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Configurator for Kodi+

Enjoy ads free movies and live TV 100% FREE!! The best premium setup, config & maintenance tool for Kodi, IPTV, SMPC, CEMC etc. Click to download from:

Google Server

Android apk Server 1

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Windows only


Configurator TV

Enjoy over 400+ Live TV channels Free or as low as $2.99/month. Channels reflects a basic cable package covering from News, Sports, Religious, Music, Information, Few Kids, Few Entertainment. Configurator recommends using Configurator for Kodi above to get Kids and entertainment Movies free. Click HERE to get Configurator TV now!

Configurator URL Tester

Complete system to extract internet TV live streams with video tutorials and samples. Click link to download WINDOWS ONLY version

Tutorials for Kodi :

Only watch tutorials that are on point. We vet thousands of tutorials and give you the best ones on all topics. Avoid the search nightmare and save time. GOOGLE PLAY STORE  or  STANDALONE APK

Tweaks for WhatsApp – Tools for WhatsApp

All in one anti spy app to save you from millions of spy apps as well as manage your WhatsApp. GOOGLE PLAY STORE

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