otherwise protected whatsoever, through the Operating-system. In the same manner, if a person can access by hand edit the sources.xml they might remove or alter the configurations for that locked source. So, don’t feel too safe whenever you safeguard a resource in Kodi.

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Method #2 Universal Parental Control (UPC) now PinSentry

UPC will need to use videos from your library and all types of addons. Kodi developers don’t have to change anything and Universal Parental Control works even if metadata is disabled. Highly configurable: Set your PIN, set your watershed time, exclude addons as needed, exclude modes as needed. Also exclude rated  video playback and much more

Method #3 Lock Kodi App:  Use Parental Control in Configurator to Lock Kodi

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Full parental Control already configured for you when you install Configurator Android. All you have to do is to activate by entering your secret pin to lock Kodi app.

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